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Tobey Maguire's 'POKER ACCOUNT' Shows Losses

7/11/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tobey Maguire has filed legal documents -- obtained by TMZ -- showing he was a loser as well as a winner when it came to high-stakes poker, and therefore he shouldn't have to return any winnings to the crook he beat.   And Tobey apparently played so much, he had separate poker accounts.


Maguire is responding to a lawsuit filed against him in connection with Brad Ruderman, a convicted Ponzi scheme felon.  Ruderman is in bankruptcy, and the trustees want Tobey to repay more than $300,000 he won from Ruderman in Texas hold 'em.

Maguire included 3 checks in his legal papers, showing he paid Ruderman a total of $168,500 between July, 2007 and January, 2009.


And get this ... Tobey actually has 2 checking accounts labeled, "POKER ACCOUNT."



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Maybe Tobey decided to change his name, and since "Metta World Peace" and "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" were taken, he settled on "Poker Account".

1169 days ago

b thomas    

He enjoys playing cards. He put so much away into an account and uses that account, or two, to play cards with, winnings go into that account and losings come out. He probably has separate accounts for life ****, like bills. Sounds pretty smart to me. Oh, and he was perfect for Peter Parker, not his fault the scripts sucked.

1169 days ago


Poker?- damned near killed her!!

1169 days ago


does nobody else notice the different handwriting between all 3 checks?

1169 days ago


The way Brad Ruderman is written is very different on all three checks.

1169 days ago


Next time you hear the MPAA complain about piracy, and claim that you are stealing money from hard working people by illegally downloading/streaming free movie content, think about poor Tobey McGuire. He needs the residuals for his Poker habit!

IOW, you should go broke watching Hollywood movies on Comcast for 20X there distribution price (5.99), because the prima donna's in Hollywood need to keep living their drug infused fantasy lifestyles.

Music executives...same story. Jimmy Iovine is always complaining about Apple stealing his pay...but I have heard his Grammy parties spare no expense. The less you pay for music, the less Jimmy Iovine gets to serve truffles on gold plates from swimsuit models/servers.

1169 days ago


Good Job Tobey, FIGHT THIS.

Ruderman is a rat and jerk. You are lawfully playing with your OWN $$$. None of anyone else's business.

1169 days ago


All intelligent celebrities and avid poker players (or avid gamblers), really must provide an accounting for their various governments and taxing entities who always have their hands out and always are looking to make a name for themselves if they catch any celebrity cheating. Toby has done the right think by being able to track his winnings and losses.

1169 days ago


So the f**k what, they play poker. This is the most assinine thing I have heard. I play poker at a casino, I play at private parties, what buisness is it of the publics ?????????? If you want something to rail at, what about the injustice in Florida. You people are idiots.

1169 days ago


I'm sure the handwritings are different because he had personal assistants make them out, then just signed them. I used to be a personal assistant and did that all the time for my boss.

1169 days ago


Poker? He hardly knew her!

1169 days ago

hello cleveland    

Thirty five thousand dollars and NO SENSE

1169 days ago


The first check says it all but its spelled wrong. No cents should be No Sence!

1169 days ago


Tobey Maguire looks like he has T.B. or is prepping to play Skeletor. Sheez, he really looks bad.

1169 days ago


$171,500 for those who are following along with the home game.

8575 20lb Turkeys at $1/lb to donate at Thanks Giving or 9/11, whatever your favorite holiday is.
1143 ($150) Bags of Groceries for starving families
343 iPad 2's
16 2011 Hyundai Accent GLs
1 House in a poor neighborhood, paid in cash
Or you could be like Kobe Bryant and spew about 1.5 gay slurs at an NBA game.

1169 days ago
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