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Charlie Sheen

I'm A Hardcore JUGGALO

7/7/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Insane Clown Posse never thought they'd be able to get a star as big as Charlie Sheen to M.C. at their upcoming Gathering of the Juggalos festival ... until Sheen himself ASKED for the job.


ICP member Violent J tells TMZ ... the group received a call from Charlie's rep back in April ... telling them how Sheen was a HUGE fan of the Gathering and he would LOVE to work with the group.

Of course, ICP was STOKED -- but figured Sheen was WAYYYYY out of their price range. But, Violent J says Charlie was "so into the message of the festival" ... they were able to agree on a "reasonable amount."

The deal was finalized last week and Sheen will serve as an M.C. at the event in August.

Dude better be careful though ... TWO celebrity guests -- Tila Tequila and Method Man -- were bloodied up on stage at last year's Gathering ... when the fans pelted them with rocks and beer cans.



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Charlie has never been known for having brains. There is no such thing as a Juggalo fan with any intelligence.

1118 days ago


Insane? Check.
Clown? Check.
Posse? Well Charlie, the only thing missing is 'U'

1118 days ago

Melissa S    

Juggalo 6 23 minutes ago

Send us your losers your freaks and your wierdos. They are more than welcome in the Family!!


Sounds about right. You can have him and please, keep him.

1118 days ago


Idiots of a feather flock together.

1118 days ago


Wow --- HUGE freaking risk for Charlie! They will either treat him like a god or they will throw everything not nailed down. Hard to predict the Juggalo response. What ever happens, THAT would be something to see! Yikes!

1118 days ago


They are going to show Charlie much love.

1118 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

It's hard to take a group seriously when Vanilla Ice is front and center.

1118 days ago


So glad he can find time for this...Whatever append to his
alleged trip to Haiti... or that volunteer concert to raise
money for Alabama tornado victims????????

He's nothing more than an egotistical, PUBLICITY CRAVING

1118 days ago


Tila Tequila lied about most of the 'attack'. She did not get chased to her trailer by over 2000 Juggaloes, they did not attack her in the trailer. The injuries she 'suffered' were two small cuts, and a few bruises. She wore bandaids on her face for weeks for publicity.
I'd like to know what ever happened to her BAM POW lolyers who she claimed would be shutting down future Juggalo events, including the Gathering, and the lolsuits that would bankrupt them.
Well, Tila now claims she'll be living the good life in New York starting next week, so maybe she can cruise on over to the Gathering to meet Charlie. She once offered to be one of his goddesses. Anything for publicity and a paycheck, no matter how demeaning. Hooking up with a legitimate A-list celeb, would average Tila's standing from Z-list to M-list!

1118 days ago


ICP are a bunch of juvenile, balled-up-fist-pounding silly kids who need attention desperately.

Hmm. Sorta like Tila, MM and Charlie.

The "tougher" characters like this try to look, the more impotent they prove themselves to be.

1118 days ago


Send in the clowns.... no, don't bother, the're here.

1118 days ago


Sheen is wrinkling up early (drug abuse, starved his pet dog to death, etc.) His Juggalo folly is intended to broaden his demographic. He wants a younger fan base to give him money.

He figures the Juggalo crowd doesn'*****ch the news, so they might not know that Charlie Sheen is a backstabbing addict with no moral compass.

Charlie Sheen is a man locked in the early 1980's. Apparently, he should have died back then but he somehow escaped death. Now he lives a cursed life of no progress, no more valued prizes, no more respect from anyone. Wow, it would be sad to be him.

Just say NO, kids!

1118 days ago


I thought he was crazy before, but now that I know he's a juggalo he's just a ******* MORON.

1118 days ago


I can no longer defend Sheen. ICP is the lowest form of music. Can I even call it music? It's like listening to a baby sh*t it's diaper.

1118 days ago


There is nothing quite as numbingly stupid and inane as an ICP Juggalo. They are the most ignorant, uneducated, completely moronic 'people' I've ever seen in one place at one time. But when you look at ICP's body of 'work' it makes sense because they're about a step below cavemen when it comes to making music. Let the idiot go. He'll fit in just fine. And make sure he doesn't forget his porn stars. They may have a disease that the Juggaloes haven't caught yet.

1118 days ago
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