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Neil Patrick Harris

On Gay Marriage:

Ready and Waiting

6/25/2011 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New York state legalized gay marriage last night -- and you can expect Neil Patrick Harris to be one of the first in line to get hitched. 

NPH and his partner David Burtka have twins together, and Neil tweeted this morning the couple has been engaged for years ... just waiting for it to become legal. 

There's no backing out now!


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Tyrion Frost    

@nick, your kids will probably burn in hell regardless. Practically everything is against the Bible -- bigots just like pointing out the homosexuality part.

1215 days ago


Really like Neil and am so pleased for him and the gay population!

1215 days ago


They have twins together...
Not naturally they didn't, they used artificial means to have those babies. There is nothing natural about homosexuality, it is unnatural and against the natural order or things - in nature.

In the animal kingdom you will see same sex sex take place, but that is not the norm, and remember we are speaking of animals, not humans, who are suppose to be over the animals, not like them. But even in the animal kingdom the norm is opposite sex sex for progeneration or procreation.

The Homosexual agenda of forcing their sexual preference as being normal and natural, and calling it love, down our collective throats has been a campaign waged from Hollywood, California and New York, from the liberal minded far left.
No matter how many laws you get passed you can't pass off artificialness and unnaturalness as real and natural. So, I guess Gay Marriage is a artificial version of Real Marriage.

1215 days ago

some guy    

Thinking of going to the Ukraine and buy me a wife. I heard you can get them as young as 14 over there.

1215 days ago


Stick a gag/gay rag in his mouth.

1215 days ago

Boba Lola    

If you are a Homosexual Man like this NPH, then sry but you are not a REAL MAN. Yeah you got the package and dingle berries to prove that part, but you do not fit the description of a real m-a-n. They are not filled with such feminine estrogen like these 'women'. They are acting a part of two women playing house.

1215 days ago

Boba Lola    

Some of you call it love, I call it brain washing. And it's not Okay. You have your opinion, I have mine. We are both entitled to our own. You say it's okay, I say it's not. I'm not trying to compete who is right. But, I guess pretty soon here if I'm not going to want it in my household, I gotta throw that Tv(devil box) away. What's next..Marry your dog? SMH

1215 days ago


Ok first how the fk do two men, presumably both with a penis and neither with any female reproductive organs "have twins together"??????????????????????????????????????????? They might have went out and "bought some twins together" but there is no way in nature two males can "have twins together" And as far as new york legalizing gay marriage... this world just slipped even further on the path straight to fking hell. If only a certain man hadnt given the order to invade Russia in the dead cold of winter with his forces already spread so very thin I dont think this world would be in the ***** shape that its in today where illegals can force you to lower your flag and force your children not to be able to pray in school, and ************ are running all over the place getting "married" Sometimes i wonder if im the only one that can see where this is headed? May the one and ONLY GOD, help us all.

1215 days ago


God does not exist.
The 'Bible' was written by man and religion is what is evil.
The only issue on either side is the fact that people can't mind their own damn business. Worry about your own house and stay out of everyone else's.
Ever notice how 'God' is all powerful and crap, yet he absolutely is powerless when it comes to everything.
Again, there is NO such thing as God or anything else like that.

1215 days ago


Kadaj, wish I could be there to see you say that to his face when your day comes. You sound like a hollow shell of a human being, while I personally dont believe you deserve it, you have my pitty.

1215 days ago


David, Save your 'Pity' for your spell check. The truth is the truth.

1215 days ago

Tyrion Frost    

lilac, you're a joke. Humans are nothing more than animals. Keep telling yourself otherwise.

The rest of what you wrote was laughable.

1215 days ago


I'm sort of sickened by the ignorant and hateful comments that I'm seeing here. I'm not someone who believes in God, but if he does exist, I'd like to think that he is a tolerant, benevolent being who accepts all of those who he has created.

There's nothing wrong with homosexuality. And as for the whole religion argument, religion has no place in modern legislation because not everyone shares the same beliefs, views, and opinions. Until we are all equal, no one is equal. Everyone deserves the same basic rights, regardless of whether or not you want to marry a man or a woman. Everyone needs to just get over the fact that there are gay people in the world. Grow up.

Oh, and by the way.. let's not call it "gay marriage" anymore. Let's just call it marriage, because that's all it is. (;

1215 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

you would think that a gay male marriage proposal would be two bulging muscled sweaty men on horseback, tackling one another off the horse, while riding at full speed. but it's not. it's two fairy males, anxiously bouncing around, talking and dressed like little eight year old girls. *vomit*. something is just wrong with their sexuality, really. not normal at all.

1215 days ago


How can he play a straight man on his series??????? I'm tired of all of this in our faces. Bravo has gotten out of hand with their programs, like decorating million dollar homes and flipping out.

1215 days ago
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