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Lindsay Lohan: All I Had to Drink was TEA!!!!

6/24/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is adamant she did NOT drink wine, beer or liquor during her stint on house arrest ... insisting her dirty test was caused by a fermented tea that contains a TEEEENY amount of alcohol.


Lohan has been telling friends she's been drinking her favorite kombucha tea again ... the same tea that caused her probation officer to raise a red flag earlier this year because it contains alcohol. The company behind the drink claims the alcohol content is less than .05%.

Of course, the judge ruled that Lindsay is ALLOWED to consume alcohol during her house arrest sentence ... so the dirty test didn't matter anyway.

TMZ spoke with Lindsay about the situation ... and she told us, "I am responsible, and I'm following the rules and obeying my judge and the Los Angeles judicial system."

She adds, " I'd like to do what I must to get my film career back and the respect of directors, actors, writers, studio heads, fans and so on."


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i don't know??? i believe in help thy neighbor and all that stuff... but if i saw her on the street in need, I'd laugh and walk away.

Hey movie execs... I promise to have no interest in any project that this woman is tied to. In short, no money for you!

1195 days ago


TMZ why are you not reporting the alcohol level of the test? In another site it was said the Judge referred to the alcohol level of the test as being SO LOW there was margin for error, and in those cir****tances the court will give the defendant the benefit of the doubt.

1195 days ago


Umm, honey, you lost the respect of fellow actors, directors and producers a looong time ago. I don't think anyone is willing to invest their hard earned dollars in a convict, liar, druggie and alcoholic who has no remorse for her actions.

1195 days ago


I am soooooo sick of hearing the name LINDSAY LOHAN!

1195 days ago


Why does Lindsay Lohan think anyone care give a f^&k?

1195 days ago


Hopefully, this will begin the end of the vindictive prosecutors illegal testing era. Almost every prosecutors office in nearly every big city appear to do whatever it takes to further bring people down. It's human nature to want someone who got into trouble, to be rehabilitated, but for some reason, the DA attorney's try their best to knock peope to the ground. Maybe when she's done with her probation, (since she has the money to do so), she will hire a team of bright lawyers to sue the pants off the DA's office. They continue to violate her civil rights. It should be illegal to demand a random drug/alcohol test, if the court doesn't require it. And what about the press leak factor? If someone is in violation of probation, they DA, probation officer & court should be notified. How did TMZ and every other news outlet know she was heading back to court in "violation"??? These court leaks (prosecutor's office leaks) MUST be dealt with. They are not fair for the accused. Then lawyers wonder why they are the most hated profession. They're evil and apparently break the law themselves. Maybe now they will leave LL (and thousands of others like her) alone.

1194 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, I guess the interview on CNN with the magazine writer who interviewed Lindsay the other day when she said she does not drink EVER nor was there booze at her party must have come back to bite Lindsay in the butt.

Better work on that little lying issue that you got going on and tell your dad to stop telling reporters that you are an addict and alcoholic and need rehab.....

1194 days ago


I have always felt that she's not an addict, but a narcissist and an opportunist. I didn't expect her to be jailed for having a drink, even on house arrest. She cannot possibly want a real acting career or she would stop being a tabloid freak show. She looks so sad. Bad week for her.

1194 days ago


@ed, no one pursues the investigation of press leaks on Lindsay's behalf, because it's Lindsay who does the leaking. She earns a living that way. Being a chronic scofflaw is lucrative.

1194 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Agreed Dreamon! It was a bad week and her credibility level really sunk to new lows.

Hey, but she had a productive week of low level interviews and internet spots and those do pay, but a job in a legit movie uhhmm?

1194 days ago


Doing what you must do to get your film career back obviously involves a heckuva lot of lying.

1194 days ago


Somewhere along the line she became very unlikable. I still liked her after her drug and alcohol busts and all the weird crap she did and though I really didn't know what to make of her after the stealing thing I didn't really dislike her but I think it's all the lying and just the overall way she carries herself, the cheap way she looks and total loss of credibility. Once you lose that It's pretty hard to get the public back on your side. If she just didn't come of as such a slime. I will never spend a penny to see a movie she's in. Just the sight of her at this point reminds me of everything that's wrong with the world today....

1194 days ago


Can't wait for the day when she gets caught drunk driving again and she blames it on the tea.

1194 days ago


No, legit stuff is out of her reach. There is no project she could do project without bringing her grubby tabloid presence to.

How can someone who blows off Mat Lauer to film publicity? Beside there are thousands of fresh, talented Lohans out there with no baggage.

1194 days ago


she will NEVER have the respect of her "fellow peers" in the movie industry, she's been an abhorrent nightmare to work with on some movies that never even saw the light of day because there was so little to work with that they swept it under the rug because they were going to market it with Lindsay as the star and realized, "Hmm....guess we'll have NO marketing and take the financial loss" her behavior on set has been WELL do***ented, she has NO respect from hollywood, despite what people say.

1194 days ago
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