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Randy Jackson:

Tina Turner Shot Me!

7/2/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's something you probably didn't expect to read this morning -- according to Randy Jackson, he was once shot by Tina Turner. The bitch is back!

Randy made the strange, random revelation on Twitter, posting the above tweet and then saying, "I went to Tina's house to see my girlfriend. I guess I caught them off guard. Hmmm.... Next question."

Tina's old assistant once wrote about the incident in a book, saying Tina fired a shot through the ceiling and one through the doorway before Randy leapt through a window.

Attempts to reach a rep for Turner were unsuccessful. 


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some guy    

Lol... lesbo much?

1208 days ago

some guy    


I wouldn't blame you. If I was married to Ike I'd prob do the same thing.

1208 days ago

some guy    

Think I have to stop there... I still don't feel so good and I don't wanna think bad thoughts.

1208 days ago




1208 days ago


Too bad she wasn't a better shot
and got you between the eyes, you
little B*tch.

1208 days ago


randy why are you talking about this now you should be talking about those s***-bags racist out there rastafari.

1208 days ago


*******************DEAR RANDY*****************

Since you wouldn't take legitimate fan questions but you you talked about your a$$, I write here! You and your Family became an utter sources of embarrasment to fan community! You made us wait for a whole week to talk about this? And like suckers, we listened to you oalmost 2 hours and for what? You sounded like you are on something! You are losin it!

And at the very last tweet, you spilled the beans, you wanted to plug in a "reunion" Tour. And you,once again, exploit your talented brother to promote a talentless group. You said "I know he would want us to continue". REALLY? wasn't there an opportunity right before his death, where he could have accepted a "reunion" with his brothers for AllGood Entertainment? Katherine got paid $2 million to convince MIchael. HE SAID NO! Then Joe and Leonard Rowe hounded MIchael to convince him into doing the reunion. MICHAEL SAID: "NO!" spare us with the crap about how Michael would want this! How do you know, you all didn't see him in ages? Did he ask his brothers to join hin in This Is It? NO! Jackson5 reuniting is like "railettes" reuniting and calling it a ray Charles Concert! This makes no sense..except money grubbing Jacksons! Get outta Michael's shadow,m will ya? You all are too grwon to live off of your dead bro!

So thanks for wasting our time and thanks for embarrasing us giving media this material! Next time, you got something to say to fans, write in in a journal and STOP BOTHERING US, Randy!

1208 days ago

some guy    



1208 days ago

some guy    

I would hate to think someone used me for personal gain. This **** isn't easy.

1208 days ago


Tools, people are obviously asking him questions on twitter.

Tina must of had a Ike flashback.

1208 days ago


"nelsons voice" HA! - HA!

1208 days ago

Michael Singh    

I have read that assistant's of tinas book. The shooting story is in there.I remember that story about the Jackson brother. He did not name which one because he told a sex story which was gross and almost unprintable. God those Jackson's must have had a rough childhood.

1208 days ago

South Beach    

Quit whining you lived to blab about it and you probably had it coming anyway.

1208 days ago


Tina Turner shot Randy Jackson? Wow! I want to know more. Who, what, when, where and how? Furthermore I would welcome a Jackson Brother's tour. Micahels is gone but it would be interesting to see what the Brothers could achieve. Sure Michael was a one of a kind but the other brothers can sing and dance so yeah it would be interesting. Don't forget the Jackson 79-80 tour was one of the greatest of all time. Was better that any of the solo MJ tours.

1208 days ago



Randy made an appointment with the fans a week ago, saying he will be on twitter on June 2, at 11:00 pacific time to answer our questions. So we waited a week and sent him VERY LEGIT questions. He ignored important questions to take a question from a fan who tweeted "so how hard was the brick you **** when tina turner fired a gun at ur trespassing a$$? did ur anus ever recover?" So no, Randy didn't out of the blue tweeted this. And who cares about this! What MJ fan community is livid about is that this man made us wait for a week, then wasted our 2 hours to talk about whole a lot of nothing! Randy is a liar and greedy vulture who fits perfectly into the Jackson family. The whole point he pulled this stunt was to promote a "reunion" with the rest of his talentless Jacksons that Michael did NOT want to reunite with!

"I have no plans to record or tour with them" ~MICHAEL JACKSON

1208 days ago
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