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Dog Chapman -- Botched Bar Raid Turns Bloody

7/9/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter was at the center of violent bar brawl Thursday night in Colorado -- and according to sources on the scene, Dog's security guard sent a guy to the hospital ... where he got 15 stitches.

TMZ spoke to the owner of La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado -- and he tells us, Dog and his crew raided the place looking for the owner's father ... who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges.

According to the owner -- named Luke -- Dog barged in out of nowhere and confronted Luke's mom about the target ... and was extremely disrespectful.

Luke stepped in to calm things down -- but several customers had already taken offense at Dog's behavior and got in Dog's face ... at which point the bounty hunter's hired muscle jumped into action.

We're told one of the customers sprayed the security guard in the face with cleaning fluid -- and the big man lashed back with haymaker to the customer's face ... leaving a gash that required 15 stitches.

We're told the fight got so nuts -- it resembled a "saloon brawl" from a Wild West movie ... someone even threw a potted plant.

Cops showed up soon after -- but no arrests were made. According to law enforcement, the situation is still under investigation.

So far, no official word from Dog's people.


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some guy    

Hmmm something tells me Dog's past isn't exactly squeaky clean.

He looks like he used to belong in a gang. That's all I'm sayin'.

1173 days ago

some guy    

This story sounds like vigilante justice. Someone give Dog a 'Punisher' uniform.

1173 days ago


He must have been treating that woman like **** for customers to stand up and try to stop him. Why on earth would he barge into a public place and do that. There should be laws against people like that.

1173 days ago

some guy    


Did you get your ideas for personal security from BET?

Thugs. Thugs and wannabe gangstas.

1173 days ago

some guy    

Not surprised, TBH.

Saw Dog's show once. All I could think was how could this trailer trash be able to score a show when there are people starving in Hollywood.

1173 days ago


Racist Prick!

1173 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

This pompous **** needs a bodyguard?

1173 days ago


omg! this sh*ty show still on? isnt this the guy who talks about jesus to crackheads, hates blacks and chases hawaiians with his can of mase?

1173 days ago


This whole mess sounds fishy. Violence on violence. Does anybody follow the laws anymore?

1173 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I wonder what Dog thinks of Totmom

1173 days ago


We can only thank reality TV for this lunatic out on the streets. He needs to be neutered

1173 days ago


Seriously I am surprised this show is still on. I got bored with the leather skinned skanky stringy bleached hair. Also the wrinkled old nasty face, and his BIMBO fat wife.. And talk about funny when he tries to run holding his big bad ass can of mace

1173 days ago


Dog is normally VERY respectful to family untill it gets to the point where the family is intentionally ruinning him in circles and lieing. That is the only time I really see when he gets upset. He should be upset. When someone posts bail, it is dog that puts HIS money on the line only to possibly loose it if the guy doesn't show to court and dissapears beyond the time gap given by the court. Peter SC- yes, he violated the country of Mexico's laws by bounty hunting in Mexico, but do you know why? Because Andrew Lester who is the heir to the Max Factor buisness raped and sodomized hundreds of young girls and needed to be caught because he was continuing to do it. I hope if something like that ever happends to my family, that there is someone out there like that who would go to those links. And yes, he needs body gaurds, weather you like it or not, not only is he a celebrity, but there are many people whom he has brought down who wouldn't mind seeing him brought down.

1173 days ago


men i hope his reality show crew was there i wana see that!

1173 days ago


I got over Dog and his posse a long time ago. To the guy who said Dog is always respectful until people give him a hard time, have you ever watched his show? He pounds on doors screaming "come out M..... f.....", threatens to have people thrown in jail for not helping him and trespasses on private property. To the guy who said Sonny is always his bodyguard -- you have it twisted. Sonny is the muscle IN HAWAII. This incident happened in COLORADO. Sonny never leaves the islands. Dog and his crew don't have a lot of respect in CO. Dog's fat.a.s.s wife has a criminal record in CO and can't even participate in bounty hunts there because her license has been revoked. Haven't you noticed that when they're in CO she hangs back and doesn't get involved in the apprehension? SHE CAN'T.

1173 days ago
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