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Octomom RIPS Doc: He's a Danger to Humanity!

6/23/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is BLASTING the fertility doc who pumped her full of embryos a couple of years ago  -- claiming the medical board should BAN him for LIFE ... for "the best of humanity."


Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Kamrava requested a stay of the Medical Board of California's decision to strip him of his license -- begging for the opportunity to continue practicing medicine while he appeals the ruling.

But Octo tells TMZ ... the doc deserves his fate saying, "I think it was for the best of humanity that his license was revoked as he could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies."

Octo adds, "Talk about breeding for disaster!"

Unless his appeal is granted, Dr. Kamrava's license is set to be revoked on July 1.


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1197 days ago


Nadya, you FAILED at becoming the next Angelina you talentless, fish-lipped. loose-vagina-lipped whackjob!

1197 days ago


If her kids are bionic was the donor a bionic man?
@ Barbwire, She had so many leftovers frozen she couldn't keep up.
Remember one time she didn't use any and had the whole lot frozen?
What was the purpose of that?

1197 days ago


uhhh....are we a little passive aggressive?

1197 days ago


Wow, can you guys not think of anything more to say than to call her names? The ultimate responsibility was on the doctor, because he was the one that was supposed to be the "authority". No, she is not the most stable for asking for the procedure....but he was ethically bound to do what was in the best interest of his patient.

Same goes for Conrad Murray. He can point the finger at anyone he wants, but the fact is that he NEVER should have been administering the Propofol outside of a hospital setting, and especially for the reasons he was doing it. MJ could have injected the whole bottle himself, but it was Murray's responsibility.

1197 days ago


All this throws light on the total improbability of one donor for them all. She said that she hadn't heard from him since the twins were born and she used frozen embryos from the previous IVF's because she couldn't bare to destroy them. She had four rounds of IVF after the twins, one round went straight to the freezer (again...for sale that would explain how she had over 40k in IVF with no income?) never used frozen embryos and has 29 kids in the freezer (or were they sold)...The people with the biggest law suit might be the couples who bought embryos to have them implanted only to find out they were bionic hyper octom ovum.

1197 days ago


Seriously STFU you worthless POS. No one cares what you think, as you are the reason for this in the first place, octoskank.

1197 days ago


I think Octomom is doing a bang up job mothering. 14 kids. She is single parenting 14 kids. I have seen chicks do far worse trying to single parent one kid. I could not handle 14 kids day in and day out. 8 babies at once???? It was a stupid thing to do but she hasnt run from her responsibilities which puts her parenting abilities above all the absentee parents plaguing society with baby mommys everywhere. 14 kids would break me. I admire her tenacity.

The Doc was experimenting. 12 embryos implanted? He understood the risks and she did not. Hes the Dr he called the shots here. He never should have agreed to implant anything in the first place. She thought she was getting 1 kid maybe 2...not 8. What he did was freeking crazy he took a lot of liberties and octomoms paying the price.

1197 days ago



Let's face it...they are BOTH at fault. Nadya knew exactly what she was doing. Don't let those that say she didn't know, fool you. She signed the paperwork. She prepared for the fresh embryo transplant (which is a completely different procedure than preparing for a frozen embry transplant).

This tragedy is both Nadya and the Dr's fault, and for either of them to blame the other is wrong.

1197 days ago



Perhaps you'd like to listen to this 911 call that Nadya made:

Or watch this german do-***entary:
(it takes a while to download, but well worth the wait!)

And here is a transcript for the do****entary, since it's in German:

I don't think you'll think she's doing a "bang up job" of mothering after hearing/watching these!

1197 days ago


I posted this 22 days ago:

Octomom Doctor -- License to Be REVOKED
22 days ago

Just finished perusing the Public Docs on the good Dr. K. Here's the bottom line:

2 unsuccessful AI treatments in 4/97 and 11/98.

Between 4/99 and 6/2008:
14 ovarian stimulation cycles
10 IVF embryo transfers

Resulting in 4 single births,1 twin birth,1 ectopic pregnancy which was terminated, and of course, the octuplets.

And there's still 29 frozen embryos somewhere.


In addition, the Dr. admitted implanting some 60 embryos in all. Also, Octomom refused a "selective reduction", (I think it's called). So they are both to blame - - him for continuing to treat this woman for "infertility" and her because she wouldn't follow the protocol in this situation.

She knew, she expected, and proceeded with this multiple birth, right from the get-go.

As far as her mothering, there is a video somewhere of her feeding the octuplets oatmeal. One bowl, one spoon, and all the kids get fed from the same bowl and same spoon. Yuck!

1197 days ago


Hey guys, follow her on twitter @FindingNausea if you want to hear more lies that put even Casey Anthony to shame.

1197 days ago


@April: does your real name happen to be Gina? The only people who ever defend her are either paid (i.e. Manager Gina, Jeffro the lawyer, etc) or that illiterate nutjob "team Nadya".

1197 days ago


How the EFF can you let this hooker get away with this without calling her dumbass out? This worthless piece of trash goes out and has a bunch of kids, at her insistence, the dr screwed up by obliging, and now its his fault she has a bunch of kids and hes a horrible person??!!! octomom should die.

1197 days ago

Khate sucks    

This DUMB ass BITCH Is going along for the ride, what the courts say and looking for a law suit....she loves a free ride!

1197 days ago
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