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Mystery Settlement in 'Hangover 2' Tattoo Lawsuit

6/20/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ed Helms' face tattoo will remain permanent after all ... now that the studio behind "Hangover 2" has struck a settlement with the artist who claims he owns the copyright to the famous design.


Warner Bros. just announced it has "amicably resolved" its dispute with tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill -- the guy who put the original face tat on Mike Tyson.

Whitmill sued the studio back in April -- claiming WB never asked for permission before they slapped his work on Ed's face ... a gag that proved to be a HUGE plot point in the movie.

The terms of the deal are confidential -- but due to the fact that WB was going to have to digitally alter the tat on Ed's face for the DVD version of the flick if the two sides couldn't reach an agreement, we're guessing Mr. Whitmill's design didn't come cheap.



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It was clearly used for parody. The scene with Mike Tyson talking about the tattoo proves that. I hope the guy didn't get too much cash when they paid him to go away. If it had gone to court, he should have lost.

1222 days ago


Owning a copyright to a tribal tattoo, what a joke. I wouldn't of settled with the tattoo artist and if I were the judge I would of tossed it.

1222 days ago


The interesting question here is what if I put that tattoo on my face? Would I have to pay a license fee to the original artist? How would that be enforced. Ouch.

1222 days ago


I bet he copied the design from a pic somewhere him damn self.

1222 days ago


Nice! It's good to see an artist getting paid properly. He can retire in style now and watch the royalties rolling in for years....

1222 days ago


Dan 17 hours ago
Warner Brothers made millions off the Hangover. I can't believe commenters feel the artists shouldn't get a right to a tiny cut of the action.

It's the artist's exact design, not just a similar 'Maori' style. If you copy a song, for commercial usage, you have to pay. Art is no different.

This artist deserves his cut, as much as anyone else whose art appears in a movie.


And the irony is, if ANYONE should have understood the value and legalities surround the use of intellectual property for commercial's a freakin' motion picture studio that's a member of the MPIAA, who mercilessly prosecutes anyone who steals THEIR intellectual property, even if it's for personal use.

1222 days ago


This is total BS - he stole that design from the Maori - the indigenous people from my country - and then kicks a hissy fit saying that he 'owns' it. What a cry baby.

1220 days ago


Bogus. You can find that P.O.S. Tribal design in any flash rack across America. All this guy did was tweak a design and all WB did, was tweek it again. What a joke.

1220 days ago


So does that mean if this tattoo artist made a WB Cartoon charter tattoo for his customer can WB sue him

1220 days ago


besides he was commisioned to design and tattoo it for mike tyson.. so it belong to him and he did not have issues with it beying used in movie.. should have never gotten a penny.. opportunist

1102 days ago


they should have never setled, him beying a tattoo guy im sure he has used WB characters in his tattoo's before so should every tattooer now gett sued for the same reisin.. he should never have gotten a penny

1102 days ago


Mike Tyson should sue the tattoo artist for putting that ****e on his face

697 days ago
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