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Report: Ryan Dunn Had 11 Drinks Before Fatal Crash

6/24/2011 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Ryan Dunn had ELEVEN drinks before stepping into his Porsche and crashing it off a Pennsylvania highway ... this according to a new report.


According to MyFoxPhilly, Dunn downed the drinks over a 4-hour period. As we previously reported, Dunn had a blood alcohol level of .196 at the time of the crash ... more than twice the legal limit.

According to Fox, investigators believe Dunn ordered 8 drinks at the bar ... and then received an additional 3 drinks from fans while he hung out in the back.

According to Fox, that means the bar is off the hook -- because they didn't serve him the final three drinks, which investigators believe pushed Dunn over the edge ... into visibly drunk territory.

If true, it raises a bigger question -- namely, why didn't anyone STOP Dunn from getting into his car if he was visibly intoxicated?  It's the Roger Ebert argument.


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You all stupid people! Stop making this jerk a hero! He drank and drive and died. He deserved what came to him! No sympathy from me, PERIOD! So stop talking about him, he doesn't deserve such attention!

1219 days ago



Seriously man, you are making MJ fans look bad. Stop with the hate.

1219 days ago


As I'm sure Ryan's passenger's family is lawyering up -- This article points out a very salient point. Should Zack have stopped Ryan from getting behind the wheel or did he write a suicide note once he got in that must have burnt in the crash. It's one thing for Ryan to have make the mistake of his life -- But someone should check the passenger blood alcohol level -- What a horrible decision he made to be a passenger in a car with a driver that he clearly knew was smashed.

Tragic and horribly moronic.


1219 days ago


Why didn't anyone STOP Dunn from getting into his car if he was visibly intoxicated?
Because A)They were at a bar and most likely were as drunk as he was. And
B)It wasn't anyone else's responsability! It was HIS decision to drive drunk and kill himself and someone else.

1219 days ago


"I agree... 11 drinks over 4 hours isn't that much."

Yea sorry genius, but that is definitely more than enough to get someone wasted. Almost a 12 pack in a few hours??? You sound like you have no idea what you are talking about.

1219 days ago


I'm sorry..but I've drank way more than 11 drinks and still been able to walk a straight line. Alcohol did not kill Ryan Dunn, the fact that he thought he could go 130mph on a street...that's what killed him. Do you see where he crashed? on the start of a turn. Bam already said in the past Ryan likes to drive way too fast and had already wrecked other cars...the difference? He was in a car that's was as sturdy as cardboard. Which is way is ****tered into pieces. Anyways...RIP Ryan! And prayers to all his friends and family.

1219 days ago


Bam doesn't owe anybody an apology!! Ebert should've kept his mouth shut. The way I see it Ebert's the JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there Bam. R.I.P. Dunn.

1219 days ago

foofy foof    

I would guess that the majority of people in a bar are drunk, how could other drunks possibly have stopped him from driving? And unless he announced over a loud speaker "I'm drunk & I'm getting into my car & driving away right now" how's a sober person supposed to know his every move? I really don't understand why some people want to take the responsibility of the drinker off of them and put it on to another person. Geez.......... even a 7 year old knows the danger of drinking and driving!

1219 days ago


Dude, a drink can contain 3 shots. That could be 33 shots. Now I have more respect for the guy since he did not only have 3 shots as previously reported. Guy knew how to party and was definitely not an amateur drinker. Unfortunately he was an amateur human being for acting so irresponsibly afterwards.

1219 days ago


Like I said before, what a shame that Zach (his passenger) survived through 2 tours of duty in IRAQ, amongst fighting & bullets, just to come back home to the U.S.A. and get taken out by a Jackass!

1219 days ago


Really Josh? Check out your comments dumbazz "Please die you hateful bastard!"

Nothing about hate here sonnnnnnnnn just a dose of reality.

11 drinks a porshe and waving goodbye 8 minutes later dead and taking a soldier with him?

yeah no hate dude just the honest to gods truth, btw if you get a chance to talk to Bam tell him he owes Ebert an appology.


1219 days ago


I hope they searched the remains for the suicide note I assume Zach wrote when he decided to get in the car. He's actually at the most fault here -- He should never have allowed Ryan to drive and unfortunately he paid for that error with his life. If I were the Dunn family, they should lawyer up and sue the passenger for wrongful death. (Or countersue as you know the Hartwells will most definitely file.) Zach didn't have 11 drinks. But he watched his friend pound out shot after shot and still let him get behind the wheel. Ryan's a known alky - He's practiced at hiding his inebriation. After drink #6 his keys should have been confiscated and now 2 lives were wasted. Stupid. stupid, stupid - I hope the Dunn family doesn't get sued by the passengers family - Since Zach's let his "friend" drive. Hate to say it but he's the one to blame. He could have saved Ryan and more importantly himself.

1219 days ago


I am still not sure why this is sad news to anyone but his family and friends. I mean, is it that we are sad the we lost the only man with the birth given talent of sticking toys up his a-hole?

1219 days ago


So lame. Enuff already. He was a drunk and unfortunately made a stupid choice to drive his super expensive cool car down a windey road with his "friend" sitting next to him and killed them both. Ahhh... good times my friend. Learn how to drive a fast car and learn when to say when. RIP.

1219 days ago


Ryan Dunn drank way too much and drove too fast as his normal routine, so probably felt he was able to drive. Both actions are against the law; whether it's alcohol/driving or speeding, but the combination increases the danger. Luckily, he didn't kill more people. Friends should have stopped him, called for a cab, drove him home, but not thinking about the consequences and allowing him to drive, is their fault as well, for not stopping Ryan from killing himself and others.

1219 days ago
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