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President Obama and Speaker Boehner -- FORE!

6/18/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the U.S. Open going on just 35 miles away, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner played a round of golf with VP Joe Biden and Ohio governor John Kasich. 

Bipartisanism is par for the course.

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That spray on Boner, that would be spray starch.
now I see the mentality of the people that voted for this moron, no wonder he got elected, most of the people that voted for him are idiots. @patience if you read america has been the greatest things for blacks, Not barring pre slavery. but ever since 1866 blacks have steadily obtained more than the whites. and this Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson is 2 of the biggest trouble makers in the world. why don't they try and help alot of the black population get out of the gutter and off crack and stop the steeling? If they want to do something, instead of sitting and complaining so much. Ole Jesse there fathers a kid by another women while he is still married and then acts as if nothing happened. Osama here is a one term wonder he has set this country on a road of bankruptcy, look at our credit rating? Straight downhill, He has no balls, when the Iraq government said they were not going to repay America for all we have done I would had issued an order all military out of there, then send them a bill. same with afganistan we are not wanted over there,get that next in line and pull our troops out of there, And stop sending any more money aid to Pakistan, Turkey India, Saudi Arabia, Put all that money back into our own people and economy here, Then dare any one of those diaper heads to attack us again or we will hunt your butt down. no this idiot needs to be impeached immediately.

1193 days ago


Kelly35 minutes ago

why is this site turning political, I don't see politicians as celebrity's.
You have liberal Harvey parroting and carrying water along with the main stream adding nothing one can't hear or see from any other old media source now.
It all sounds the same, it all goes the same direction and like the morons they believe us to be we are suppose to go for the bait and slam this one for that, put down that one, save this one, make excuses for that one over there.
This beats better than talking about L. hohan or that fat A*s Kardashian anytime.

1193 days ago



1193 days ago


doesn't obama ever work. 12 vacations in 3years.
every sunday on the golf course. i haven't taken
a vacation in 2 years. obama makes george bush look
like donald trump(who works in 14hour intervals most days)

1193 days ago

G. Howie Belches    

Boner looks drunk as usual.

1193 days ago


@ G. Howie Belches, I don't know Howie...they BOTH look like they have a serious alcoholic look on their faces to me.

1193 days ago


The Blind leading the blind ,in that one picture.

1193 days ago


You are right, They both look like they are stoned out of their fu****G mind, as usual.

1193 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

OBozo is the absolutely worse President in our History. No one else comes close. I wish we could vote the lying BUM out tomorow. He and his ugly wife are spending our taxpayer money on trips and parties as fast as they can before they are thrown out. When he laughed that he spent trillions of dollars on "shovel ready jos", I knew he was a Moron. No wonder he won't let anyone see his grades. He's an Idiot that no one seems to remember from College. There should be an investigation about his secret education. Hope we can last until 2012. I'm starting to doubt it.

1193 days ago


That's what happens when irresponsible people get in and spend everyone else's dime, They do it on welfare to. and what's with this idiot selling the U.s. out on negotiating with terroists in Afgan. for peace? We don't negotiate with terroists.

1193 days ago



Well, since you are obviously TOO YOUNG to remember the Carter years, let me tell you some FACTS about what happened in less than FOUR years after Reagan took office. Cut tax rates, cut unemployment, INCREASED money going INTO the treasury (too bad the dem controlled house & senate spent it all), increased the PRIDE to be an American.
It's idiots like you, brainwashed by your American hating college professors that elected this man child president, who, when history writes about him in 25 years, will say that he was MUCH worse than Jimmy Carter.

1193 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

GreekGirlsDoItBest: Why don't you move to your Bankrupt Greece? Hope you aren't as stupid as you write.

1193 days ago


The Country is going through a reawakening like never before...from the Tea Party, to the Black Youth flash robbing stores, and robbing and mugging non Blacks for the sheer sport now---there is a new awakening going on across the Country. Sorry but its anti Obama and the Left Wing Liberal nonsense and shame he has brought to us all. Even Blacks dont care much for the guy anymore, except for the color part. Why? Because he hasnt done a thing for anyone---except the rich and connected. He is no man of or for the People.

The Wilding going on, that has been directed at White and Asian and even to some extent to, Hispanic People---has made us all realize we've gone backwards in race relations with this supposed healer and uniter. Black*****e non Blacks now and are openly displaying the hatred in theft, mugging and indiscriminate beatings of non Blacks. Look at Chicago for examples---right in the best parts of that town too.

We're broke, out of work, our homes are worth nothing, we bow to China and OPEC, and our cities are unsafe.

Time for the old ways again---only this time less entitlements. The entitled are now killing the supporters. Both Literally and figuratively.

While Rome burned, Nero fiddled...While the U.S. burns, Obama golfs.

Greece is about to fold because of entitlements---we're next if Obama continues. Best be prepared if it goes that way folks...your govt, like during Katrina aint coming for you...guns, ammo, gold, food, and gas...got yours yet? Or you going to be like the SuperDome crowd?

This guy is taking us there.

1193 days ago


America loves blacks so much that we use are first black president to bomb Libya Africa (the most developed African nation) to oust a leader that wanted a fair price on oil and a United States of Africa/Pam Africanism, instead of United States African Command (AFRICOM)

Europe and America are raping the black lands!!!!

1193 days ago


I agree with Johnny!!!!!!

1192 days ago
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