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Nicki Minaj:

My Cousin Was Murdered

7/5/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj says her "precious cousin" was shot and killed in Brooklyn yesterday ... and TMZ has learned the shooter is still on the loose.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 27-year-old Nicholas Telemaque was killed around 2:40 AM on July 4 from "multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso."

Minaj posted photos and messages on Twitter ... saying, "Lived in Brooklyn his whole life. My precious cousin. My baby. Killed last nite."

We're told cops are investigating the incident -- but so far, no arrests have been made.



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Why did it have to be her cousin and not her?!! WHY?!?!

1205 days ago

Jimmy Dean    

WOW, a ***** shot, no way!!! can't belee dat

1205 days ago

blue lou boyle    

"My baby was killed last nite, but I'm off to do my show with Britney. Later, barbies"

1205 days ago


I can't believe the number of ignorant racist jerks on this site! It's truly sickening in this day and age to see such hatred for your fellow man! I pray you never need the help of someone of a different race! Grow up!

1205 days ago


Actually, the NY Post reports that Nicholaus was at home, just in ,from a club & was shot in front of his home. I'm from Brooklyn, NY & he was murdered in E. Flatbush, Brooklyn. E. Flatbush has many nice houses & apartments. He's wearing a cap & everyone assumes he was a drug dealing criminal. I am disgusted at these racist & ignorant comments. 2:40 a.m. or not, NO AMERICAN deserves to be murdered in front of their home. TMZ needs to clean up these comments & make it clear they won't tolerate such indecency.

1205 days ago


Mama always said, "nothing good happens after midnight."

1205 days ago


cop's better look into the beef nikki has or had with little kim she did do fed time. Multiple shot's sound like a hit. lot of hatin fanz not saying little kim had any thing to do with it. ****! puff knew biggie was going to cali then he get's shot, and on top of that big was leaving bad boy to tie the knot with un rivera to start undeas records biggie at the time was bad boys bread winner. hmmmm! keep it on wax.

1205 days ago


Why ya hatin on nikki wish you had the money she got. talent george bush has talent, messing up a whole country and leaving some one else to clean it up. If u claiming white supremacy u out numbered. How the hell u say u a white american when u claiming to be german if hitler was alive he would try to kill all u white supremicist. you ain't nuttin but living contradictions. takin somthing a mad man tried to do, and you can't do nothing with it. trying to mess up tmz's rep they report what they hear. tell people to get it right. and letting people talk like this freedom of speech, but they also letting you gullible people know it ain't gettin no better out there, and racism never died, it hides. thought ya knew??

1205 days ago


Some of the comments I have read on here are so disgusting. The article does not give a reason for this man being shot and you have got to assume the worst and reading between the lines; some of you are some racist bitches and bastards...

Sorry for your loss Nicki.

1205 days ago

Kernal Sanders    

Well it was a holiday and most likely the guy was out partying. my guess is everyone was drunk, there was an altercation, someone died. happens all the time.

1205 days ago



1204 days ago


I really dislike ignorant people. If you do not have anything nice to write, don not comment. Say all that ignorant stuff to someone's face and see how they deal with you all. Someone lost their life and if you read the article properly it may have been mistaken identity. So what if he had a previous record you don't know him personally so....CUT IT OUT!!!!! Anyway R.I.P young man and Nicki Minaj I am soooo sorry for your what happened to your family.

1204 days ago

Teemy Teem ,    

@nicki im sorry bou tyour lose , but all yall with the dumb stuff yall saying bout her family , yall ignorant juhs put your self in her shoes like what if that was one of yall family member yall would want somebody to care so show some respect .

1204 days ago


Oh my goodness gracious, I don't understand the racism, either. Rap music promotes tolerance, caring and love! Gee whiz! I can't imagine how it could possibly incite racism!


1204 days ago

Craig J.    

@Will..I couldnt agree with you more! Its sad how these ppl like to automatically voice what they think is the truth and then somehow declare it the gospel...If one represents all when it comes to the black community then we shouldnt even bother with some of these other races out ignorance! Nicki Minaj at the end of the day is still a human beng with feelings like the rest of have some respect ppl and give the girl a minute...and if you weren't raised with respect then at least know when to shut up and learn!

1204 days ago
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