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Neil Patrick Harris

On Gay Marriage:

Ready and Waiting

6/25/2011 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New York state legalized gay marriage last night -- and you can expect Neil Patrick Harris to be one of the first in line to get hitched. 

NPH and his partner David Burtka have twins together, and Neil tweeted this morning the couple has been engaged for years ... just waiting for it to become legal. 

There's no backing out now!


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Tyrion Frost    

MsRita, I think we should take away your right to vote (remember, in the past women were merely property), and then expect you to sit back and stfu. After all, you had your chance.

1182 days ago


@david Jong... you are craking me up... seriously

1182 days ago


Bunnymoon -

The point is, marriage is not suppose to lead to cheating, lies and tears on the pillow. The couple (whatever the gender) take vows against doing that sort of stuff.

Don't blame marriage, blame the people who don't keep their word. Or the ones that go into it already figuring they can get a divorce if they don't like it.

Those are the ones who really don't deserve to walk down the aisle.

1182 days ago

some guy    

This kind of reminds me of a joke... A woman who's fed up with the men in her life decides to use an internet dating service and puts in the following: 'Looking for a man who won't beat me, won't run out on me, and is a good lover.'
A couple days later she gets this buzz at her door, so she gets up to answer it. She first looks through the eyehole, doesn't see anything, and opens the door.
In front of her, on her doormat, is this quadriplegic.
She's never met him before in her life, so she starts to say: "Uh, may I help you?"
The quadriplegic starts to talk and says: "Ma'am, I saw your ad in an internet dating service and I thought maybe I was the one you're looking for. I got no arms so I can't beat ya, and I got no legs so I can't run out on ya."
She looks at him, thinks about it for a moment, and says: "OK, but are you a good lover?"
He looks at her and says: "Well, how'd ya think I rang the doorbell?"

The End

1182 days ago


David Jong -
You owe me a cup of coffee to replace the one I just spit all over my screen!

1182 days ago


It's been a pleasure watching the First Amendment in action on so many levels.


1182 days ago


It has been legal in Massachusetts for 5-6 years now, so they could have done this long ago!

1182 days ago


John about an hour ago

MsRita: When was the last time you had sex? Looks like the aren't even safe at your house.

John when I have sex its with a man. Do you think I live in a project? How old are you little b i t c h boy.

Tyrion Frost about an hour ago

MsRita, I think we should take away your right to vote (remember, in the past women were merely property), and then expect you to sit back and stfu.

After all, you had your chance.

Well since my parents who are 82 could not vote until they were 35. I will never let anyone tell me if I should or should not vote. Maybe you should find a rock to crawl under since you had no Idea you are talking to a Black women.

Bye the way I am Black and then a women. If see me on the street would you see me a women or a Black woman.

How about that last question. IN YOUR FACE *******.

1182 days ago


I'm going to throw up.

1182 days ago


okay, let's put aside religion.... scientifically and biologically speaking, two males and two females means the end of said species--it cannot work, not now, not ever... any person with sense knows that the anus is not made for entry, it's an exit only kind of body part, yeah...

and aside for a few asexual organisms, humans seem to be the only species that engages in this behaviour.... born gay? ha, i don't think so... and please don't retort with those "gay penguins" that were in the news a few years back... they were more like best friends anyways, when one of them found a woman guess what he did? lol

1182 days ago


Simply Gross. All of it!! Next. Older men and young boys fight for their right to marry. Next. Men marrying multiple women. Next. Hey, I want the right to marry 2 guys if I want to. If they agree. When will it end? One Man + One Woman = NORMAL. Hello?

1182 days ago



1182 days ago

some guy    

Where do 3somes fall into this?

1182 days ago


So happy for them! They are a beautiful couple! :D

1182 days ago

some guy    

I saw that on a different thread. What's that about?

1182 days ago
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