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Wee Man

Tattoo Tribute to

Fallen 'Jackass' Star

6/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Dunn's "Jackass" co-star Wee Man wanted to honor his friend in a way Ryan would appreciate ... so he walked into a tattoo shop and had Dunn's face inked on his leg.

Wee Man posted the footage online -- in which he says, "How can I do something for Ryan? Well, it's something he'd probably do for anyone of us if it was one of us in the situation. And I'm going to get him tattooed on me."

After the tat session, Wee says, "I wish I was losing a bet ... and Dunn was still here."


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another LOHOOSER!!! lmao I love it. this is just so damn funny. Let the morons come out of the woodwork.

1185 days ago


The heartless members of the Westboro Baptist Church are planning on picketing BOTH funeral. Including the passenger because he was a war vet. These people are known for picketing soldiers funerals. What you people are doing is no better than what they are planning on doing and from what I've read, you guys, who are condemning Ryan for the death of the passenger would NEVER protest the passengers funeral, would you? but it's okay for you to say these things about Ryan? You're no better than the "church".. you're doing the same thing.

1185 days ago


Random Hero? Puhhh-lease. I'm sure the guy did some great stuff when he was alive but as others have said if he had hit another car and killed innocent people and he lived, Dunn would have done years in prison for it! The next Jackass movie behind bars would have been waaay waaaayyy different.

Hero, no. Idiot, yes.

1185 days ago


Everyone here is posting negative **** do you really want that to happen if YOUR relative did that?? and all of them knew what they were getting into... so stfu and at least be respectfull ********

1185 days ago


I feel for his family and friends, BUT he is definitely not a Random Hero. I wonder how the new Bride and family feel about him killing their actual HERO Zachary Hartwell. Being drunk and going at speeds of 130 mph definitely makes you a jackass.

1185 days ago


damn people got so much hate like everyone in here never makes a mistakes ... he made some stupid choices and paid the ultimate price! im sure his buddy was cheering him on at 130 mph since there both daredevil types. its a nice tattoo from a real friend of his and "random hero" was his nick name you idiots so stop the hate you bitter jaded prudes.

1185 days ago


It is a tragedy to his friends.
all thi*****e directed at him for making a mistake is rediculous. I honestly hope that if anyone on here makes a terrible mistake they wont have this much hatred directed at them.

well done wee man, he would have loved the sentiment.

1185 days ago


Ryan Dunn was a human being. He had a lot of people that loved and cared about him. I am assuming that most people have people around them that love and care about him. They might not be supporting the final actions that took his life and the life of his friend, but they are remembering/honoring him- his character, his personality, his being. I hope all the perfect people on this blog, who have never had a drink and got behind the wheel, never have to deal with loss or tragedy in such an open and public forum as Ryan Dunn's family and friends have had to- who is anyone to question the pain or anguish they are feeling?? Regardless of how, he died- no longer here- let them remember him for the person he was- not the memory some of you asses are trying to create of him. People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones, and we have all been in a glass house.

1185 days ago


TMP, if they want to put that on their tattoo, great, do that, away from the public. did he tell the cameras, go away I'm not talking to you. etc etc. No, they all jump on camera to glorify someone. How much mourning can one be in if they are talking to cameras or the news. It's absurd. And then the general public who don't know all these details you speak of get to see a murderer immortalized in a tattoo with random hero under it. Yeah really classy, and really cool.

1185 days ago


What a great tribute to a friend!! It is horrible how they died and yes it was his fault (from what the public has seen) but that does not make someone's grief any different.

Let the judging from behind your computers begin!!

BTW -- anyone that knows anything about the guys will know that Ryan Dunn was called RANDOM HERO loooong before the wreck and the nickname was not something they are just calling him now.

1185 days ago


Its sad that everyone here remembers Ryan for how he died, and there is no respect for the life he lived. Which is why his friends such a Wee Man remembers him as a Ramdom Hero. Only his true friends will know that.

1185 days ago


How predictable!

1185 days ago


A selfish drunk kills himself, his passenger, and threatens everyone else on or near the road with a 140mph misguided weapon and Wee Man thinks that's heroic? Absolutely pathetic.

1185 days ago


how about a tattoo of the "Passenger" That drunk Ryan Dunn killed? Bam Margera and his fake crocodile tears crying on cam....pathetic

1185 days ago

Logan R    

I'm wondering if the tributes and accolades from his buddies and the random internet ilk would be as great if he would have wiped out a whole family during his 130mph drunken crash. The only thing that is keeping this an "awww" story is that he only killed himself and his passenger.

1185 days ago
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