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Cops: Ryan Dunn Was VERY DRUNK During Crash

6/22/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn was extremely intoxicated at the time of his fatal crash Monday morning ... with a blood alcohol level of more than TWICE the legal limit ... this according to cops.


West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told the Daily Local News ... Dunn's B.A.C. was .196 ... nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08.

Carroll added, "No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol."

As TMZ reported, Dunn and his passenger were killed when Dunn lost control of his Porsche, crashed in a wooded area and his car exploded in flames.

UPDATE: Now cops are saying Dunn was traveling between 132 and 140 MPH at the time of his crash. 



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....suck it Bam. Man-up, and be a champion on educating kids AGAINST drink and driving AND reckless driving.

Use you celebrity to help others and bring something good from this tragedy

1226 days ago


You people who make rude comments, should just be shot in the head. What heartless people, waste of space..This guy has a family and friends who are hurting and you find it OK to speak your bull**** comments. What kind of person does that make you??? ehhhh??? Worse then Ryan, I can tell ya that.

1226 days ago


izzy you're funny.

1226 days ago


electriczipper (the first pos ton here) how dare you say "no great loss too bad he took a real hero with him" Ryan had more talent in his pinky finger than you'll have your entire life. You have a picture of Casey Anthony as your profile picture...that explains a lot. Both Ryan and Zachary were incredibly talented and caring men and despite any wrong doing on their part, they did not deserve this death. You need to go buy yourself a soul!

1226 days ago


HEY DPG I don't know anywhere in the bible it says that what they did will send them to hell. The bible does say not to judge people so maybe you'll go to hell! Ryan and Zach were both spirtual in their own ways and are looking down at you laughing right now!

Your quote:

*Snicker* I don't think driving while wasted by twice the legal limit at 130++ MPH killing another human being is going to "earn you your wings".

Think lower.

1226 days ago


Maybe some other jackass will learn from this senseless, jackass accident.
Maybe his friend, Bam will man-up and do a PSA against drunk driving.
Or the jackass crew will grow up and start acting like responsible adults.
Ryan Dunn died at his own hand. He was the captain of his ship and it sank.

1226 days ago


I'd feel sympathy for him if he od'ed in the privacy of his own home

1226 days ago


dyan, really shot in the head for a comment. wow. that's intense. then the person who got shot would have a family hurting.

1226 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

I feel about as much sympathy for Ryan Dunn as I would for a guy who straps dynamite to himself and runs into a crowded building!

1226 days ago


Hey Bam Margera,

Do you still think Roger Ebert was out of line?

It is a shame that his drunk foolishness took someone's life, but it could have been so much worse.

1226 days ago

Pound Sand    

Stupid and DRUNK.......nice

1226 days ago


LOL. Oh my, Lisa. You are a little retard, arn't you?

Well let's see if I can find something in the bible...Oh. Here we go. I understand Commandments are big so let's go with the fifth one...

You shall not kill/murder

As far as spiritual in their own way, if shoving a matchbox car up your rectum is spiritual, then have at it.

Anyway, would love to spar with you but it's really not a fair fight.

1226 days ago


So 0,196 BAC equals "EXTREMELY INTOXICATED"? Give me a ******* break, TMZ! I realize you are all trying to hype this death so that you can receive more hits on your page, but this is ridiculous, even for you.

1226 days ago


@Izzy, I honestly hope you do not mean that. If you do you should go see someone. Dead is not always better. You leave people behind with a void in their lives and pieces to pick up. Dying in such a tragic way takes years for people to get over. My family and friends are still trying to get over the tragic death of someone we cared about deeply from 5 years ago. They died in a tragic car accident around the same time. You're not only wishing to end your life but you're wishing for your family and friends to suffer. Before you say or think it again look at the way Dunn's family and friends are handling their loss.

People should have a little more consideration for the families of Hartwell and Dunn regardless of their opinions. Yes, drunk driving is a terrible thing but it does not mean people deserve to die.

1226 days ago


Um, 0.196 is over twice the legal limit.


1226 days ago
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