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David Chappelle

Packin' the Big Guns

6/27/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

A jacked up and buff David Chappelle (left) roamed the streets of NYC this weekend looking much bigger than the usual slim and trim Dave we have been used to seeing in the past (right).


Hitting the gym hard is nothing to laugh at.


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some guy    

It's actually not that hard. If you took my face and put it Dave's juice pic, it would look just like me.

I am, in fact, African-American.

1179 days ago


Go David Go David Go David, love this comedian and miss his show. We're rooting for you dude! Go David Go David !

1179 days ago


David Chappelle the next action hero.

1179 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

this guy just gives totally racist "jokes" against his own people. just do not get why everyone seems to love him and think that he is soooo "original". booooo

1179 days ago


RIP Tyrone Biggums!!!

1179 days ago


The difference in the two photos are simple to identify. The picture on the left is Dave sober, the one on the right is of Dave higher than a kite!!

1178 days ago

Schrute Farms    

"Hitting the gym hard is nothing to laugh at" LOL

1178 days ago


The difference in the two photos are simple to identify. The picture on the left is Dave sober, the one on the right is of Dave higher than a kite!!

1178 days ago



1178 days ago


Am I the only one who barely see's any difference? He's put some muscle on.. but he's not a bulging-steroid-hulk-man as you lot are making out.

1178 days ago


Only the bigots are hating on Dave.
And @ "about 2 yrs ago"… STFU!!! That's what made him famous...everyone should be able to laugh at themselves, otherwise they will be like you, 'ANAL'!!!

1178 days ago


Is it possible for him to get that big you ask? Two words............he's black.

1178 days ago

PRO US    

Cella 23 hours ago

His arms aren't THAT big. It just looks that way because HE's not that big. The only substance Dave is into is the herb.

Pro Us - what else does he have to do? He's not working, though he was spotted doing stand-up in NYC over the weekend. The gym might be his new thing now.

I said it is possible. Possible but unlikely since he has the money and connections to get steroids and growth hormone. But still possible.

1178 days ago

PRO US    

Giffbraw 20 hours ago

I'm from a bodybuilding forum that linked this article and we're all laughing at you of accusing Dave of using steroids. A physique like that is very easily attainable if you workout, eat right and sleep right. Dave has the time/money for all of that, let alone he has African genetics which are generally considered more ideal in terms of physiques. Get off your lazy asses and hit the gym before you accuse others of cheating to attain their successes.


If you're trying to impress others by saying you're from a bodybuilding forum, you're out of luck. That means squat. LOL

Of course, it's possible that he's not using roids or growth hormone but he'd have to work out a lot harder without them than with them. How many male celebrity actors and comedians do you know who like to work out hard enough to get ripped/buff with bulging biceps and traps without taking enhancements? Not many.

It's hard to take you seriously, so I don't.

1178 days ago


Now if he would do something about those blunted out burnt up lips of his he could be a hottie.

1178 days ago
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