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Weston Cage Rambles About Wife, Life ...

7/5/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage -- fresh out of jail after he and his wife of 2 months were arrested on felony domestic violence --  just posted this message on his Facebook page.  If you can decipher, good luck.


Glad he cleared everything up.



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Real men don't air their dirty laundry like that. Be a man, solve your problems without trying to get people "on your side" first.

1207 days ago

Derek Mack    

lol i didnt even know you existed until last week, go back to hiding behind daddy's shadow

1207 days ago


Are you sure Charlie Sheen wasn't running around with Nic Cage's ex wife?? Sure seems like Weston and Charlie are riding the same crazy train! Are we going to see a repeat or warlocks and trolls and silly youtube ramblings?
Ick I don't think I can continue to watch another one self destruct!

1207 days ago

cat stone    

I bet the South African's are STOKED about this news.

1207 days ago


I think a frontal lobotomy is in order here. He would look great shuffling his feet and drooling. Where the heck is the Thorazine when you needd it?

1207 days ago

Northern Lights    

Weston, marriage is about sharing and caring.

Next time, just ask your wife to BORROW her eyeliner instead of stealing it....she'll be less likely to KICK YOUR ASS!!!

(PS- I knew YOU were going to let her sit in jail while you got bailed out, you POS)

1207 days ago


Coo Coo

1207 days ago


Seems as though he has schizophrenia or some schizo affective disorder. Grandiose thoughts, hyper verbal, paranoid delusions, inflated sense of self; without proper medication, this is scary stuff. Likely compounded with some sort of substance abuse problem; can't treat both at the same time effectively. Most psychotic breaks occur around age 20-25. Sadly, refusing to take meds is part of the illness. The side effects are horrible on top of it. Mental illness is a terrible affliction folks. Hope he gets the help he needs.

1207 days ago


I do understand what he's writing. He's obviously extremely emotional, but also unbalanced.

What's scary is that he will be very difficult to control when losing it, as he's 6'5" and 225lbs.

I understand that if you're trained in martial art your hands are considered weapons and that you have a higher responsibility than the average person to avoid any fights. Reading his rant, he's obviously not taking that responsibility seriously, and at his size he can be a huge danger to anyone around him

1207 days ago


HOW did he EVER get released from the PSYCH ward????? ONLY in CA!!! God help the FEW remaining normal people left in CA! Escape while you can!

1207 days ago


When will this slimeball sink back into whatever ooze he crawled out of and take his wife with him? Codependent, nasty losers, they've made asses out of themselves and now they want more attention? And he threatens somebody in writing? Good idea. Ugh

1207 days ago


W, you have had a serious head injury.

Get treatment (cranial-sacral) stat. Unless and until you do, your FB page is going to land you at UCLA under a full conservatorship and we've already discussed more headlines out of you and lay off the keyboard and the booze and the drama and the mama. Rest Bro. Escape from LA and rest... .

1207 days ago


Good grief. Such a ridiculous, dramatic, illogical rant when maybe what he and his wife really need is marriage counseling, some anger management courses, and (based on Weston's recent hospitalization), to regularly attend AA meetings. And P.S. Weston, the "stars" don't determine your fate, but your maturity level does.

1207 days ago


another one that is WINNING

1207 days ago


It's obvious what happened.

Nikki cheated on him with this Dave guy. Weston finds out, tells NIkki it's over. He wants a divorce. Nikki goes crazy and threatens to kill herself. Weston tries to stop her, which gets him cut up.

He, like most dumbass husbands, thinks his whore of a wife was manipulated to cheat. He can't face the very frightening revelation that, women aren't the pretty pink butterfly's we want them to be. They are vicious, soul crushing succubi. They lie, cheat and steal, and ruin good men daily.

Unfortunately, he's learning that the hard way.

1207 days ago
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