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'Housewife' to Ex-Employee: You're the REAL Racist!

6/15/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of NYC" star Cindy Barshop is firing back at an ex-employee, who said she was canned because she's black -- claiming the employee is the REAL racist ... and it's killing business.


Barshop filed the suit today in NY on behalf of her spa company Completely Bare -- claiming ex-employee Altovise Collier wasn't fired because she's black ... she was fired because she sucked at her job.

Barshop then turns the tables on Collier, accusing HER of being the real racist -- "In an effort to mask her own deficient work performance and serial on the job screw-ups, Collier, in a racist fashion, asserts that her race, national origin and skin color were the basis for her termination."

Barshop claims Collier only worked for CB for two and a half months -- and was fired over "disciplinary and other work performance problems, including client complaints."

Collier originally sued Barshop last week -- claiming she was the target of racial discrimination in the workplace.

But according to Barshop, Collier's suit is nothing more than a "defamatory campaign" to ruin her professional reputation -- and she wants at least $5,000,000 to settle the score.


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AHHHHHHHHHH HELLO!! If she was a ``racist`` she wouldn't have hired this dumb b!tch in the first place!!

1225 days ago


That is horrible. $5,000,000 is ALOT of facials and pedicures! Theres no way she's paying that.

1225 days ago


She is "real" ugly

1225 days ago


yeah fkn race card, im so sick of it. Exactly, if she were racist, she would not have hired her in the first place. I hate how you give ppl always use the race card. I cannot stand it. PPl are dumb no matter what race they are, end of subject.

1225 days ago


Just because a woman ages doesn't make her ugly. So I have no idea why all the Real Housewives women look so frightening.

1225 days ago


i can't believe there is still race issues in 2011!!! narrow minded idiots!!!

1225 days ago


Do TMZ employees get bonuses for finding the most unflattering image of the subject of every story?

1225 days ago


If clients complain about you then you don't belong in the business regardless of your ethnicity. I'm glad people are standing up to this racist refrain and doing what's right.

1225 days ago


This is why many small employers are no longer hiring POC or ethnic minorities. There is just too great a risk that you can't get rid of them for poor job performance due to fear of litigation.

1225 days ago



Like I've always said our country today, the idea that they are just dealing with a jerk, or that they were incompetant, NEVER enters a minority's mind. They immediately leap to the charge they have gotten by in life on since they could crawl...RACIST.

I'd love to wave a magic wand and have every minority wake up tomorrow and realize there is no racism anymore. The look on their faces when they realize their poverty, lack of skills and education, their stalled (or never begun) careers, their 3 brats from 3 fathers, their garnished wages for child support, their lack of light at the end of the tunnel...was all created by THEMSELVES.

What white people feel today is not is disgust at having to constantly deal with leeches sucking their livelyhoods off the backs of the population like parasites...all the while hobbling around on their racism crutches...ready to draw their discrimination lawyers card out of their pocket like a gunslinger.

1225 days ago


"Barshop filed the suit today in NY on behalf of her spa company Completely Bare -- claiming ex-employee Altovise Collier wasn't fired because she's black ... she was fired because she sucked at her job, just like most black people do."

1225 days ago


The race card is going to help her lose the case, now Barshop is a paranoid weirdo though, she should have used that.

1225 days ago


If she was a racist then why did she get hired in the first place. Why do black people throw out the race card all the time when they screw up in their work place. Its not a racist issue its a your lazy and because your black you can do what you want issue.

1225 days ago


hell yeah yell racist and either back it up or pay up.sick of these racist getting away with yelling racist and getting paid.just because they are of color.oh and african American?should they be American africans on account they have never set foot in africa

1225 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

That's the new lotto ticket for the ghetto hoodies.. "iZ dun been fired cuzz i'z be black"...Obama's hope and change...Nice work O, the ghettoites have gotten even lazier.

He sets a great example cutting out to hang around golf courses every Sunday all day 72 times and counting, more than any president in American history.

He's played more golf than Tiger Woods since he imploded and that's a fact. Woods hasn't even logged 50 rounds on the tour since then . NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Look it up, it'll require some reading skills all you Bammy defenders.

1225 days ago
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