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Raheem Brock Arrest -- Philly Cheesesteak Defense

6/21/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL badass Raheem Brock tells TMZ he did NOT skip out on a restaurant bill in Philly last week -- insisting his arrest was a big misunderstanding stemming from a sudden craving for cheesesteak.

The Seattle Seahawks defensive end tells us ... the drama began after Raheem, his cousin and a female friend went to the Copacabana restaurant to order some food Thursday night.

Brock says after the group placed the order, Brock's female friend decided she would rather get a cheesesteak from a place across the street ... so she and Brock walked over while Raheem's cousin waited at Copacabana. But when they returned to the Cope ... the waitress wouldn't let them bring the cheesesteak inside.

Brock says his group canceled their food order and left ... thinking everything was cool -- until the cops arrived to the scene and told Brock he'd been accused of running out on the bill.

Brock says he offered to pay $40 for the $27 bill ... but the manager refused to accept payment. Raheem was then arrested on suspicion of theft of services and resisting arrest.

Brock tells TMZ, "While I was in 'cuffs, I explained to the manager that I own restaurants ... and if there's a policy about paying for food that hasn't come out ... then it should have been explained to us before we left."

A rep for the Copacabana had no comment.

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Bu...but...but I be a pro football playa'. Rules don' be applyin' to me. I'm in the NFL. You should be glad I even came into yo' raggedy-azz dive. I'll get my posse to deal wit yo' azz,

1188 days ago


Sorry, if he cancelled his order than that is that. I worked in restaurants for 30 years....Never was there ever a rule about making a customer pay for a cancelled order. This is just stupid on the part of the restaurant, they are just looking to be in the headlines. I know I will never eat there and I am sure I am not alone on this.

1188 days ago


At least someone in there party was ordering food and/or drinks from there. They shouldn't have to pay because the restaurant was giving bad service BEFORE the meal ever arrived! I would have cancelled my order and walked-out also. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right" policy. Businesses these days need some humility!

1188 days ago


oops, "their party"

1188 days ago


Raheem is a good guy, he would never run out on a bill, not his style. He went to a fans house for Thanksgiving last year, gives fans tickets to games, not a "I'm famous" kind of guy at all....

1188 days ago


They ordered the food...they should have cancelled their order and/or paid for it if it was already being maid BEFORE leaving. NO...you can't bring food from another place into a different restaurant. You eat the food in the restaurant that you bought it in. The "I ordered food then left for 10-15 minutes and cancelled the order without paying for it" is just bull. I understand the restaurant's point....be hard nosed about it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

1188 days ago


I went to school with Raheem and he is a good guy. This is bull**** and I used to like that place, but definitely will not be going back. Ridiculous and the Phila. police should be ASHAMED of themselves.

1188 days ago


Copabanana gave me the ****s..

1188 days ago


The $27 was the BAR TAB - THEY DRANK THE DRINKS - that's what they were asked to pay for. NOT THE FOOD.

1188 days ago

JOHN L    

Really! The guy is supposed to pay his rent, payroll, food bills, and make a profit and then let some ****roach bring in their own damn food. Give me a break. Just another entitled Democrat...

1188 days ago


Really??? Scientific its people like you that make it to where no one can do anything or say anything to a black person and their automatically a racist. I mean come on people are we not past this!! What an ignorant ass backwards thing to say!!! The guy shouldve had to pay for food that was already being prepared, thats the way the REAL WORLD works!! Kuddos to him for offering to pay for it though, the resturant owner is just trying to get publicity!! Both parties were equally wrong, so please lets not bring race into this!!!

1188 days ago


As a long time employee in the restaurant industry, I find this story ridiculous! It sounds like the manager was hoping for a little free publicity to me. If a customer cancels an order, even if the order is sitting in the kitchen completely prepared and ready to hit the table, it is still unheard of to expect payment for it. It's just good business practice. Most restaurants are run with the attitude that the customer is always right, within reason, but obviously that is not the attitude here. I hope this story has the opposite effect on the restaurant's business and people start refusing to eat there. If the $27 tab was for drinks, as a previous commentor suggested, then all the server had to do was explain to the table that they still owed money. Why the offer to settle the tab was refused is beyond me. Most of the time the restaurant just wants to eliminate bad pr, and get their money. I think in this case the manager saw an opportunity to get his name, and the establishments, in the headlines. I will never visit this establishment!!!

1188 days ago


Copa sucks, and the manager is an ass trying to get free publicity. I hope it backfires.

1188 days ago


Unless I am missing something here, this story is silly. They called the police because he didn't pay for an order? Someone on here keeps saying bar tab. So was it food they didn't pay for, or drinks they had while waiting that they didn't pay for? If it was for drinks, he should have been allowed to pay for it and leave. To call the police was a waste of the their time. If it was food they ordered then cancelled, too bad. They should have made him pay for it right after he ordered it. Some people go in expecting certain ethnic groups of people to cause trouble, so instead of handling the problem in a civilized manner, they call the police in anticipation of problems. Silly. Well, at least I now know to never bother with the place when i'm in town.

1188 days ago


By the comments people aren't reading the story. But as my name I have to just comment. Stop calling it a philly cheesesteak. Especially if it is served while in philly.

Also, copa sucks and jim's has the best onions.

1188 days ago
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