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Tracy Morgan

'Hey, Homeless

Gay Teens ...'

6/17/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan put on his serious face today in NY -- to meet with some homeless gay teens and victims of anti-gay violence -- in an effort to educate himself after his recent homophobic comedy act.


During the meeting -- organized by GLAAD -- Morgan spoke with two young gay people, Jayden Love and Raciel Castillo (pictured above, to the right of Morgan), who were forced to live on the streets after they were shunned by their families.

Afterward, Jayden and Raciel said, "We really appreciate that we were able to meet with Tracy Morgan ... We hope that our stories have the power to change not only Tracy's perspective, but those of any parent who may be struggling with accepting their child."

Tracy plans to go to Tennessee next week (the site of his homophobic performance) to apologize to the people he offended and to meet with the Tennessee Equality Project and local advocates.


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Marc Freden    

The prediction was anarchy…so said former NY Giants Superbowl star David Tyree. He was talking about the results of the hotly contested gay marriage bill which just passed in New York, granting the right to gays the nation over to…God forbid…tie the knot. Just what could he mean by anarchy? Could he mean the national rush of drag queens to Kleinfeld Bridal—of television reality fame—to ‘say yes to the dress’? Did he mean that traditional brides would have to plan that much further in advance as all the good ballrooms of Manhattan will be scooped by the double income no kids, DINKs, flush with cash and desire to outdo the last do? Or is it something simpler, like public displays of affection springing up everywhere—handholding, kisses goodbye? I dare ask, has Tyree ever walked through Chelsea? If it means anarchy…bring it on. The last time I understood true anarchy was during the LA Riots where people of Tyree’s own ethnicity took to the streets to burn what they could to…I guess…make a point and scare a nation. Fears not Tyree, gays are scared of fire—too much product in our hair makes us more combustible than the average straight guy. There will be no burnings in the streets.

1216 days ago

Marc Freden    

Well said Mr. Freden!

1216 days ago


Freden you are a tool, just sayin'. And Tracy Morgan please quit catering to the Homosexual Mafia, You are entitled to say what you want inside a Comedy Club, Black jokes, White jokes, Religous jokes, and oh my yes even Gay jokes, so get over yourselves Homo's you are not that special.

1209 days ago

Maria Concheater    

@mjm and skinnygirl
F##K YOU!! Where was all this righteous indignation when white gay people WERE screaming the n-word dumba##es?!! If anything racism is RAMPANT in the gay community but you all don't want to talk about that now you want to hound this black man when you didn't say JACK about Eminem F**K you fake ass f--gots and burn in hell!

1208 days ago

Maria Concheater    

F**K those a##holes at glaad trash bags they are as RACIST and full of it as PETA bread!! I don't remember all this so called 'outrage' at Eminem and hi*****eful words about gays or any other aka WHITE comedians who say this kind of ish all the damn time! If THAT'S the case then Howard Stern,SNL,Lisa,Sarah,Carlos ALL those a-holes need to apologize gay people are racist as hell yet they don't have a problem with that. Where was all this 'apologizing' when white and gay people qwere screaming the n-word after Prop 8?!! F--K ALL YOU F$$GOTS AND THE PEOPLE WHINING ABOUT TARCY!!

1208 days ago


Sadly a mare five minutes after these pictures were taken a deranged and foaming at the mouth Tracy Morgan stab to death everyone in the room before turning the knife on his self. His last words "Think of the parents"

1159 days ago
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