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Ryan Dunn -- Autopsy Underway

6/20/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Chester County Coroner is currently conducting an autopsy on Ryan Dunn ... to determine, among other things, if alcohol played a role in the "Jackass" star's death.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death
In addition, we're told the coroner is performing an autopsy on Ryan's unidentified passenger -- who was also killed in the fatal car crash this morning.

As we previously reported, friends claim Ryan had upwards of six drinks before getting behind the wheel ... and driving off a Pennsylvania highway.

So far, no word on when toxicology results will be released.


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You all should stop what your saying cause you don't even know if he was drunk. Also, you don't know how the wreck happened. The pictures show skid marks going off the road. did you see the other ones on the left side. Wonder what those are from. Never know till you see the real story.

1116 days ago


First off, I do not know who this PIG is .Drunken, UGLY- FAT SLOB -PIG..He got his and the World is a better place..burn the remains QUICK..What a waste of photos, words and everything..What people did this PIG help?? How did he make the world a better place?? IM sick of PIGS like him..

1116 days ago


Disgusting and sickening. Jackass is dirty and make me want to vomit. He knew it was wrong and pervert but he was doing it anyway. He also knew that drinking and driving do not mix and he knew that God is there and he dont obey Jehovah God's law. He is an independent from God. Now, see whats happening ? His choice. I feel sorry for him but he should know better.

1116 days ago

South Side     

Yeah this loser is getting WAY to much attention. He was drunk, he was driving, he is dead. Fade to black...

1116 days ago


I, too, did not know who this guy was. It's sad and all that he died from drunk driving (most likely than not!!). When people are drunk, they have no clue from right and wrong. My question is, if all of his so-called friends knew he had upwards of at least 6 drinks, why in the hell did everybody let him get behind the wheel??? And why would a bartender/owner allow it??? I don't get it. Somebody should have called a taxi. There had to be someone there sober enough to be able to keep the keys away from him and call him a taxi....
I think all car keys should be turned in to the bartenders (or somebody, anybody) when someone enters a bar. Then, when you're ready to leave, you'd have to pick up the keys and then at least someone could tell if you're too drunk to drive! (Well, something like that....something like turning your coat in prior to eating then having to hand in a ticket to get it back. It should be the same with your keys if you're in a bar!) You get the point.

1116 days ago


R.I.P Ryan Dunn

1116 days ago


RIP Ryan Dunn and to his passenger Zachary Hartwell!

1116 days ago


Come on y'all. Isn't it alittle too soon to start bashing? Let the family have time. Shame on you.

1116 days ago


...first of all let me start with paying respect to the family, second.. hm in eastern Europe that Porsche would be nice to sit in a body shop... what a waste of nice automobile...

1116 days ago

None of your business    

A lot of people are being real ******** about Ryan Dunn's death, dude hasnt even cooled down yet, ****, let the family grieve, no one needs your judgement.

1116 days ago


I hope the rest of the JackAss and ****House Crew buy the houses right next to your's Roger Ebert!!!!!!!!!!!

1116 days ago


Dude, you guys that are saying **** are total TOTAL assclowns! This man and another DIED! Are you seriously going to take trash like WTF, no one deserves to die. So messed up man, makes me sick. I cannot believe you people. Ridiculous. I can't even think straight I'm so pissed off at these people, DISGUSTING! No respect for human life whatsoever. JUST WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

1116 days ago


I am assuming that you people that are posting all this mean and rude comments have never lost a close loved one. You all need to stop and think about the things you are saying and how hurtful you are being. I lost my 25 yr old brother to murder 5 years ago and I will tell you what doesnt matter WHAT the cause of death comes as a shock and you are in people need to stop and think about his family and friends and stop downing a guy you have never even met! If he was he shouldnt have been driving...but to sit here and make comments like "I wish Bam and his parents had been in the back seat" that is just HORRIBLE and I pray you never lose a loved one because it is a pain unlike anything in this world...worse than any physical pain you could endure..and the worst part is that it NEVER goes always have a huge gaping hole in your heart and life where that person should be. People will say it gets better with time and it gets worse...every day is another day longer since you saw him or talked to him and your heart is rebroken every morning when you wake up. My heart truely goes out to Ryan's family and his friends...NOBODY should EVER have to go through something like this!

1116 days ago


i have a weird feeling this is a hoax

1116 days ago

teammelisinsane loves dustin    

You guys should get a room

1116 days ago
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