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Ryan Dunn -- Autopsy Underway

6/20/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the Chester County Coroner is currently conducting an autopsy on Ryan Dunn ... to determine, among other things, if alcohol played a role in the "Jackass" star's death.

Ryan Dunn Cause of Death
In addition, we're told the coroner is performing an autopsy on Ryan's unidentified passenger -- who was also killed in the fatal car crash this morning.

As we previously reported, friends claim Ryan had upwards of six drinks before getting behind the wheel ... and driving off a Pennsylvania highway.

So far, no word on when toxicology results will be released.


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@ Roger
*you're doing

Ooops.....being stupid got you recognition :)

1184 days ago


You are all a bunch of **** talking *****- S.T.F.U


1184 days ago

Grizzly Bear    

I liked him in the Hangover movies, but it seems he is type cast as the pudgy wacky guy in all his movies.
Guess there will be no Hangover 3

1184 days ago


As far as everyone weighing in on the drunk driving claim: TRUE, you should never drink and drive, BUT you're talking about a group of guys that notoriously performed dangerous stunts while highly intoxicated, both consistently and with precision. If Ryan only had 6 drinks in a 4 hour period I highly doubt that played any part in his demise, the problem appears to be SPEEDING. If you loose control of a car going the speed it appears to have been going, it's Sayōnara, drunk or stone cold sober.

Still want to argue, swallow this: He supposedly drank beer and shots, both of those methods make his intake easily measurable, unlike if he were drinking ****tails poured by hand (which could vary in alcohol content). Considering it takes roughly an hour to burn off a 12 oz. beer or 1 oz. of liquor, and assuming he started drinking when he got to the bar and likely had the shot's with the beer as most people do, he may have been driving with 2 drinks worth of alcohol still in his system, at his tolerance level that's not far from the legal limit. If reports are incorrect and it turns out he had more, then that changes things, but the fact is NO ONE KNOWS just yet, so stop jumping to conclusions.

1184 days ago


**** all u ***** that talk **** about dunn he was a hero r.i.p dunn

1184 days ago


Phila. Action News said the passenger was a member of the Jackass crew? No name yet though..

1184 days ago


I think anyone who has been to a bar has seen someone who was really drunk at a bar. Just because you witness someone wasted doesn't mean it suddenly becomes your responsibility to follow them around, demand their keys ect. If you are not there with them or know them personally that is. For all that person knew one of Ryan's friends was going to drive him home, what's he supposed to do follow him out into the parking lot? Remember chances are they are there drinking too and in reality 99% of people who go to a bar to drink also drive home afterwards. It's that little thing called personal responsibility.

1184 days ago


@Grizzly Bear

Are you getting Zach Galifianakis mixed up with ryan dunn? i had to look up the hangover movie myself to be sure.

1184 days ago


Grizzly... the person in Hangover is not Ryan Dunn it is Zach Galifianakis. Hope you were being sarcastic and are not this stupid.

1184 days ago


pardon the pun.. but i dont feel sorry for this jack ass.. i mean.. really.. you have all this money.. so easy to have a chauffeur to get you safely to and from home if you are going to drink.. this was a senseless death that could of been avoided ...........

1184 days ago


RIP, Ryan. You are so loved!

1184 days ago


he got what he deserved. it should read, "played a role in the jackass' death." everyone knows not to drink and drive.

1184 days ago


Clearly an example now...DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE...EVER!!!!

1184 days ago


Isn't it funny how all of you ***** can tear down a guy you never knew? Especially a dead guy you never knew. Sure, you can watch "Jackass" and say he was a jackass. However, did you actually know the guy? I can guarantee that not one of you were there. You are judging a book by its cover. That displays your ignorance.

His career was based off of amusement. He made me laugh. His lifestyle choices are none of my business. I cannot judge him.

Driving drunk is a horrible thing. Honestly, the other passenger probably wasn't innocent if they were willing to let a drunk driver take them home. In fact, they were probably drinking as well. With that said, I am sorrowful that they both will no longer be around.

I hope you hateful commenters are happy with yourselves. Kicking a guy when he's dead is quite an accomplishment. It would be interesting to hear what people say about you when you die. "Yeah, that guy was an ******* always talking **** about dead people he never met."

Of course, Dunn was not Hitler. He made a bad decision and obviously paid for it. If he is dead, then it was his fault. We get it. Now please get off your high horses, because you are no better.

He broke the law. Haven't you done the same? I would bet that you have. Were you crucified by thousands of unknown people? I doubt it.

If you are dead Ryan Dunn, then I am sorry to hear that. However, if this turns out to be a hoax, then I am glad. At this point in time, that is all I can say.

1184 days ago


ok, TMZ how many Ryan Dunn posts have we had today, like 10 or 12? Cant you post pertinent information into just a few stories and give people who are fans of his, the facts when they come available, not all hype and speculation. Im not a fan of the "Jacka**" family, but this man did die a horrible death, granted at his own hands as well as taking with him an innocent passenger who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Im sure his family and the passenger's family and friends dont want to see a story posted every 5 minutes to keep reminding them of the horrible nightmare they are living today....GEE, GIVE IT A REST ALREADY!

1184 days ago
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