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Mel Gibson Sued In Recycled Rubber Dispute

6/15/2011 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is being sued by a man who claims Mel cajoled him to put his life savings in a newfangled technology to recycle tires ... the guy lost it all and now claims Mel is swindling him.


Nader Sherif met Mel at a dinner party in 2007.  According to the lawsuit, Nader claims Mel started jawboning him about a Malaysian company called Green Rubber, which developed a technology to devulcanize rubber so old tires could be recycled.

Sherif claims Mel tried convincing him to invest $200,000 in the company -- his entire life savings.  Sherif says he was resistant, but someone from the company who was present at the dinner assured him the company would re-purchase Sherif's stock for the full face value whenever Sherif wanted.

But Sherif was still uneasy, telling Mel he had just had a child and could not afford to lose money. Sherif alleges Mel -- who is a "significant investor" in the company --  then told him if the company wouldn't make good, Mel would buy the shares from Sherif for the full $200,000.

Short story -- Sherif was going through hard financial times and wanted Green Rubber to buy his stock back.  Sherif claims the company repeatedly refused to do so, and he then went to Mel, who allegedly ignored his demand.

Sherif is suing for $200,000 plus interest. We could not reach Mel's rep for comment.

0615_green_rubber_awardHere's a video of Mel back in 2008 -- presenting an award to the CEO of Green Rubber at the Global Green Sustainable Design Awards.


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Same thing happened to HOKU

1162 days ago


What's with all of these tire, pop-ups or commercials?

1162 days ago


@ Angelika then why are you here ? you are the one wasting months away for nothing. Just so you could kick someone who is down....pathetic.

1162 days ago


Gotta go burn (i mean barbie) dinner. Later all.

1162 days ago


"Company appears to be defunct"???


So in 2008 he and his "young family" were in serious financial hardship - and they wait until 2011 to sue?


Majestik -
May your team seriously prod buttock!

1162 days ago


God-Is-Busy about a minute ago

@ Angelika then why are you here ? you are the one wasting months away for nothing. Just so you could kick someone who is down....pathetic.


Requires a response.

Who have I kicked down? You come on this board and trash people, unlike me. You have no knowledge of my religious beliefs! So poster GIB keep posting your hate, I will continue in the future to ignore and not respond to your hate and bashing!

1162 days ago

LA me    

Found an article about Mel in Costa Rica....I think it says something about meeting with Sherif who lives there. Can anyone translate??

"El productor de “La Pasión de Cristo” y “Apocalypto”, el norteamericano Mel Gibson, definitivamente está en Costa Rica paseando con su hijo y para confirmar esto un equipo de Extra Noticias Canal 42 los encontró comiendo carne en el popular restaurante “Chicote” en Sabana Norte.
El pasado lunes, a eso de las 10:00 de la noche, Mel Gibson llegó proveniente del Hotel Real Intercontinental, lugar en el que estaba hospedado oriundo de Panamá, donde se reunió con un cineasta canalero.
Según pudo conocer DIARIO EXTRA, se sabe que anda acompañado de su hijo Edward, de 24 años, un amigo tico llamado Sergio Miranda y el corredor de bienes raíces Nader Sherif, quien también vive en Costa Rica.
Esa noche se vio con un joven que es aparentemente su hijo y ambos salieron del cinco estrellas en Guachipelín de Escazú con rumbo a La Sabana específicamente en el restauran “Chicote”. Ahí se comió su buen tuco de carne y pidió una coca-cola Light. Pagó como 25 mil colones.
Como a eso de las 11:00 de la noche salió del establecimiento un poco alarmado pues un equipo de EXTRA TV 42 lo esperaba en la puerta del local por lo que tuvo que ser escoltado a un taxi."


1162 days ago


The real crime here is that this idiot had $200k to crap away.
And I don't have squat.

1162 days ago


Jesus H Christ Harvey,

Gibson / Ox, put you on the internet tabloid map.

You had a great run. Nothing really since.

Who writes this? TMZ staff, sources say, people close to, rep says, their camp and so on.

Because it's Gibson, some guy said....

1162 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

This guy is such a dumbass... sure, give all of your life savings to a Malaysian company. No doubt Green Rubber gave Mel shares in the company for being a spokesperson... Happens all the time. Maybe Mel sold this idiot his shares in the company.

1162 days ago


You could beat me to a pulp, hack me to death, strangle me and pour gasoline on me. SO BE IT!!!! You are going to pay.

1162 days ago


ATTN LA Me - translated below (by BableFish)

" The producer of “the Passion of Christ” and “Apocalypto”, the North American Mel Gibson, definitively is in Costa Rica taking a walk with its son and to confirm this an equipment of Extra the News Channel 42 found them eating meat in the popular restaurant “Whip” in North Savannah. The past Monday, about the 10:00 at night, Mel Gibson arrived originating from the Intercontinental Real Hotel, place in which was provided with accomodations native of Panama, where it met with a canalero film director. According to it could know NEWSPAPER EXTRA, knows that he walks accompanied of his Edward son, of 24 years, a friend tico call Sergio Vantage point and the real estate agent Nader Sherif, that also lives in Costa Rica. That night was seen with a young person who is apparently his son and both left five stars in Guachipelín de Escazú in the direction of the Savannah specifically in recover “Whip”. There tuco of meat ate its good and asked a Coca-Cola Light. It paid like 25 thousand colons. As about the 11:00 at night it left the establishment a little alarmed because an equipment of EXTRA TV waited for it to 42 in the door of the premises reason why had to be escorted to taxi."

1162 days ago


LA Me -
Hiya! Girl, you have been missed!

Ran your article through google and came up with this -

"The producer of " The Passion of the Christ "and" Apocalypto, "Mel Gibson the U.S., Costa Rica is definitely walking with his son and to confirm that a team of Channel 42 News Extra eating the meat found in the popular restaurant Chicote "in Sabana Norte.
On Monday, at about 10:00 pm, Mel Gibson came from the Real Intercontinental Hotel, where they were staying a native of Panama, where he met a filmmaker canal.
DAILY EXTRA According could know, we know who walks with his son Edward, 24, a friend named Sergio Miranda tico and realtor Nader Sheriff, who also lives in Costa Rica.
That night was a young man who is apparently his son and two out of five stars in Escazú Guachipelín due to La Sabana specifically in the restaurant "Whip. " There tuco ate good meat and asked for a Coke Light. Paid about 25 thousand colones.
At about 11:00 at night left the establishment a little alarmed because a team of EXTRA TV 42 was waiting at the door of the room so had to be escorted to a taxi. "

1162 days ago

mildly insane

Did anyone actually look at this site its all
window dressing no content

1162 days ago


By the way, guess who else invested in this "defunct" company?

Robert Downey, Jr. and Christopher Forbes (yep a member of THAT Forbes, Vice Chairman in fact.)

1162 days ago
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