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Octomom -- I Made $28,000 In June

7/1/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has finally dug herself out of a massive financial hole -- raking in a grand total of $28,000 in June ... and she didn't even have to get naked to do it.

Nadya Suleman

We're told Nadya made her money doing various things like "Celebridate," The Cable Show in Chicago, MMA fights, a celebrity boxing match, bikini photo shoots, and several paid interviews across the globe.

And she has more paid gigs in the pipeline -- including another celebrity boxing match, several more interviews, and a possible instructional workout video.

If you feel like congratulating her, Octo will be celebrating her b-day at the House of Blues on July 13th -- but the place might already be at capacity ... thanks to her kids.




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Then why is the bank now starting foreclosure on the house? It is no longer being threatened by the owner the bank is now sick of not getting paid.

1178 days ago

some guy    

*Sigh* Such slow learners...

I've noticed that if people read what I say, flip out, get online and start typing away like a maniac, it usually shows a lack of class.

I can almost see you seething with anger. Your anger fuels me.

1178 days ago

some guy    


No. I read what Mary P. wrote, thought about what she said, and changed my mind.

Sry you couldn't understand that. Guess you're the only person that's right everytime, amirite?

1178 days ago


She is so darn ugly, it's scary. I have said all along, she should have adopted those babies out. They must be two by now, it's going to get harder and harder to have them adopted. Her parents said long ago, she was nuts. Those poor kids of hers have no chance at a normal life. What country is she from? She needs to go back to her homeland.

1178 days ago

Tall Blonde    

oink oink

1178 days ago


Nice boobs.

1178 days ago


I guess that all the attention that Casey Anthony is getting from the media has Octo wanting some of the action. I'd keep a close eye on those children and an extra set on Octo. No telling what she will do for attention next. Someone please help those babies, get them away from this insane mutant octopus. Her little scam to be on TV didn't work out. She wanted everyone else to take care of her and her little miracles but it didn't work out as expected. Her little miracles have turned into a big nightmare. But to say she hates her babies? Times ticking people, are we going to have to wait till she kills a few when she flips out to get them away from her? Then it will be, "We should have done something before something like this happened". OK child protective services the ball is in your court, do something!

1178 days ago


This F' IN screwball should be behind bars!

What an F' IN freak

1178 days ago


I am a Californian, I object strenuously to this broad collecting ANY taxpayer financed monies. We pay our taxes and we have to support her and the children she CHOSE to bring into this world. She is an abomination. Note, I said SHE is, not her children, they are innocents in her stupid and ill-advised decisions. I still say Child Protective Services should step in, but hey, we know how they work. They don't. I called them after repeatedly trying to talk to a family member to make her see that her drug use, neglect of her children, and the abuse of the children needed to stop. They did NOTHING. CPS AND the police saw that what I said was true with their own eyes, and they dropped the ball, rather than do the job they are paid to do. Let me make this clear, the POLICE did their job, but CPS did not. So, now we have 14 criminals on the way for California taxpayers to house in prison. And Jerry Brown wonders why we are sick and tired of paying for bureaucratic BS? CPS, do the job you are paid to do.

1178 days ago


please someone take her kids away

1178 days ago


Do you guys really believe she said she hated her babies, and that the older ones are animals?? I mean, come on, tabloids are notorious for slanting their quotes to sell the mags. I personally hope that she didn't say that because one day those kids will read that online, and no amount of therapy will ever take that away.

If she didn't say it, then she better be suing their arses off. And if she's not suing them, it certainly will be presumed she did.

1178 days ago


I don't know what it is with her. I can't really stand that face and she's a freaking idiot who's too stupid to know what to do. But for some reason, I'd still love to see her naked and watch her get it on in a porn movie.

1178 days ago

some guy    

I just hope people remember what's important in this story.

1178 days ago


She's disgusting; I wouldn't give her a dime if she were in my front yard! Ugh!

1178 days ago


I, too, am a Californian. No job, but got social security early, because the job market just sucks. I cannot get any medical coverage until I'm 65. So, yeah, I resent this idiot having all these kids and suckling at the teat of public assistance, whether it be state or federal.

Just a few facts - - Nadya is apparently an only child. Her mother helps her, but the mother is my age, I think. Father secured the house for her initially, and then returned to the Middle East to work. Don't know if he has returned. Nadya lied about being married; she has been, although it didn't last, obviously. The doctor implanted 12 embryos, not 8. And there are still 29 others somewhere.

What I want to know is - - if she made $28K last month, why is she telling "InTruth", that she has no money, is overdrawn, has no food, can't pay the school, etc. Where did all that money go? But she can afford to give herself a birthday party. Maybe she should think about Chucky-Cheese instead of House of Blues.

And just why are her older children in "private school?" Why doesn't she take some of that money and get her kid's lip fixed?

And for TeamNadya, you constantly harp about what she is providing ie. food, clothing, and a roof. And apparently there's something missing in their diet if a kid was eating drywall. There's a helluva lot more to being a mother than that. A cat could do as much.

end of rant

1178 days ago
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