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'Repo Games' Shootout


7/3/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bullet ripped a MASSIVE hole through the side of the "Repo Games" van when a crazed gunman opened fire on the reality show crew back in April ... and now TMZ has footage of the frightening incident.

Terrified crew members can be seen running for their lives ... when 40-year-old Carlos Barron emerged from his Las Vegas home with a pistol on April 25 and began shooting ... all because he felt the production was too close to his house.

Barron can be heard threatening production members ...saying, "I'll blow your ass away man ... I will kill your ass."

As the cameras rolled, one crew member instructs a cameraman, "Tape motherf**ker ... this is real, real sh*t ... that's what Anderson Cooper does, b*tch."

Afterward, "Repo Games" star Josh Lewis admitted, "I thought I was gonna go Steven Segal for a hot minute and start throwing rocks ... [but then I] heard the second gun shot and I was like, 'F*ck that!'"

Cops quickly rolled to the scene and sent a K-9 unit after the suspect. Barron was eventually arrested and booked for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and obstructing a police officer.


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Mary P    

This isn't a reality show, it's a game show. I wouldn't call Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy or Price is Right a reality show (Not to mention you could win more on Repo Games than Jeopardy). They are behind on payments, answer trivia questions and could win their car back, loan paid.

Puckett - that was the shooter saying that.

Puckett - 7 hours ago - "As the cameras rolled, one crew member instructs a cameraman, "Tape motherf**ker ... this is real, real sh*t ... that's what Anderson Cooper does, b*tch."

LOL, tape motherf**ker! Dude thinks he working for CNN or something. haha

1170 days ago


The Repo Games "star" and crew, cameramen, etc. should clean up their language. Their ignorance is showing....and it's not a pretty thing.

1170 days ago


If this is truly real, I applaud the person inserting "reality" in these faux, fake, pseudo so-called reality shows. I'm tired of seeing and hearing about these one chromosome from retardation individuals doing their fakery on horrible shows. America is already dumbed down and enough with these morons. To the shooter - sorry you missed, you would have gotten the same charges you already have. Unfortunately, this show is going to milk every minute of these event.

1170 days ago



1170 days ago


This wasn't the guy who's car was being towed it was a neighbor pissed off with all the noise all night from generators and the crew yelling under his bedroom window. I suggest we all go to the crews houses and start a party all night long when they have to show up for their jobs early in the morning.

Since when does a reality show have the right to do any "F"ing thing they want at any time of the day or night and regular working people have to put up with this?

1170 days ago


it would be better if the crew had been armed. hopefully nevada will relax the gun laws and allow everyone to freely own guns and walk around fully armed then the streets will be peaceful

1170 days ago

Tookie Topbox    

This is a scripted piece of **** show and I don't think anyone is believing the "being shot at" **** either. It's all fake. FAKE!

1170 days ago


LOL! All those stupid fake 'repo' tv show are just gay! I used to watch those boring show and I just laugh. They all are fake and they just steal people's car, trucks, scooter, skateboard, and so on and on .... What a bunch of jokes! They think people don't pay their bills is a total liar! Of course we the people in America of United States, we can pay whenever we want at any time duhh! All those 'repo' guys should go to jail what they did on tv is illegal! So all 'repo' show have fail! End of story. :)

1170 days ago


This is obviously fake, just like the show... How this is even TMZ worthy news is beyond me.

1170 days ago

Truthful observer    

You guys are some ignorant people. First of all it is real. It really happened. I live in Vegas and the guy is going to be on trial for attempted MURDER! Do you even understand what that is? The guy was shooting AT people with a live gun. The guy is off his ******* rocker and some of you think trying to kill people is a natural reaction to someone making noise outside your house? Please jump off the next bridge we don't need you around or let someone take a bat to your head for you looking at them too long.

Secondly, the show is a game show. It is not a show exploiting someones pain, they are losing their cars and have an opportunity to not only get their car back but have it PAID OFF FOR THEM!!!!! If they have a basic intelligence level (unlike some of you posting), they have a great opportunity to gain financial relief. So I root for people like that.

And to the fool who is trying to say that their reactions are unnatural? Holy **** are you stupid. You have obviously never been in a dangerous/fearful/run for you lives situation if you have the weird thought to even type up something like that. People need to dig a little further for truth before you start posting reactive statements that have nothing to do with the reality of the situation.

1170 days ago


...I can't say I blame the guy. If someone wakes me up in the middle of the night with unnecessary shena****ns, that someone is bound to catch a hot-one in the a.s.s....Artofwar

1170 days ago

South Beach    

Love the Anderson Cooper reference!

1170 days ago

Jim Jones    

Dam shame he did not kill at least one of them, now that would have been compelling TV!

1170 days ago

Mary P    

Yeah Ree Ree - it's so scripted there's a dude in prison right now, getting ready to go through a trial. I bet they paid off all those cops, the jails, the prisons AND the courts... for a small budget show.

Matt - so nice of you to judge that other stupid repo show against one that allows people, whatever their story is, to KEEP their car. If you've ever worked with the public, you'd be unsurprised at the amount of "stories" - fact is, whether the story is good/true/lies or not, someone isn't paying for something they have.

Why are people so ignorant they shout "FAKE!" all the time? Jersey Shore, fake. Bad Girls Club, fake. A game show, cannot by law, offer to do anything and not allow someone chances to win. It's against the law (set forth after the huge lottery scams by Lotto and then again by McDonald's Monopoly - fun reads too!).

1170 days ago


@@@ Truhful obsever-----

People, including dogs, cats, sheep, and whatever else that may bleed, who make unnecessary noise, especially at night, should be shot. We don't need them, we don't like them, we don't want them.

Furthermore, because you too involve yourself in the annoying art of unnecessary noise making relevant to your above post, indicates to me that you too should be shot, preferably a whole bunch of times.

The only noise that I want to hear, is the noise emanating from the end o*****un barrel, silencing idiots that insist on making unnecessary noise.

If I were to be on this shooter's jury, there would be at most a hung-jury.

(ANABAMN) Anti Noise Advocate By Any Means Necessary-- CEO....Artofwar

1170 days ago
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