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Octomom -- I Made $28,000 In June

7/1/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has finally dug herself out of a massive financial hole -- raking in a grand total of $28,000 in June ... and she didn't even have to get naked to do it.

Nadya Suleman

We're told Nadya made her money doing various things like "Celebridate," The Cable Show in Chicago, MMA fights, a celebrity boxing match, bikini photo shoots, and several paid interviews across the globe.

And she has more paid gigs in the pipeline -- including another celebrity boxing match, several more interviews, and a possible instructional workout video.

If you feel like congratulating her, Octo will be celebrating her b-day at the House of Blues on July 13th -- but the place might already be at capacity ... thanks to her kids.




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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Yeah, I heard this on the news and she also said she thinks of committing suicide - LET US HELP YOU!!!

14 kids - you wanted them until they weren't able to bring in money for you!

1211 days ago


"Thanks to her kids" oh my god so hilarious. TMZ YOU CRACK ME UP! not

1211 days ago

S. in Colorado    

Everytime I look at her face and those lips of hers, I throw up in my mouth!

1211 days ago


Good for her. Now she has money to buy more makeup and other nonsense items she doens't need.

1211 days ago

Good riddance!    

She'll blow a bunch of money on this party and will still be in foreclosure and in deep debt. Then she'll be broke next month. Her landlord is dropping the hammer on her after all the crap in the past. Rinse, repeat, become a ward of the state.

1211 days ago

Mike C    

Who cares???? Not me.

1211 days ago


STUPID biatch. Seriously, close up your vagina if you hate kids so much. Better yet, adopt those kids to good homes and quit using them you filthy skank. Bet she wished she had a father for these kids to get support....luckily, there isnt a father so he doesnt have to pay her CRAP!!!!!!!!

1211 days ago


This woman is so far behind in her mortgage payments those jobs won't come close to getting her out of the hole. With 14 children plus herself $28,000 dollars will be gone in a week or two. I still wonder why TLC did not give her a show.

1211 days ago


Can't STAND this female and I am dissappointed in seeing her nasty mug yet again on my computer screen. KNOCK IT OFF TMZ!!! I only want to see this witches horrible face on my computer screen if you have news she is dead and the kids can all be adopted which is the best thing for them anyway. She's a HORRIBLE mother from the clips and video's I've seen of her and her spoiled brats running rampant like a bunch of freaks!

1211 days ago


Um... celebrity boxing match? Should be called '15 minutes of fame' boxing match...

1211 days ago


Yeah, like those little inmates ever leave home.

They are her prisoners and she did it all for the paychecks.

1211 days ago


$28,000 made in June... (great if don't have 20 plus kids!) $28,000 will gone in July for Octomom!

1211 days ago


sources close to Nadya Suleman tell TMZ, the self-loathing mother of 14 -- who recently told InTouch that she "hates" her babies ....
That's pretty sad, because you know when those kids get older, they will hear what she said.

1211 days ago


Get a tan!

1211 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

I feel sorry for Nadya. She is obviously very ill. However, she NEEDS to give those little babies up for adoption. All of them. ASAP. If she does that so much good will happen:

1) The babies get a better life since they are still young enough to be wanted by adoptive parents

2) Nadya's stress decreases exponentially

3) Public opinion towards Nadya will soften and she will get TONS of WELL-PAID interviews where she gets to explain herself and her decision. She can make a complete turnaround because Americans LOVE a redemption story. And by finally giving those kids away for adoption she will be redeeming herself.

4) With new public sympathy, Nadya will be welcome on the talk-show circuit with her story of redemption. She can make a ton of money, write some books, and live the life she really wants. It's like she would become a born-again human.

1211 days ago
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