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Dog Chapman -- Botched Bar Raid Turns Bloody

7/9/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dog the Bounty Hunter was at the center of violent bar brawl Thursday night in Colorado -- and according to sources on the scene, Dog's security guard sent a guy to the hospital ... where he got 15 stitches.

TMZ spoke to the owner of La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado -- and he tells us, Dog and his crew raided the place looking for the owner's father ... who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges.

According to the owner -- named Luke -- Dog barged in out of nowhere and confronted Luke's mom about the target ... and was extremely disrespectful.

Luke stepped in to calm things down -- but several customers had already taken offense at Dog's behavior and got in Dog's face ... at which point the bounty hunter's hired muscle jumped into action.

We're told one of the customers sprayed the security guard in the face with cleaning fluid -- and the big man lashed back with haymaker to the customer's face ... leaving a gash that required 15 stitches.

We're told the fight got so nuts -- it resembled a "saloon brawl" from a Wild West movie ... someone even threw a potted plant.

Cops showed up soon after -- but no arrests were made. According to law enforcement, the situation is still under investigation.

So far, no official word from Dog's people.


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To everyone that is saying crap about the show, dog and his family, etc, etc.... Fact one: Yes, dog was arrested for thing in Mexico but that was taken care of. Fact two: Beth's bonds license was never revoked and she has helped get the fugitive. Fact thee: Sonny has come to CO to them find someone. Fact three: Something else must of happen for him to do that. Last but not least, Fact four: DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET, MAGAZINES OR CERTAIN PAPERS.

Before, you guys start complaining about stuff or talking about stuff that you have no idea about, YOU NEED TO GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT FIRST

1200 days ago


I hope his hair is ok..

1200 days ago


Mickey-- of course it is a racist term in the African American community, and that just means you don't use it in the way Dog does. If someone wanted to bust out with some derogatory words that doesn't make it okay to use them if you are not a member of that culture. It's wrong. Period. You just don't use words that are offensive to anyone.

1200 days ago


To all of you douchebags talking smack about Dog, I bet none of you were complaining when he risked his own life to capture that POS coward rapist Andrew Luster. He captures dangerous criminals, and puts them behind bars. If any of you came face to face with a real criminal, you internet tough guys would probably piss your pants.

1200 days ago

Susanne Unsworth    

WOW just look at all the comments ppl have made, how nasty and pointless some of them are. DOG, Beth, DL, Leland & Lyssa are good ppl making a difference out there! Why did this happen?? Hmmmm Looks to me like ppl sticking there noses where they dont belong! NO8!! KEEP DOING THE GREAT WORK Y'ALL DO #1CHAPMANS!!

1200 days ago

World Record    

I think I have had enough of the dog also, just chasing a bunch of Ice Heads.Just boring, Lisa was locked up for her anger, Beth fired all the sons,Little Gary now has a badge and out bounty hunting on his own

1200 days ago


SuperM31 -- you know that Beth never lost her license in CO? Really?

"On 1-10-02 charges were filed against Beth Smith, a/k/a Alice E. Barmore, in the Jefferson County Court (case number 2002CR000080) for Extortion-Unlawful Act (2 counts), False Imprisonment (2 counts), Forgery-Check/Commercial Instrument and Obstructing Government Operations. Her co-defendant, Mary Angell, was also charged with the same complaints except for the obstruction charge and had an additional charge of Forgery 2.

All charges on Ms. Barmore were dismissed by the DA except for obstructing government operations (misdemeanor); she pled guilty and received a fine of $750.00 plus court costs and a $25.00 fee for to make the fine in installment payments. It is rumored part of the agreement with the DA was she would surrender her bail license in Colorado, much to the relief of real bail agents with whom she always argued with, swore at and threatened. She is perhaps the most despised person in the bail industry."

1200 days ago


All I can say is Dog and his family rock!!!

1200 days ago

Da Seagull    

I was there! Dog is a rude ass duche! Stay outta breck! Howlie kook!

1200 days ago


It was in Steamboat Springs CO not Breckenridge.

1200 days ago


I've watched the show a few times and was surprised about how these horrible people could think and act like they are so superior. What's worse is that he always has to lecture the criminal on the way to the jail. His wife seems like a real bitch as well. Also has anyone seen their son? They make the poor kid wear his hair just like dogs and make him wear things like leather vests and cowboy why don't the just ask the other kids to pick on him?

1200 days ago


Love you Dog and crew. you guys are for real, not like all the other reality shows like "repo" and others. Keep up the good work bra!!!!!

1200 days ago


To all the people who are making rude comments about Dog,Beth and his family well all I can say is Dog,Beth and his family are doing a great job and you all must be jealous because of the mean comments you are making!

1200 days ago


At least there was not gunfire, nothing wrong with a good old fashioned bar fight...

1200 days ago


I am appalled at the comments posted here. Dog's physical appearance has nothing to do with this article or his profession and should not be a factor in your opinion of him and his show. If this is all that you have to comment about then you're reaching for something to report just as TMZ reaches daily for something and anything (true or false) to report on.

Since when did TMZ become a factual and/or reputable news source? I don't believe this story, especially coming from TMZ.

Please take some time to educate yourselves on the facts behind bounty hunting and the risks that the Chapmans and other bounty hunters take everyday so that we are safe in our communities. Because of their noble work, we, as taxpayers, aren't left with the burden of paying to have criminals on the streets as we would without them. If I trusted someone to appear in court on my money, you bet I would be banging on their door for them. I don't know, however, that I'd be as generous and patient as the Chapmans are with their words and time on my way to bring the fugitive in. Their goal is to capture them but, more importantly, to help guide the fugitives to get their lives back on track. Dog and Beth use their past experiences to provide guidance which is quite honorable.

An article explaining how much fugitive recapture would cost us as taxpayers if bounty hunters did not put their money and their lives on the line everyday to keep communities safe.

An archived article about Dog's exceptional work in capturing the "international rapist" Andrew Luster.

And another article about the inspirational work that Dog does on his own time. He uses his live experiences to help people make positive changes in their lives.

1200 days ago
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