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Anthony Weiner Reunites With Wife

6/16/2011 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner is back with wife Huma Abedin ... at least for now.

The pic was taken as the two went to their Queens apartment, just before Weiner announced his resignation.

Huma has been overseas with her boss, Hillary Clinton.  Huma returned home yesterday.


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JulieB 3 hours ago
call me crazy (and I know you will) but to me they actually look cute together. Look, there was more than one woman turned on by him


Woman are turned on by the power, not by the man - at least in situations like this.

1225 days ago


It has been noted that she's a practicing towel-head. It's been suggested that she gets a lot of useful information from not only her job with the state department but also from now former congressman weiner pud.

The assumption is that the useful information might be getting passed to undesirable individuals who seek to cause gas pains in the U.S.

Just sayin' ...

1225 days ago

Bif Loman    

Unlike the Clinton's who stayed together for political reasons, now that he no longer holds political office, she will dump him. He has no education nor skills, he's a loser.

1225 days ago

Bif Loman    

Unlike the Clinton's who stayed together for political reasons, now that he no longer holds political office, she will dump him. He has no education nor skills, he's a loser.

1225 days ago

Damn Gina    

If they do make it, she is a damn idiot! He is a politician. There are a lot more ladies out there she was sharing her husband with.

1225 days ago

CA Girl    

I predict she will wait for a period of time, then quietly file for divorce when it all calms down and it's not news anymore and nobody cares. And WEEEENER? He won't be hurting. This government is going to be paying him in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS in pension/benefits. When the chips are down, he won't miss his job at all. Slimey. Sleazy. Good riddance, and not a moment too soon. But hey, the purveyor of trash, Larry Flynt, has a job offer already out to Weeeener. And CNN is calling, Tony.

1225 days ago


Love the bag! Who makes it?

1225 days ago


What made me not like Weiner was how he treated RUDELY Megan Kelly on Fox News on the Double "Death TAx" Taxation. ****y little man!! Check it out......

1224 days ago


What comes around goes around MR Weiner........

1224 days ago

smart woman    

If I were her I would not live with him. I would file for divorce and have a "miscarriage" -get an abortion. o reason to drag an innocent child through that kind of marriage and when he pulls more crap on her later (dude look what he did after only 11 months) and they get divorced then she will always be legally tied up to the s_ _ _ thead and the kids will be totally warped. Better to cut her losses now and scram have an abortion and start new.But she is a moslem so maybe she expects to be cheated on and treated like a dirtbag doormat-----Enjoy life Huma when you loose your figure to pregnancy and he has a "reason" to look elsewhere. Scram girly scram!!!!NOW!

1224 days ago


You Idiots, Muslim women have pride and dignity more than you could ever even think of, actually she will stick with him cause she tries to keep a marriage to the last minute , but you smart mouth who says she is a muslim and she is used to it,well, she is only used to family values and fighting for a marraiage to the last minute,Hillary and million others forgave and went on for the sake of marriage, they have because its their choice to stick to what they believe is holy, if they wanna forgive , good for them, If you dont want to, well DONT! , but please dont be throwing silly and ignorant comments, wow, people with your mentalities, WOW! I feel sorry for the generation you raise or will raise!
you run to get a divorce right?guess that shows HOW MUCH marriage means to you, weak mentality, you are so pathetic cause muslim women have strong values when it comes to marriage and family that you will never know of.
feel sorry for you and who thinks like you. here you again showing how ignorant and shallow minded you are!

Peace and prayer to take away hate and ingnorance thats grows so deep in some peoples hearts.

1224 days ago
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