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Bam Margera: My Lambo Was POISONED!

6/16/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera's quarter-million-dollar Lamborghini just took a $45,000 beating -- and according to Bam, it's all because his friend dumped the wrong fuel in the gas tank.


Bam fired off in a Twitter tirade against his pal Cleveland earlier today -- claiming Cleve filled up the Lambo with diesel and it completely DESTROYED the car.


According to Bam, he's turned to alcohol to help drown his sorrows -- chugging Goldschlager before his flight to Phoenix today.

But it's unclear if he actually made it to the airplane -- because last he tweeted, Bam claimed people at the Philadelphia airport he's flying out of "thinks I'm drunk. This is bullsh*t."


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I think the car is ugly

1204 days ago


As I said earlier it is not really even possible to put diesel fuel into an unleaded vehicle due to the larger nozzle, but those that say it will not destroy the engine are a little misinformed. I have worked as a mechanic and ran a multi million biodiesel refinery in Vegas so I know a little about this. If you have a standard car or truck, like a F-150 or Tahoe, you could drain the tank and probably be ok. But a $250k lambo, you are screwed. You are talking about a car that will cost you a grand for an oil change. This is a hand built motor with very tight clearances and a very precise fuel delivery system. The diesel will mix with the unleaded in the fuel lines and once it hits the injectors your engine is in need of some major repair. The trick is just getting the diesel in to it in the first place.

1204 days ago


He's a dumbass, and everyone around him is a dumbass. What would you expect?

1204 days ago


I call BS on this. I've heard that he's driven the car so much it is worthless and he had his friend do this to hopefully total the car out, and get the insurance money..allegedly. A diesel nozzle will NOT fit in a regular gas tank filler.

1204 days ago


You have two different Lamboughinis in the Pictures. In the first picture it is a Gallardo, in the second it is a murcielago. Where'd you get tour pictures??

1204 days ago

Jerseygirl Dawn    

It is not possible to put diesel into the tank of a car that runs on Unleaded.... the nozzle of the diesel pump is too large to insert into the tank of a car that runs on Unleaded.

1204 days ago


Uh Mark.... Get your eyes checked.... Both pictures are o*****allardo and have been the whole time. Look at the air intakes on the side of the car, the Murc has one half the size of the Gallardo. Either picture is clearly not a Murc.

1203 days ago


The Nozzle for the two Gas Pumps are different, one is bigger than the other..The D Has the bigger Nozzle has been for years. It wont even fit into the tank. I made that mistake about 25 years ago.

1203 days ago


well maybe he lent it because he trusted his friend. If none of you like Bam then why do you read stories about him. If you don't like him then that is how you feel but you don't need to put him down anymore then he already feels :) Just be happy!

1202 days ago

Langhi Lau    

Bam is a dryed up old has-been that should find a permanent bar stool and spend his days and night in eternal alcohol drunkeness.

1202 days ago


How freaking stupid do you have to be to think that a Lambo runs on diesel fuel.... Geezzzz. Moron.

1200 days ago


Really? Im assuming you know that a diesel fuel supply head wont fit into the tank o*****asoline car? It is much you really are full of ****

1200 days ago


there are two kinds of pump sizes one for commercial trucks and such and a smaller size at the pump islands. didnt you know that there are cars and trucks that run off the same fuel as the big rigs! what did you think

1200 days ago


True, you may not be able to fit a diesel nozzle into an unleaded fuel tank, but there are more than just this case in which it has happened. A friend of mine in high school learned that lesson after she was filling her car at the pump and wasnt paying attention. Myself and another friend walked out of the store and noticed what she was doing. We laughed our asses off, after we yelled at her. The car got towed, her parents had to pay a heafty repair bill to have everything cleaned out, we have a great story to hold over heard head for the rest of our lives.

1198 days ago


The diesel nozzle wont fit, not by a mile. If somehow Diesel got in there, the engine's computer would have shut the engine down.If low octane fuel got in there, the computer would safeguard the engine as well. The car is made by Volkswagen.

1198 days ago
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