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'Basketball Wives' Star Files for Divorce

6/27/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tumultuous relationship between Eric and Jennifer Williams -- nonstop fodder for years on VH1's "Basketball Wives" -- is coming to an end ... because Jennifer just filed for divorce.

Jennifer Williams Divorce
Williams finally pulled the trigger Friday, filing papers in Hudson County Superior Court in New Jersey. Williams, who tied the knot with Eric in the Bahamas back in 2007, cites irreconcilable differences.

Williams wants alimony, plus an "equitable" distribution of the couple's assets. 

They have no kids.

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What do you mean, nonstop fodder for "years"? Basketball Wives premiered only a year ago.

And good for Jen for taking this step. Now if she can only unload negative, stank Evelyn from her life, she might actually find true peace!

1214 days ago


Can the words "basketball wives" & "stars" really go in the same sentence? Seriously folks, if you're life is so pathetic that you have to watch shows like this or the Kardashians to look for direction it's time to go sit in your garage with the car running and the door closed.

1214 days ago


Of course a whore like her wanted alimony. I mean she can't do anything else like the rest of them on the show. All they are, are groupies with kids or trying too doop the athletes into getting the pregnant.

1214 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"They have no kids." you mean he has none she knows about...he's in the NBA, he's got a small team of childsupport hoodies out there somewhere

1214 days ago


the golddigger shuffle. 3 years of marriage - get divorced get alimony and half his assets. this goes far beyond mere prostitution. it is legalized criminal behavior.

still want to get married some day, guise? think all women aren't like this?

1214 days ago


@ Lawrence, and since when did you decide what people can or canno*****ch? you're the one with a pathetic life!

1214 days ago


Did she force him to marry her? He could have married alot other women but he decided to put a ring on her finger and actually marry her, so how is she a golddigger? She really wanted to salvage her marriage, but it wasnt a marriage, he had no respect for her by the way he talked to her and his attitude was so nasty and cold, so why should she not deserve alimony? She meant her vows, he did not. He obviously committed adultery and came and went with little obligation to her. He began to feel his celebrity too much in the marriage and judged himself to be better than her and treat her like she is beneath him, but she was his wife. He is such an idiot because he could lose it all tomorrow. I am glad she is putting that ugly mean man out of her life and trying to move on. What is with that bump on his head. Seriously Eric, you think those oher women he is committing adultery with really care about him and not his money, they are using him just like he is using them and using his celebrity and money to impress and get from them what he wants. As if he sees a hot aoman and wont say he is a ballplayer to try to get a date from her or have sex with her and then try to act like money is all they want, what did he use to get to her in the first place. Alot of these athletes bring it on themselves, use celebrity to get a woman and then cry foul if thats all she wants, quit using it to get them then.

1214 days ago


@jaydub...why is she a whore? He is the one running around commiting adultery.

1214 days ago

S. Segal, Deputy Sheriff    

He should pay her just for having to look at that LUMP and ugly mouth and face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1214 days ago

Sin D    

Basketball Jonessss, I got Basketball Jonessss, I got Basketball Jonessss whowhoohohoh.

1214 days ago


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1214 days ago


Who? Who cares? Hoodrats and their skank wives. WHO CARES.

1214 days ago


She really scored on this one. Set for life! However, any wealthy athlete like this who is stupid enough to fall for the classic "gold-digger scam" probably deserves to lose half his assets. These guys should know better. They don't have to marry the ho or live with them. Sex or even a steady girlfriend is not that hard to get guys.

1214 days ago


Hope she doesn't inherit those big ass ugly teeth. I watched the show a couple of times and I can not get over how getto these women act and talk in PUBLIC. Maybe they are all gold digging hussies.

1214 days ago


My goodness, what UNATTRACTIVE people! Look at that BUMP on that man's head. She...well. If I were she I would embrace the muslim religion and wear a veil over my head FOREVER.

1214 days ago
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