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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Get Hitched

6/26/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Craig put his James Bond spy skills to good use this week -- because he and Rachel Weisz got married on the hush-hush in New York City.

Only a handful of people attended the shindig Wednesday -- including Craig's 18-year-old daughter, Ella, and Weisz's 4-year-old son, Henry.

As TMZ first reported, Weisz and Craig began seeing each other on the set of a movie they did together ... and Weisz split from long-time partner director Darren Aronofsky, shortly thereafter. 


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Heidi Vanderhoeven    

I KNEW it wouldn't work out with his last gf. He dates women for years, that should tell you something. But when the right one comes along, you can't help yourself. You just know it's right. And as for Perez Hilton, I wouldn't believe anything he says. And if he was seen kissing a man, it was probably being cheeky and for a joke. They are a gorgeous couple! Good luck you two!! Stay together!

1183 days ago


why is it every guy I read about now according to someone is gay....I wish these people would get a life, and stop being jealous of these movie star men and women...

1183 days ago

PRO US    


If you want to stick your head in the sand and delude yourself into thinking that Daniel Craig is not gay or bisexual, that's your decision. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Ignorant people fall for the tricks Hollywood uses to pretend that gay and bisexual actors are straight. Nothing new about that.

His sexual orientation and behavior have nothing to do with whether anyone is jealous about him or not. He's rich and successful and famous regardless of his sexuality. You know nothing about other people's motivations. You only pretend that you do. You pretend a lot. That's your right. It's when you try to fool other people, that you cross a line.

You probably think Tom Cruise, Ryan Seacrest and John Travolta are straight. Heck, you probably think that Liberace and Rock Hudson were straight. LOL

"According to the National Enquirer, 007 star Daniel Craig may be bisexual - or even gay.

The actor was spotted kissing a good-looking guy on May 15th at Roosterfish bar in Venice.

"It was definitely Daniel Craig, and he was most certainly making out with a guy," claims an onlooker in the parking lot. "Daniel kissed his friend on the lips. It was an open-mouth passionate French kiss. In fact, Daniel held the guy's head in his hands and pull him in for the kiss!"

And the source took a polygraph test!

When Daniel saw he was being watched, the witness claims he "immediately broke away from the guy. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it."

But the two went unnoticed in the bar.

Another source claims:

"When Daniel and his friend walked in, the looked like any other upscale gay couple checking out the scene.

He rubbed Daniel's leg and shoulder while they talked, and Daniel didn't seem to mind.

At first, I thought Daniel may have come in with his gay friend to check out the live music. But when they started dancing together, I though, 'This is more than just two friends out for drinks.'"

Craig's reps have not responded to the allegations."

Note that Daniel Craig didn't sue or threaten to sue the National Enquirer or Perez Hilton for libel over the above story, unlike Katie Holmes who sued and won a settlement against a tabloid that lied when it maliciously claimed that she was addicted to drugs. There's a reason Daniel Craig didn't sue. The claims about his behavior were true, evidently.

1183 days ago


She is 41 and he is 43, and he is not Gay. He has a 18 year old daughter and this is his second marriage. He has also had two long term relationships aside from his previous marriage.

1183 days ago


You gotta love the peanut gallery who shoots from the hip knowing ZERO about these people. Rachel is beautiful but more importantly she is extremely brilliant. She attended one of Britian's toughest universities and graduated near the top in her class. Writes, produces and loves acting on stage. Craig comes from a modest background, is self made, has a long history of stage credits and is extremely bright. He has long term female relationships, a previous marriage, a daughter and just decided to marry this one. Sometimes you just know that person is right for you. Why is it some always say every guy in Hollywood is gay??? Give it a rest.

1183 days ago


Looks like Daniel Craig has taken some "styling" lessons from William H. Macy!!! Every time that I see Rachel Weisz, I have to wonder, "If I watch the movie "The Fountain" backwards, would it make slightly more sense?!?!?!?!?" . . .


1183 days ago


That's Clive Swift!

1183 days ago

Boba Lola    

What's the rush? Prego.

1183 days ago


Tramp leaves a marriage to date Craig.

1183 days ago

Miguel Ferreira    

I like her,she semms fun to be with......

1183 days ago

PRO US    


Daniel Craig suggested that it would be a good idea for James Bond to do a gay sex scene in the next movie. What a coincidence that he's playing James Bond in the next movie, and he's gay or bisexual.

The people who still think Craig is totally straight are ostriches with their heads buried in the ground or up their azzes.

Of course, a famous actor who is in the closet will have had previous long term relationships with members of the opposite sex. That's what "in the closet" means, dummy. He's hiding his true sexual orientation. And he fooled you. If you think straight guys kiss, make out with, hold hands with and dance with other guys at nightclubs, then I have the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you at a discount if you act fast and pay cash, no refunds though.

Note, I think there's nothing wrong with anyone being bisexual or gay, but I do believe that it is not dignified for an actor to pretend to be straight when he's not, and unforgivable if he marries a woman, telling her he loves her and doesn't reveal to her that he is gay or bisexual before they get married.

Unforgivable to fool a wife or husband about that issue. Then again, maybe either Rachel is in on the joke/trick or wants to be fooled.

There's a sucker born every minute.

1183 days ago


Who cares about Craig's sexuality? The most important thing is that he got Rachel away from Aronofsky who seems like a spineless little dweeb.

Mazeltov, Rachel and Daniel!!

1183 days ago

Jay Man    

I find it funny that so many people ( mostly americans ) seem hung up on if Craig is gay or not ,or if the marriage is real or not , or if if if . Sometime I think that the things we most concerned about in others are the things we are most insecure about in our self's. Why dont people just belive that not everyone around them are trying to con people. Or as my grandmother use to say evil thinker evil do'ers. And as fr the people who think that intellegent people cant seperate a character from an actor then case in point Barny LEG - EN -DARY.

All the best to the new couple I hope that if only for a short time they are happy

1182 days ago


Sapphyre 21 hours ago
I find it funny that a man can date & live with (but no marry) a woman for years and break up with her. Ten days after he breaks up with her he marries the next woman he meets.


Ain't it the truth. It's in the jeans, oops, I mean genes!

I like this pairing and hope it works out! They're both physically gorgeous people!

1182 days ago


LOOOOVE IT! She is one of my favorite actresses! Congrats to both of them.

1182 days ago
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