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Cops: Ryan Dunn Was VERY DRUNK During Crash

6/22/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn was extremely intoxicated at the time of his fatal crash Monday morning ... with a blood alcohol level of more than TWICE the legal limit ... this according to cops.


West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told the Daily Local News ... Dunn's B.A.C. was .196 ... nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08.

Carroll added, "No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol."

As TMZ reported, Dunn and his passenger were killed when Dunn lost control of his Porsche, crashed in a wooded area and his car exploded in flames.

UPDATE: Now cops are saying Dunn was traveling between 132 and 140 MPH at the time of his crash. 



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@Trae Go Wash Your Ass

1220 days ago


He was probably speeding because he was p-o'd--do you see the size of that wad someone coughed up into his beer? Nasty!

1220 days ago


Too bad, I was wreckess at that age once and awhile. Just got lucky I guess. For all those people talking trash and pointing fingers take a good hard look in the mirror...Your just damn lucky you didn't crash while you drank and drove..

F*c*ing Hypocrites

1220 days ago

Shelly C    

We have known these guys for a long time and Bam I just saw your interview with fox news and it tore me up..Then to see these a-holes taken bits of the wreckage is a disgrace and putting it on ebay, damn idiots!! And I am so tired of the nasty comments that people are leaving on here and don't even know Ryan..They have no life let these people show there faces when they say these god awful things.Lossing a loved one is the most painful things anyone will go threw and on top of the loss a young life.We know that pain since we lost our son and I am offended by these cruel comments and take offence to them!!They don't understand the world of skateboarders and the stunts they do, we lived the same life when we still had our Dane until we lost him and now Ryan and Zack have earned their wings and let them rest in peace people..How would you like it if things that are being said on here were about you, but then again you deserve it, all of you are heartless and cruel worthless peices of crap and someday you will rott in hell..Bam we feel your pain!!! Are thoughts and prayers are with you and the crew & the familys! Andre & Shell

1220 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Since nobody is reading these comments here I think, I would just like to randomly post that I have been wishing for years to die in an accident like this. I say the words with my mouth, out loud, and I gotta wonder how it is that I am still alive and this guy is dead. Sometimes dead is better.

1220 days ago


Im sorry but i think this is bull****, if he were that drunk he wouldn't of even been able to walk to his car. And the manager of that bar said point blank he was not "wasted" Everyone at that bar would be all over the place saying he was trashed if he was. Also Ryan Dunn is not a murderer the man who got in the car with him knew he was getting into a car with someone who had been drinking. I really think the problem here was him driving at 130 mph!!!! People need to get off the drinking and start to talk about how "racing" or speeding is not cool and just as dangerous as drunk driving.

1220 days ago


I'm just glad Mr. Azzhat didn't kill an innocent family with his stupidity, which won't be missed.

1220 days ago


*Snicker* I don't think driving while wasted by twice the legal limit at 130++ MPH killing another human being is going to "earn you your wings".

Think lower.

1220 days ago


Can someone tell me if in this video at the bottom of this link is Missy Bam's wife or one of his girlfriends. It looks like Missy but then it doesn't....

1220 days ago


Too bad his parents don't have the mettle to do a PSA. "Our son was an idiot. He made stupid television and stupid movies, and he smoked, and he had more than 20 moving violations, drove with suspended license, drove drunk. He was 34 years old but acted like a 16 year old. We're ashamed we brought him into the world. We're grateful he didn't mow down a group of schoolchildren or slam into a van filled with a group of philanthropists. We're grateful he never reproduced -- at least we hope not. Despite warnings and citations, he got drunk and then drove at double the speed limit. We are so grateful he is dead, now he can't do more harm. We favor the death penalty for people who lived the way he lived, so this has all worked out. In fact, we're going to kill OURSELVES too, for what we wrought...."

but nah, that won't happen.

1220 days ago


Unfortunatley the cops didn't get a chance to pull him over, had they he would have been arrested, in jail, and everyone would be bashing him for drinking and driving...I understand that two lives were lost here but more could have been lost. Let his legacy be a lesson for young adults.....

1220 days ago


Shelly C: Your articulate comment
"Lossing (sic) a loved one is the most painful things (sic) anyone will go threw (sic)....

I can't go on. Reading your terrible spelling is the worst thing I am going through (!) this afternoon. If you mourn this dude, mourn Osama and Saddam too. They were humans as well.

1220 days ago


For God's sake shelly, get off your soapbox and go take some English classes. Ryan earned his wings? By killing his passenger and endangering everyone else on the road? That is some BS. I've been drinking for 33 years and NEVER had more than a speeding ticket. And never more than 10 mph. HE made a heartless, selfish decision and No, I do not feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for both of their families. But if I did that, I would expect and deserve the criticism and yes, hateful comments. And I would never, ever RIP.

1220 days ago


shelly: to quote you from above: "all of you are heartless and cruel worthless peices of crap and someday you will rott in hell". so the people who are pointing out the recklessness of this guy deserve to rot in hell, but the guy who killed himself and his friend, and who also could have EASILY killed some innocent family traveling along that road, has "earned his wings" and deserves to rest in peace? ARE YOU NUTS?!?!

EDITOR'S NOTE: yes shelly, you did spell "rott" as quoted...along with about another dozen incorrectly spelled words...but i guess the "world of skaterboarders" doesn't place much emphasis on education, does it?

1220 days ago

Tracy Mac    

A wise person once told me that if it doesn't affect you, it's probably none of your business. I am not an advocate of drunk or reckless driving. I am an advocate of human compassion which is clearly lacking in this loss of lives by EVERYONE involved. Really people. Judge not lest ye be judged yourself and may those whose hearts and souls have been forever damaged, I pray you find some peace.

1220 days ago
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