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Real Housewife & Hubby -- Barely Dressed Together

6/26/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite reports constantly claiming they are separating, bikini clad "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong and her topless husband Russell were adjoined at the hip as they soaked their happily married flesh in the Vegas sun the other day.




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If the inner tube he's caring doesn't work he can always use her lips as an floatation device.

1184 days ago


I think her elbows need a lift?? But I also think they should both look in a mirror...and not at the circus, which they apparently did and so they think they actualy look better than they do. Probably nice people in real life ..but trying to keep up with material, and an unaging shell is just a fantasy..It does not exist...because if it did Hugh Hefner would be 21 again....??Right? Just saying :)

1184 days ago


Someone needs to give this chick a hamburger....and she needs to really look in the mirror. The plastic surgery on her face has made her look like a freak show. I know know why women do this to themselves? She is really, really, really gross.

1184 days ago


Urghh. I have always found her the least attractive of all the OC Wives and this photo sealed the deal that she just needs to lay off the plastic crap to her face and find herself a body that is a bit more healthy. She is wearing heels because women think they look classier in heels with the bikini but in her case, she lost the classy just putting on the bikini. She'd look better if she wore a one piece and a decent wrap but the girl is on a power trip and thinks she is sexy--but isn't. Cover up girl, you look ridiculous.

1184 days ago


I am no fan of plastic surgery unless it's reconstructive. Clearly she's had her fair share. But, seriously, she looks fine; scars, marks, crinkles and all. When Father Time gets a hold on you, it ain't pretty. In this comment section it's, "damned if you do and damned if you don't." Her choices, her life, and her perceived flaws, cosmetically induced or natural, don't hold a candle to the UGLY that many of these trolls are oozing from their keyboards onto the Internet. Good luck aging idiots. Taylor, do what makes you happy and let God sort the rest!

1184 days ago


OH MY OH MY! Blonde sugar run from those Beverly Hills! You husband is scary! Lordy praying for Taylor she is the fine mare. Russell is a donkey. Lordy give me some vapors! Help the Blonde Taylr leave that donkey Russell.

1184 days ago


Had a double that his boob or hers???!!???

1184 days ago


One word for the both of them. No, make that two. YUCK and NASTY!

1184 days ago


They are both JUST disgusting! Their marriage is a sham...she needs food!

1184 days ago


Damn, I'd hope on her but you know she's a complete money grubbing, stuck up bit#$. And who the hell wears heals with their bathing suit. Got to look good even though you look like an a$$. Still, it's time for her sex tape, which I'll definitely check out. Drop the top, spread the legs and lets get a better look honey.

1184 days ago


Seriously, TMZ. They are not "stars" if they appear in a show where the word "real" is in the name. And what the story didn't tell you is, they're at the pool at the Motel 6 on Boulder Hwy. Nice jorts, pud!

1184 days ago


I would do Taylor in a heartbeat. She is far too good for that mook she's married to.

1184 days ago

Looks like their first day in the sun

1184 days ago


ewww, she's nasty!

1184 days ago


Gross and grosser. Her hand in his crotch is the grossest.

1184 days ago
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