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Brooke Mueller

Shady Moves In Hawaii

6/17/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stressed out and seemingly desperate Brooke Mueller was seen walking around Maui this week ... engaged in conversations with random people in cars ... while clutching a wad of cash in her hand.

Brooke was in Hawaii with her two little kids -- no word on where the children were during Brooke's outing. 

Brooke had recently struck a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen -- who seemed unhappy with the arrangement after Brooke entered rehab back in April for substance abuse issues.

Worth noting -- days before she entered rehab, Brooke had a similarly bizarre episode at an L.A. pawn shop, in which she tried to sell off a watch and stereo for cash.


TMZ contacted Brooke's people who refused to comment on the situation.


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steeler fan    

she looks like a crack head

1221 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Nothing like a curbside crack purchase to start off the day....that's all these celebs do with half their money.

Laughing at all the people who worship the ground they puke on like Gods. Sickos. What other kind of broad would marry Skeezer sheen and have his babies much less?

This kind is who, a crack buying ho.

1221 days ago


Denise took her kids to Hawaii why can’t Brookies Kids go!?!?! Pathetic, no reason to comment. Charlie maybe bad news, but he hasn’t had his chance to screw up. This whore give a judge a BJ; only explanation to her freedom. Paris must be babysitting. Really sad!

1221 days ago


If it walks like a duck and cracks like a duck...

1221 days ago


you'd have to be on drugs to put that outfit on

1221 days ago


Will someone please take those boys so they can have at least HALF a chance at a somewhat normal life.

1221 days ago


Most people don't wander around alone with cash clutched in their hand and go up to random car windows with the 'help' of some shady looking guy. I don't condemn people with serious drug problems. It's easy to throw stones at them but to continue to do crack with her children around, knowing that paparazzi follow you, while involved in a high profile custody battle is just plain stupid. I think I remember that the twins are mostly cared for by her parents anyway and by nannies. I feel sorry for those kids. It's bad enough to have one crazy parent but to have two crazy and addicted parents is a crappy deal. She needs to go to some sort of long-term rehab and so does Charlie Sheen.

1221 days ago


Drug Deal. DUH!

1221 days ago

Jeffrey Bradley    

Maybe thats the $20 she got from the last oral encounter she had on the other side of the park, and she is looking for the next? I mean, it takes alot to keep up THOSE looks....

1221 days ago


Maybe she's looking for change for a $20

1221 days ago


If she's doing what it looks like she's doing - trying to arrange a drug deal - I think it's time those kids are removed from her home and placed elsewhere. Her parents or Charlie's father...Charlie and she seem far more interested in doping than parenting.

1221 days ago


Maybe she's washing windshields for a little extra cash.

1221 days ago


At least have your dealer deliver it in a pizza box or something so it doesn't look THAT ****in' obvious. Especially when you got the Paps do***enting your every move.

1221 days ago

PRO US    

Linda about an hour ago

I agree with Pro Us rant. Brook needs to be in a real rehab, where she is housed for 12 months. She is never going to get healthy with "at home re-hab". The grand parents need to take custody of the children. They are going to get hurt, physicaly and mentally.
I know she is hurting, but someone needs to get a handle on this...not Charlie, but possibly someone such as in Britneys situation. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HER!
Theres got to be someone who cares about these people!?

Agree with you that it's crazy and potentially dangerous for her to have custody of the kids while she doing crack, meth or whatever the heck she's buying off the streets. The judge who allowed her to keep partial custody must be smoking the same stuff she is.

1221 days ago

Swing low sweet chariot    

For all of those that are saying Addiction is a disease .... for the most part I agree. However, it's NOT a defence for your behaviour. There IS one fundamental difference between Drug or Alcohol Addiction (or Nicotine even) and other diseases such as Cancer, MS, and the other major and minor diseases ..... You CHOOSE to do drugs/alcohol and once you're hooked it's still ultimatley YOUR choice to kick it or not. With the other diseases, nobody asks for that nor do they have much choice when it comes to beating it. FREE WILL still exists despite the catch phrases that negate it. I.E. I'm a victim of addiction, It happened to me,It's a sickness, It's not my fault. It IS your fault, it's not anybody else's so it has to be YOUR fault. Bad enough when it's just you, but lady, you are lucky enough to have kids and priveledge .... Hit rock bottom already so you can go on Celebrity Rehab and make some more money.

1221 days ago
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