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Lennon's Rep: John Was NO Reagan Supporter!!

7/1/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the closest people in John Lennon's life is calling B.S. on Lennon's former assistant ... claiming John believed in the message of "Imagine" until the day he died ... and was NOT a Ronald Reagan fan.


TMZ spoke with Elliot Mintz (pictured left) -- Lennon's former publicist and close friend for nearly ten years -- who told us Fred Seaman's claim that Lennon was "embarrassed" by the lyrics to "Imagine"... is pure nonsense.

Mintz explains, "From the time I met John in 1971, until the end, all of those things he expressed in 'Imagine' were part of his belief system until the last breath of his life."

"If you listen to the last recorded interviews that were done with John, you'll hear him express in his own words ... his own beliefs ... which are virtually identical to the beliefs he held in '71."

As for Seaman, Elliot jabbed, "Apparently his memory was refreshed at the same time his documentary's release date was imminent ... Fred Seaman has a distorted revisionist view of history."


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Who in the Hell believed he supported Reagan? Regardless of people who did support Reagan, John Lennon's name should have NEVER come up for that one!

1210 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Also, in Mintzs' picture, it looks like he's about to hurl some milk!

1210 days ago


I need to hear Kim Kardashians opinion on this.

1210 days ago


Rolling Stone released tapes of John Lennon from an interview he did shortly before he died and he was an arrogant ass who was jealous of Paul and other musicians. He had a son that he was an absent father to as well. This guy was hardly all about love and all the other stuff he tried to preach. Just some arrogant musician that people for whatever reason worship.

1209 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Elliot Mintz - dye his hair brown and give him a tan...who does he remind you of? Harvey Levin. Spitting image.

John Lennon - was a WEAK person. He was SUPREMELY influenced by OH NO YOKO ONO. OH NO YOKO ONO saw this in him and pounced like a pit bull...and held on to him like a bulldog until the day he died. Most of John's horrible qualities - completely attributable to OH NO YOKO ONO.

And Paul McCartney: CHEAP, RUDE, SELF-APPLAUDING PRICK. I hear the only nice one was also the best looking one - George Harrison.

1209 days ago


Elliot is a well known Yoko mouth piece who pushes the fairy tale version of John and Yoko. John would say one thing in one interview and say something different 20 minutes later. Mintz is hardly a truth beacon

1209 days ago


I didn't believe that Seaman guy for a second!

1209 days ago


Sounds like theists are trying to claim another well known celebrity-non-theists as their own. Just like they try to pretend Hitler was an atheist and Einstein was a christian.

1209 days ago


Regardless of the facts about Lennon's beliefs, Elliot Mintz is one of the biggest, phoniest douche bags ever to walk the planet.

1209 days ago


Sociopaths are sad!!!! You know you're right about this guy looking like Harvey.

1209 days ago

Tally Ho    

IMAGINE NO POSSESSIONS- dakota palm beach bev hills etc give me a break. yoko knocked down million dollar apts back in the day to create closets for her furs lol are you kidding???

1209 days ago

Mary P    

Wasn't Lennon shown at some football game being buddy buddy with Reagan? Lennon's last year's worth of interviews seemed to start running contrary to his words in Imagine. Not exactly unbelievable as he "grew up", wanted to keep his money for his family for the future, even if that family was dysfunctional.

I wouldn't trust Ono for crap. She sold Tila Tequila the rights to Walking on Thin Ice (yeah, I know you've never heard of it...) - and Tila kills people in the video. Ono has a hat in the ring to do whatever (see: Gaga at Lennon's piano). Even Lennon stated his relationship with Ono wasn't exactly a fairytale.

1209 days ago

some guy    

Eh I've never met any of the Beatles, so I can't really say.

With some people it's "Do As I Say, Not As I Do."

I'd rather dwell on the wonderful music you guys made together.

1209 days ago

some guy    

Saw this show about the Beatles. It was footage of all of them while they were in the studio. People seemed alot more relaxed before Yoko showed up.

1209 days ago


Good lord, what is wrong with you people? Do any of you know Reagan was re-elected for a second term with 80% of the vote? He was beloved by almost the entire nation. Chill!

1209 days ago
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