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Pot Prosecutor

Wants Mercy for

Willie Nelson

7/9/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie Nelson's fortunes may have changed dramatically ... the guy who's prosecuting him for pot possession is not going along with the judge who wants to nail the singer ... and Willie could walk.

The judge in Wilie's Texas marijuana case rejected a plea deal struck between Willie and the D.A. in which Willie would have paid $500 and the case would have gone away.  The judge felt the deal reeked of celebrity justice so he told them to come up with a stronger punishment -- with a maximum of one year in jail.

But sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... there's a "strong possibility" the prosecutor will not recommend a stronger punishment, but instead just sit on the case until it's dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Call it defiant, but the prosecutor is riding a wave in Texas to treat marijuana possession for what it is ... and not fill the overcrowded jails with recreational potheads.


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LEAVE WILLIE ALONE ! ! ! Man I have to see a Willie Nelson concert.

1204 days ago

Aunt Ann    

If the Pot Prosecutor REALLY wants mercy, he does hold the hand that "drops the charges."
Children, can you say "Two-Faced Politician?"

1204 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Congrats to the prosecutor for having some brains. Leave Willie and all potheads alone. Such a waste of tax dollars going after something as dumb as this.

1204 days ago


I wish Willie Nelson the best . Sending him to jail would be a crime.

1204 days ago


The judge is the one who is not treating Willie Nelson like any other offender under that charge.

It's time for a justice overhall in the U.S.A.

Seriously, letting a baby killer like Casey Anthony walk and putting Willie Nelson in jail are both just stupid on so many levels.

1204 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

kitnplayn ... I so much agree with you....How backwards is this? And Casey Anthony going free? Unbelievable...

1204 days ago

some guy    


Gratz on getting free. Find some dirt on that judge?

1204 days ago


"Call it defiant, but the prosecutor is riding a wave in Texas to treat marijuana possession for what it is ... and not fill the overcrowded jails with recreational potheads."

It's about time sense prevailed. Let's hope this becomes a national thing.

1204 days ago


This crime will never be reduced like it should. Not when Police get pay raises and promotions for busting people. The Judge is just ignorant and I bet throws alcohol back like its water.
The system is corrupt!

1204 days ago

dos La pappo rattuos    

We chwed up his hiar and weesd than nested with the DOA wirewalker until winter

1204 days ago


I don't know, Maybe he should go to jail to get more people involved and get some focus on the Laws and make people mad and finaly do something about Leaglizeing Marijuan.. Other wise the reefer madnes people will of course start crying out that he is getting Celebrity treatment. And the pro Marijuana people will be happy Willy didn't go to jail. I am afraid we pro leaglization people need a matar to bring us out!

1204 days ago


If alcohol is legal then we should make pot legal. That is so messed up. Nobody kills anyone else in car crashes for being high. They do when drunk. If salvia is legal, that is worse than pot, why not pot?

1204 days ago


You know, I find it odd that he keeps getting caught so much lately. I'm sure his habits haven't changed over the years. I'm guessing cops see his bus coming into their town and automatically bring out the dogs to search the bus.

Honestly there are worse things he could be doing. This judge is wasting tax payer's money by dragging this on. The man is 78yrs old and has been smoking weed most of his adult life. He's not going to change. Stop harassing him, and get on with more important things.

1204 days ago


The marijuana laws need to be dealt with on a Federal level. It does no good for states to decriminalize it only to have the Feds bust people for it.

Happily, there is some movement in DC in that direction -

1204 days ago


Free Willy

1204 days ago
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