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WWE Star

Hurls Homophobic Slur

At Fan

7/5/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE bad guy CM Punk was caught on camera screaming "You homo!" at a fan during a verbal altercation in Australia today ... this as the WWE has said repeatedly they are trying to curb homophobic slurs.

The wrestling organization works directly with GLAAD and even produced a series of anti-bullying commercials following incidents involving announcer Michael Cole and wrestler John Cena.

Calls to GLAAD were not returned.

UPDATE: A rep for the WWE tells TMZ, "WWE does not condone this type of language or bias and we reinforce that with our talent who are independent contractors."

UPDATE 2: CM apologized via Twitter, saying, "...I'm embarrassed. I own up to being a total douche in this situation and I offer a sincere apology to anybody I hurt with careless words."

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Rogue Warrior    

Lampanelli sums up the reason why she feels the gays love her: “Gay people hate themselves as much as I hate myself — since we’re both abominations against God and man — so I insult them and they give me money. It’s the circle of life. Plus, I’m a living fulfillment of gay’s men’s fantasies: I get paid to say whatever I want, I bang black men and my clothes look fantastic.”

Enough said by the FOS large assed not funny WF!!! Even she knows where she and her friends at GlAAD stand with GOD!

1170 days ago

lio grande    

How can it be Homo. the WWE has always had GAY or sorry the propper pronounciation is **** in the WWE,even Bruno Samartino said it once on Larry King,if you remember that interview fron way back.

1170 days ago


TMZ fails, they are a bunch of sleezy 'reporters' desperate to stir up controversy.

1170 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

'Four Poofs and a Piano' LMAO

1170 days ago


Yes, he's playing a character, and I doubt CM Punk is a homophobe himself, but judging by a lot of the comments right here, it was clearly not the right place to say such a thing.

CM Punk admitted it was wrong in what came off as a very sincere apology and praised TMZ for showing the video. No need to defend his use of that word. Just commend his ability to own up to it.

1170 days ago


Im all for gay rights, marriage etc, but really who gives a ****. Im tired of people being faux "offended" over something someone says. Its a word, get over it.

1170 days ago


how is homo a slur aren't they homosexual doesn't homo mean 1, is gay a slur now? these gay are to sensitive and have to much power in the media

1170 days ago


i think that the wwe should get rid of cm punk befor he causes any more problems with the fans and wwe

1170 days ago


Seriously. He is a bad guy in Wrestling that is supposed to yell insults to the crowd. What groups of people could he insult that he wouldn't later have to apologize for?

ANSWER: Southerners, Christians, middle aged white men or any minority group that the insulter happens to be a member of.

These are the asinine PC rules that we live with today. I wish someone would put out a newsletter because the rules change so frequently.

1170 days ago

Al Issacs    

WWE should let him go. When I used to watch he was always talking about how proud he was to be straight and if you didn't live the straight lifestyle you were ruining your life.

1170 days ago

Mike L    

Al you idiot, its not a "straight" lifestyle, its "Straight Edge". It means No Alcohol, No Drugs, No Smoking.

Straight Edge 4 Life.

1170 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ Al Issacs. You can't be this unintelligent or clueless can you? CM Punk talks about living the straight edge lifestyle all the time on the show. Not being straight. It amazes me how moronic some people can be and how they speak without having any knowledge or gather enough brain cells to be believable. Al Issacs, did your parents have any children that lived?

1170 days ago


it's wrestling; who cares

1170 days ago


cm punk is as real as they come and I will watch him where ever he wrestle's because he is a wrestler and a damn good one at that. I hope he take's Rome up on his offer to go on his show and finish what he was saying from raw..

1170 days ago


AT 72, I realize that there is a lot of truth in "it's takes one to know one" And a lousy lay from you man the night before can cause you to be caustic.....!!!!!

1170 days ago
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