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Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Deal with the Outside World!

6/29/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is suffering from post-incarceration syndrome ... courtesy of her friendly, neighborhood paparazzi.

Lindsay -- who is free to party in the outside world for the first time in more than a month -- is telling friends she's scared to leave home, largely because she thinks there's a bounty on her head in the paparazzi community.

So LiLo is planning to do the same thing she's been doing for the last 35 nights -- chill out, relax, and put her feet up ... in peace and quiet, in the company of sister Ali and a few buds.

Where is our Lindsay and what have you done with her?!


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@grandma cracker,

Can't agree more. Just apply logic, right?

1148 days ago


it didnt stop her from partying on the roof for the cameras when she was on house arrest now all of a sudden shes scared..also as usual she is blaming the paps on her problems.

1148 days ago

Ghost Rider    

RW, I thought Rueben Renaldo was the biggest douche here for you, he is your real competition. LMFAO!!!

1148 days ago

some guy    

Think I'm gonna stop trolling soon. All thi*****e is getting pretty old.

1148 days ago

some guy    


Just wanted to let you know that I've been feeling better since this story came out. Took a nap. Got a bite to eat. Got this sudden urge to get the **** out of the house for awhile.

1148 days ago

some guy    

Ok, this is kinda gross, but I was wearing sandals, and I looked down, and I noticed i need to cut my toenails pretty bad. BRB.

1148 days ago

Ghost Rider    

David Jong, I bet you are very weak and very weary from all of this trolling. You do it quite well I must admit, even better than me, but I dont feel weak and weary as you must feel. No, in fact I am ready, and feel quite rested for all the storys that are yet to come. Yo Ho Ho

1148 days ago


people shut the **** up and gave her a break how can someone get better when the whole world want to see her fall she human she have real problems alcoholic n drugs addiction cant dissapear just like that is take years n years that stay with her forever

1148 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@Anvar pg4 "you are all a bunch of stupid ******* and idiot whores who need to worry about your own and your families lives.

There are NO POSTS about any of our OWN lives on tmz to post about. If there were posts about "fat hand puppet" I would be commenting all the time on it.

1148 days ago


Don't come out until you got your cHiT together. Be real to yourself. Life outside of the "starosphere" you've always lived in is quite livable. Enjoy your life, don't Ef it up. You can do it.

1148 days ago

Blunt Joint    

Just go down to Venice Beach and have the doctors hook you up with medical marijuana, which is a natural anti-depressant.

1148 days ago


Dear Lindsay: Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart. No one with a brain gives a flying rat's turd about you. You're a has-been who is long overdue for that porno. And Dear TMZ: Get new material already. Your "coverage" has been boorish for a LONG time. Cordially, The Real World.

1148 days ago


POOR LINDSAY! Maybe if she didn't act like such an ass EVERY time she's out, the paps wouldn't bother her. However, she's a disaster waiting to happen!

1148 days ago


Rogue Warrior about an hour ago
lou WHAT happened to YOU???????????? The smartest thing that's come out of UR mouth YET!!! FACTOID!

As opposed to you who has NEVER posted anything CLOSE smart. Megabytes of mindless anger, nothing the slighest bit intelligent.


1148 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

Lindsay's loving how so many losers are coming out of the wood work slamming Lindsay. Well while you go about your totally meaningless lives, Lindsay is free, to go back earning her millions.

She's free losers, and she's laughing at you and all your fvcking jealousy. So many pretenders and wannabees who don't know sht.

1148 days ago
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