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Photog to Lindsay Lohan: You Lost, Now Pay!

6/13/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan hasn't paid her settlement in a lawsuit with a photographer ... according to the photog who's now turning up the heat to get his money.

As TMZ first reported, a photog named Scott Nathan sued Lindsay's clothing line, 6126, claiming he was never paid for his work.

The lawsuit settled for an undisclosed amount back in December -- and according to docs filed last week, 6126 was supposed to be making payments beginning in March ... but so far -- zilch. Now Nathan is asking a judge for an order to enforce the settlement -- attaching bank accounts, etc.

A rep for Lindsay tells TMZ, "We don't comment on any pending legal situations with third parties."


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Blood Red Witch    

We have all observed how well LL follows legal advice in her criminal cases. Would that not logically mean that is how she follows it in civil/buisness issues/cases? I can see LL and Dina deciding they knew better than their buisness advisor/attorney regarding setting up the 6126 corporation and paying off civil lawsuits.

1199 days ago


Grandma you might wanna check out this before you get all mushie, there are other storys like this, Dina once gave a BJ under a table, just to get Lindsay a role...PS Lindsay never got the role, but Dina sure is a wh*re! And not only a coke one;jsessionid=DDC5D2F956A01198F2911B233732F3FC

1199 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

LMAO, this was on the front page of this website, TMZ should do this as well since so many folks here take each story as FACT!

Just keeping it real.

Hollywood Grind is a celebrity gossip site which publishes rumors, opinions, third party source opinions and rumors, and conjecture, in addition to accurately reported facts. Information on this site may or may not be true and Hollywood Grind makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims.

1199 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

ILG, I believe that Michael is an evil and abusive person. His upcoming court date for assault should be interesting.

I agree that very little if anything will be about Lindsay and Dina on Celebrity Rehab. With Michael Lohan it is all about Michael. Look at me! AND I am sure he will be dragging Kate Major through the mud. She seems to be kind of a fruit loop and I am sure she probably behaved badly.

I do not believe that Dina is a saint, I just think there are some pretty hardcore family dynamics in play with Lindsay and her behavior. We all bleed differently, and bleeding publicly must suck.

1199 days ago


@Seal Team 6

Yes. I read that nothing about the kids will be included, and very little about Dina, and nothing specific.

I'll believe it when i see it. he has never allowed anything to stop himself from talking about lindsay or the family including his own daughter asking him to stop. he still does to this day any opportunity he gets. they only wanted him on the show because of lindsay and in the end they are going to put on what gets ratings and it's not michael.

1199 days ago


"The main question here is whether LiLo will show up or not and if she doesn’t, what will the legal stand be on that. The attorney for the plaintiff, Phillip Nevinny, told E! News that it would be “interesting” to see what the U.S. District Judge Jay Ghandi does in the situation."


Nice. So she may not even bother to show up to court on the matter, despite owing Nathan the money? This chick really does get to write her own book on the law and justice, doesn't she?


“I think this is an example of yet another corporate entity running over the rights of an artist,” Nevinny says. “It is just wrong on every level. We are confident of our position and the truth will come out in trial.”


I'm sure the owners of Kamofie can relate this paragraph reaaaaaaaaaaally well. This woman stomps on everyone's rights, no matter what they have done for her. The solution really is simply: businesses and other artists ought to stop dealing with her if she refuses to ever play fairly.

1199 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Lindsay Lohan has always been enabled by Dina Lohan, her worthless fame whore of a mom. Only now is she starting to realize that's part of the problem.

The rehabbing star's wake-up call was Dina's appearance on Today this month. While Dina showed some humility, it's the pretense that bothered Lindsay.

When Dina defied her and chatted it up with Matt Lauer, Lindsay, whose patience with her mom had already been wearing somewhat thin, was "furious."

Since that interview, Lindsay has become warier of her mother and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason for her many problems.

Moreover, Linds is beginning to realize Dina's demonization of her dad, Michael Lohan, is not the whole picture and that both parents share the blame.

Unlike her mother's behavior, the actress has been surprised, in a good way, by her dad's seeming sincerity in reaching out and respecting her wishes.

Just when you think you've heard everything ...

Read more celebrity gossip at:

Basically, Lindsay told her mom not to go on Today at all.

Read more celebrity gossip at:

1199 days ago



I agree that both parents are to blame for Lindsay's behavior issues. Both Dina and Michael are to blame for how she was raised, and the morals they instilled.

I find it amazing that Dina would send Ali out at 17 to live with Lindsay, when most of Lindsay's problems stemmed from her being sent to LA at 17 to fend for herself. Even Lindsay herself admits that. Not only is Ali in LA at 17, but her mentor/chaperone is Lindsay.

The whole family is a mess, and I feel for the youngest, as they have no hope for having a normal/stable life.

1199 days ago


Nikki 31 minutes ago

Grandma you might wanna check out this before you get all mushie, there are other storys like this, Dina once gave a BJ under a table, just to get Lindsay a role...PS Lindsay never got the role, but Dina sure is a wh*re! And not only a coke one


Like mother like daughter I guess.

1199 days ago


Unlike her mother's behavior, the actress has been surprised, in a good way, by her dad's seeming sincerity in reaching out and respecting her wishes.


What a joke. Milo is every bit as bad a parent as Dina. You don't remove your own culpability buddy just because Dina was also awful. You know that saying, "two wrongs don't make a right?" Well, figure it out in this instance regarding the two parents.

1199 days ago


Grandma Cracker, I agree with you. I think that Milo is all kinds of creepy and harmful to Lindsay and the other kids. Dina is no better, in my book. I can't imagine having a family where neither parent cared a fig and just milked me dry financially, while selling me down the river publicly, not caring how messed up I became along the way. Neither parent also has an ounce of self-reflection; instead they always blame the OTHER parent for any problems that surface. "Not me!" is their famous credo. If Lindsay showed a modi*** of self-reflection herself or wasn't basically a cardboard cutout of Dina and Milo, I'd feel tremendously sorry for her.

1199 days ago


bleeped out word in my last post is: modi****.

1199 days ago


One more time:

Bleeped out word in my past two posts is: Modi *****.


1199 days ago


Grandma Cracker,

I'm not sure that someone underestimated Lindsay's brand power - perhaps at the time the deal was made, her brand power was still strong. However, the past 2 years have really eroded her brand power due to the theft and continued repercussions from the DUI cases.

DOES she enjoy designing? The line she put out for Ungaro didn't seem well thought out or inspired. Not sure she enjoys anything at this point in her life, other than her addictions.

And who on earth ever thought that Jessica Simpson would have ended up a billionaire? Either she's a heck of a lot smarter than she looks or she has a management team that is crackerjack. So yeah, she would be a good one to emulate when going into the fashion business.

1199 days ago


Nikki about an hour ago

RW What do you think is going to happen when celebrity rehab starts airing??
Daddy douche bag is going to open family secerts, and targeting Dina big time
Will be quit entertaning dont you think


I'm not so sure that the kids will find it one bit entertaining. Did he never consider their feelings when shooting his mouth off publicly about Dina?

1199 days ago
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