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Kings of Leon

Concert Tribute

to Ryan Dunn

6/24/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The band Kings of Leon honored their friend Ryan Dunn at a concert in London this week ... asking the crowd to make a toast to "a friend of ours who passed away" ... before playing a song in his memory. 


The band then broke into a rendition of their song, "McFearless" ... and lead singer Caleb Followill told the crowd, "This is for Ryan."

During the performance ... images of the "Jackass" star appeared on the giant screen behind the band ... followed by the words, "Ryan Dunn 1977 - 2011."



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good as gold    

Ok TMZ enough with the Ryan Dunn coverage unless you get a PHOTO of his DEAD CORPSE. I, among many others, would love to see that! But really this guy was a RECKLESS DRUNK who killed [OR MURDERED] someone else with his IDIOTIC BEHAVIOR. I know TMZ has a lot of men in their 20's and 30's who idolize the Jackass films, but enough of the lame-ass coverage already unless its about the guys family he murdered suing his estate or dead corpse photos!

1215 days ago


Dunn acted like a complete moron by drinking excessively then driving himself and a friend to a horrible death and his friends want fans to honor his memory by taking a drink? They're all morons.

1215 days ago

Furious Styles    

They were celebrating his life, not his death and poor choices. Would all of you like to be remembered by the worst decision you've made after you die?

1215 days ago

nee nee    

got blind (jack) ass drunk, then drove 100 MPH...glad he didn't drive into a group of school children and take more lives

1215 days ago

Furious Styles    


How many groups of school children are out driving around at 3am? The man received the death penalty for his crime, what more do you want from him?

1215 days ago

good as gold    

I'm not buying the STUPID argument that some of you MORONS are posting about ZACH!

Zach did NOT deserve to die because he got into a car with a known RECKLESS DRUNK. When you have a PASSENGER in your car its YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to DRIVE SAFE. Dunn FAILED in that responsibility and I hope Zach's family SUES Dunn's estate and Dunn's insurance company for WRONGFUL DEATH and gets every penny that c*ck sucker [Dunn] ever made!

1215 days ago


Wow. This guy drove drunk and too fast. From what I've heard he did the latter A LOT, despite repeated warnings from Bam Margera's mom. It's sad that he had to go the way he did, but even sadder that he took someone else along with him. His friends need to stop memorializing him like he's a hero. He's not. Remember him in private. All this public grandstanding is not appropriate given the cir****tances of his death.

1215 days ago


yeah a drunk murdered some one to hell with his family our drunk stupid friend who killed some one died by his own stupidity so we need to mourn our fellow moron

1215 days ago

go home!    

DISGUSTING. I can't believe how everyone is forgetting about the innocent victim that was killed. SAD. I will never support Kings of Leon.

1215 days ago


Driving 130 MPH and drunk. Killing himself and his passenger.

A "jackass", indeed. The pair of them.

Yeah, let's have a tribute concert for that sort of behavior.


1215 days ago

chris alford    

you people bitchin bout him drinking and driving are stupid as hell u wanna bitch about go somewhere else its ******* annoying
R.I.P Ryan Dunn

1215 days ago

Randy Morrison    

Well, Kings of Leon are off my list of bands to listen to...who cares about this moron? Glad he isn't around anymore to possibly hurt innocent bystanders...these pathetic goofballs aren't even clowns...they are just pathetic no-talent human rubbish!

1215 days ago


mjl you are delusional holier than thou byebye no talent waste of human life

1215 days ago


I don't care if he was a "friend" or not. More likely just an aquantence. The douchebag did the unspeakable and killed himself and another while intoxicated. Memorializing him as something other than a douchbag dumbass is even douchier than he is!!!! If you didn't get the point. HE WAS A DOUCHBAG.

1215 days ago

Rah the ravenous    

Twice the legal limit for blood alcohol, double the legal speed limit, he smashed his Porsche into a tree that wasn't exactly growing out of the middle of the road.

I don't always agree with Mr. Ebert, but Mr. Margera basically just confirmed the criticism tweet - by being an out-of-bounds and rather stupid jackass. Mr. Dunn did not tragically die, what he did was vehicular manslaughter and, whether he was aware of it or not, suicide by car. We don't even know if he was conscious when the car went airborne.

Did I laugh when I first saw "jackass"? Certainly. Is it good entertainment? Certainly not. There is not a lot to admire, and there is absolutely nothing to glorify here. They started out stupid and they've constantly gone worse from there. Mr. "Knoxville", who's recently turned 40, has at least diversified into proper acting, in proper movies. Good luck with that and godspeed, Philip. Mr. Margera - please grow up. You're a disgrace.

1215 days ago
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