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Lindsay Shoots Commercial During HOUSE ARREST

6/21/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's house arrest is paying off BIG TIME -- because last weekend the actress shot a brand new commercial from inside the confines of her apartment ... TMZ has learned.

Lohan got in front of the camera for an Internet penny auction site called

A rep for the company tells us Lohan was originally offered $25k for the job ... which the actress turned down ... but the two eventually came to terms for an undisclosed amount.

We're also told Lindsay was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the website.

Celebrity justice at its finest.


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vinsetta 7 minutes ago

You never lose the gifts you were born with.


Ahhhhh, yes, the gift of grifting just keeps on giving.

1228 days ago


ilovegossip 5 minutes ago

From what I've read about all penny stock auctions, where you pay for bids... they are a ripoff to the consumer. The only winner is the people who run the site. They have bots that inflate the bids, and they will throw you a bone every once in a while and let you win something really cheap, so you feel like you've gotten a deal, but you need to include in that price all the money you spent on auctions that you didn't win.


That's just like a carnival game. You play and play and don't win a thing, and then after many, many, many tries you win a small stuffed animal.

1228 days ago


As a spokesmodel she fails too. Cracking voice, jerky body movements,super tense. Sigh.

1228 days ago


It looks like Lindsay has finally found a fit for her God given talents - shilling a less-than-reputable site.

1228 days ago


Good for her. She's earning a living. She probably pays taxes. From what we can tell, she's being a good girl.

I imagine this ongoing bitterness towards her is because these articles are written by somebody earning $10 per hour, who is extremely jealous of her good fortune.

1228 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

HAHAHAHAHA They posted an Amy Winehouse story right above this one! Lets see which one stays on page 1 longest!

1228 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, thanks to everybody who investigated this!

Now that Lindsay is their spokes person, I know never to shop with them......

I guess Lindsay is the right gal for the job! A thief representing thieves!

BTW, has anybody noticed how downright ugly she looks in this video? She must be super overdue on her botox.....maybe they filmed this "commercial" with a flip phone?

1228 days ago


LOL. She PROBABLY pays taxes?

1228 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

The grown a$$ed woman is being a good "girl"? LOL

1228 days ago


Talk about overcompensating for lack of acting ability.

Are all those hand gestures supposed to make us feel as though she's talking directly to us in a casual conversation? Or she is just all hyped up over making beezid dough?

1228 days ago


I wouldn't hire her to promote my craigslist ad.

1228 days ago


ACTUAL punishment for her would be a restraining order on any and all publicity.

1228 days ago


Apparently, this spot was directed by Scorcese and James Franco and Tom Cruise are also negotiating appearances as well.

Take THAT Scarlet Johanneson!

1228 days ago



actually this is not unusual at all nor is it specific to Lindsay in any way. many people on house arrest are allowed to go out and work as long as they are back by their curfew. the rules vary depending on the infraction. lindsay is not allowed to leave her house but there is nothing against the rules from her working from her home. tmz and harvey know this but anything to stir the pot.

1228 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey for her $10,000. credit maybe she can get an ipod or something. You know that company is going to send the bots out on her big time to eat up her credit and cost them nothing!

This is the most funny Blohan story has put up in ages.

I'll be laughing all day long at this one.....

Can't wait for John Smith and his feminine side Julia to show up. Blah,Blah,Blah.....what a couple of MORONS!

1228 days ago
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