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Hulk Hogan: Linda is 'Delusional'

6/28/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan is firing back at his ex-wife Linda -- claiming she's just plain "delusional" for accusing him of violence during their marriage ... insisting he "never laid a hand on her."


Hulk phoned-in to the "Bubba the Love Sponge Show" this morning to set the record straight with Bubba himself -- telling the DJ that Linda's claims of abuse, which she made this morning on the "Today" show, are "a cold, blatant lie."

He continued, saying there's "no reason" to defend himself against Linda -- calling her a "non-issue" who's "still riding on the Hulk Hogan name."

Hulk tells Bubba -- Linda is just another hater trying to exploit him, adding, "Just take her and put her in the same category with the Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior. They all belong together."

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Evan Benz    

Not to be the one who says tasteless things . . . . But Linda Hogan has Big Boobs !!!!

1221 days ago


Linda is very old news. O.M.G.I really dont care what she has to say. I mean,she isnt anything special. Who does she think she is? I know she has a book coming out but who gives a dog crap?

1221 days ago


You only have to watch a few episodes of their reality program to see how in love they were. I didn't see any evidence of violence.

1221 days ago

Boba Lola    

She wanted her name out there, and now it's out. These ppl are sick, fame addicts!


1221 days ago


Screw all of you who are putting this woman down. It is a classic response for the abuser to call an abused woman "psycho" or "delusional" when they have experienced abuse and finally call the fu#k stain on it. She met and married him while they were still trying to make it. She is not his 22 year old girlfriend but the woman who was with him from the beginning and had his children. Just because you don't like her look doesn't mean she is telling a lie about him being abusive...HELLO??? an athelete in a violent sport with steroid abuse....not rocket science.

1221 days ago


Yeah Kris it's true, even when Hugh Hefners "fiancée" split she was the one called a "whore" even though he replaced her before her spot on the bed was cold. Palins daughter lost her virginity at 15 when she had too much to drink and instead of the guy being called a rapist shes called the "whore". Women are hated in our society. I believe Linda and I also believe the Ultimate Warrior. She must have spent years walking on eggshells, that why I would never date a bodybuilder.

1221 days ago

Evan Benz    

Not to be the one who continues to say tasteless things . . . . But Linda Hogan has really big boobs !!!!

1221 days ago

RJ Hunt    

She is full of crap...Terry would never lay a hand on a woman. As for the claim she is spending her money on drugs...I bet that is 100% true. I am tired of these women claiming abuse because a guy decides to take his aggression out on things around the house. I do that all the time...It's my house my stuff, that I paid for, and if you don't like it...there's the f***ing door...or at least the spot where the door used to be.

1221 days ago


Linda was a manicurist from the San Fernando Valley and daughter of well known interior designer(Claridge House).
She has come a long way being married to the Hulk and sure
does not want to return to her true roots. Get over yourself
Linda you have no fame.

1220 days ago


You have no talent, your daughter is a plastic nothing and your son should be ashamed of how he acted after the accident. Stay home and play with your cough cough ...boy friend cradle robber. Do you think he would be with you for one minute if you didn't have Hulks $$$$$ never happen you are old fat and those phoney hanging boobs are a joke.

1220 days ago


FIRST of all...I love you Hulk! You are an American icon who is beloved by millions. Always have and always will. As for Linda--WOW. I laughed the whole time you being interviewed with Laurer (sp) and you trying to "justify" yourself. Seriously? Did you consider your kids? Of coarse not or the book would have never been thought of. I hope you make alot of money Linda--cuz you deserve every dirty, scuzzy red cent of it. Oh, you're not a HOGAN anymore...Change it and marry that block head you were screwing Hulk over for.

1220 days ago


Hey, Hulk, if there's no reason to defend yourself then why are you calling a radio show to deny the accusations? Duhhhh!

1220 days ago


She took his house, cars, bikes and lives with a younger Hulk look a like. Now Hogan's back in the spotlight making money and all of a sudden she has to pop back up. She's messed up in the head.

1220 days ago


linda hogan is telling the truth. she took care of his kids for years and while she was staying at home he was at a motel screwing other women. she knew this but liked the money life and who could blame her!!! she let him do it and she knew. sometime you over look these and love the money! well, he was the one that got caught cheating. take him out linda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1220 days ago


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1218 days ago
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