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Real Housewife & Hubby -- Barely Dressed Together

6/26/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite reports constantly claiming they are separating, bikini clad "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Taylor Armstrong and her topless husband Russell were adjoined at the hip as they soaked their happily married flesh in the Vegas sun the other day.




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Are those bruises or stretch marks all over her legs? Bleh! Get a tan, ho!

1176 days ago

Charles Darwin    

Jean Shorts. Really?

1176 days ago


EWWWW! Her arms/elbows so wrinkled! Looks like her husband is holding up her arms (but staying afloat w/ her lips)! HA!

1176 days ago

Tim Fowler    

Her lips are DISGUSTING! Also, she has wrinkled elbows and knees! She is a mess!

1176 days ago


GROWN women, GROWN women actually sign up top do a show like this, trashy, classless, ill mannered and attention needing women, but grown none the less.

Are these just delusional? Bored? Jobless? Beisdes, these ladies are far from 'Real Housewives' Obnoxious yes, but not at all a real housewife. If they were I susepct their men would be even happier.

Oh, and girlfriend is far from perfect, just goes to show even the skinny gals have lumping skin on their legs!

And him? I won't say nothin'!!!!! Ya'll have handled that already.

1176 days ago


Audrey 1 day ago
There you go, TMZ anonymous posters! There goes a FLAT butt for those of you that love them!

The girl needs to eat and do a few heavy-weight lounges! She's built like a fishing pole! I simply can't understand how anyone can think these type of women are attractive! smh


She's a refreshing change from all of the fat ass middle age women who have left themselves go so. Work harder ladies, instead of dissing the ones who've still got it. lol

1176 days ago

Not a fan    

You KNOW she is gonna FLIP the F*CK out when she sees how TMZ dared to show that NASTY WRINKLED ELBOW of hers.....

1176 days ago


Someone needs to market bikini sets with matching spike heels. It is such a pain getting all of that co-ordinated.

1176 days ago

Nanette Flowers    

I especially enjoy the liposuction scars on her hip, thigh, and butt. Nice touch.

1174 days ago


She has one disgusting trout pout. Lay off the lip injections.

1172 days ago


She's f'ugly to begin with but check out the lipo scars all over her hip and thigh - ugh.

1150 days ago


Some really jealous and nasty people coming on here to pick them apart like that. Her elbows? Really? There is nothing wrong with her elbows. They are elbows! Her husband is holding onto her arm and it pulls the skin, but seriously get the hell out of here. Picking apart someone's elbows and they are normal elbows at that. Picking these people apart period. A whole lot of you people need to get a life.

1143 days ago


She married a guy who wears denim shorts. Did she really expect it to work out?

1143 days ago

a mere mortal    

wow...this was less than two months ago, probably a few weeks before he beat her so bad that he broke bones in her cheeks.....creepy.....
now that we now what he was really about, this is TOTALLY-
"see? we're happy, I swear!! Please think we're happy so he won't beat me anymore..."

1120 days ago
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