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'Lost' Guy & 16-Yr-Old Wife: Cradle Robbing Champs

6/21/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

51-year-old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison just married 16-year-old aspiring country singer Courtney Stodden -- and if that seems seriously WRONG to you ... it is!!   

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just me    

she does not look 16. she looks older then him!

1220 days ago


Every case is different in life. I have no problem with this marriage. I would only add that I think 16 years old is about what I'd consider the low-limit on the acceptable age of marriage. See what I mean - I say that this age is okay but even I still have my limit. Everyone has their own opinion on what age is okay or not. More power to 'em. She's a good looking girl, I hope things are all AOK and honest and on the up-n-up with them - even though I don't know who they are.

1220 days ago

debi t    

I have looked thru all this chics pictures and there is NO way she is only 16-she looks 30ish with a LOT of work done to her, including new boobs. I will bet down the road, we will find out it's a stunt. Where is her birth certificate??? Yearbook?? Anything???

1220 days ago


I agree Just Me. No way does she look 16.

1220 days ago


if she is 16 then whatever highschool she is i feel bad for the male teachers / male community because that is so unsuspecting its crazy

1220 days ago


She is NOT 16 years old this is a publicity stunt!

1220 days ago


where are his friends and family?

1220 days ago

Like the nike motto... Just Do It! If you can get away with it.

1220 days ago


The major question here is(besides this being way disturbing in every major way) where on earth did a 16(???) year old meet a 51 year old actor? And for that matter how long have they been dating? If she was 19, I would care less, but 16 married to someone old enough to be her grandfather?! What on earth do they have in common? Why would her mother allow this to happen? I still think this girl Courtney is a lot older than she claims. I think she wants her 15 minutes of fame.

1220 days ago


16 my ass

she also has a tit job

complete bs

1220 days ago


I'm voting for publicity stunt but if it's not, he needs to be in jail and registered as a sex offender.

1220 days ago


@Billy: Why? In most of the United States, the age of consent is 16 (that is, a 16-year-old is legally old enough to consent to sex, and hence a prosecution for statutory rape is impossible, regardless of how old the other party is).

Moreover, pedophilia is defined as a sexual attraction to children who have not gone through puberty; there is NO WAY that girl can be called prepubescent.

1220 days ago


That is one well used - ridden hard and put away wet 16yr old 'girl'. She looks like someone Hugh Hefner has divorced.. WTH, seriously. The guy looks like Cory Haim.. creepy couple.

1220 days ago


Aaah so sad~

1220 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Dayum.. that SURE is a "HARD" 16 if indeed as some of you have suggested she's rly only 16.
WHATEVER this girl has done to date for her looks,I highly recommend doing the EXACT opposite. She looks every bit of 27-33 I bet she dont even get carded - probably how she met this guy.
This is the WORST case of "Been rode HARD, and ROUGH then put away SOAKING, Sloppy, WET!
I dont believe shes that young. The ADULTS that play teens on TV do a better job at faking their ages than this woman has!

1220 days ago
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