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Crystal Harris

Ditched Hefner

Over Money and Music

6/14/2011 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner was left at the altar because his 25-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris wanted two things -- a bigger allowance and a career in the music biz.

Sources close to Crystal tell us she was fed up with the "couple hundred dollar" weekly allowance she got from Playboy -- and wanted to make her own cheese.

We're told Crystal purely focused on launching her music career -- even with the wedding just days away.

Sources involved in planning the massive wedding say Crystal felt like she "couldn't be married to Hef and have a successful music career" -- even though millions and millions of people are married with careers ... and with MUCH less money.


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Best thing that could ever happen for him. Of course she will sue him for some stupid BS and end up with a reality tv show and a record deal for some horrible AutoTuned Britney Spears type cd. One more self centered, empty headed, gold digging, fake breast-ed, dyed hair, phony tan-ed . . . plastic surgery riddled, 6 pounds of make up wearing LA chick looking for her 15 minutes of fame and other people's MONEY! Whew that was hard to say in one breath! *smile* Have you seen her photo from the old days? NOTHING to look at at all! All fake.

1225 days ago


She'll be sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry! No career and no money. Got to love the stupid ones.

1225 days ago

Zach Swan    

Silly girl. Parents actually teach their female children these days to "ring the till". She should have done what she was taught. Marry a rich guy in your twenties. Divorce him. Ring the till. Marry your second husband in your thirties. Divorce him. Ring the till. Marry your third husband and divorce him in your early forties. Ring the till. You're set for life and all you had to do was lie on your back. The American Dream for the 21st century. G#d help us all.

1225 days ago

Zach Swan    

Sooner or later, it will register with this chick that she has a tremendous future in food service, massage, escorting, stripping or, if she's lucky, adult film. Then she'll wish she'd rung Hef's 85 yr old till.

1225 days ago


Hef, call Holly!!!!! That would be the BEST!

1225 days ago


I'm willing to offer Crystal a "career", . . . singing in my shower every morning!!! As far as an "allowance" is concerned, . . . not gonna happen . . .

1224 days ago


Her parents are now proud again.

1224 days ago


she's leaving him for a music career. I heard her try and sing that song of her fathers on the Girls next Door SHE CAN NOT SING, technology is the only thing making her sound half decent

1224 days ago


Umm, someone needs to tell her she has no talent.....listened to her record out of morbid is awful!!!!

1224 days ago

bring back recent posts    

HAHAHAH...funny comment Andy

1224 days ago


While I thought it was an odd pairing, I wished them happiness. Putting this into perspective we have to look at it this way, if you were going to get married and five days before your wedding your husband to be told you that you couldn't have a career and he was only going to give you $20/week would you still marry him? I think this type of thing would be a huge slap in the face to anyone. I don't think it was fair for him to come up with restrictions like this right before the wedding!
Everyone is slamming her into the ground but Hef was in on this too!! He's been a player all his life, I'm pretty sure he's NOT being taken advantage of! He's gets exactly what he wants and always has.
To most normal people though, the age difference is just nasty! To each their own.

1224 days ago


Umm, someone needs to tell her she has no talent.....listened to her record out of morbid is awful!!!!

1224 days ago

Fran Reno    

Never did think she was right for Hef. Maybe he ought to reconsider Holly.

1224 days ago


harley0011 11 minutes ago

Umm, someone needs to tell her she has no talent.....listened to her record out of morbid is awful!!!!

As awful as Beautiful Azzache?

1224 days ago

weird al yankovich    

Goldigger and Loser of the Highest quality .... Of course she ran out after she found out what her prenup was. Any Goldigger would do the same

She's a Leach and unfortunately her stupid ass will prolly find some other rich fool to support her dumb ass



1224 days ago
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