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Rodney King DUI

The Mug Shot

7/12/2011 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot for Rodney King -- taken moments after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Rodney King Mug Shot

As we previously reported, Rodney was pulled over in Moreno Valley, CA earlier this afternoon -- after police observed him committing "multiple infractions" in his 1993 Mitsubishi.

Cops transported him to a nearby Riverside Sheriff's station soon after -- where King was eventually booked and arrested on suspicion of DUI.

So far, no word on what cops believe King was under the influence of.


No Avatar


Damn Rodney's looking good too.

Sort your **** out Mr King and I am sure you can find a fine woman to keep you out of trouble.

1201 days ago


I think he looks really
good for his age and history.
He's not in a full tilt
relapse is what I'm saying, luckily
he or anyone else didn't get hurt.

1201 days ago


AGAIN!!!! I don't think Rodney ever stopped drinking. Glad he didn't hurt anyone or get a beat down by the police this time.

1201 days ago


You would think someone like Rodney King would NOT want to mess around with law enforcement!
Maybe he's broke and looking for a beating so he can get paid again? What other reason could he possibly have for being so stupid?
He should have enough money to hire a cab!! Idiot!

1201 days ago


Maybe the cops should just let him go this time. They owe him one!

1201 days ago

PRO US    

Can't we all just get along? LOL

1201 days ago


Rodney King and O.J. Simpson
Separated at birth?

1201 days ago


Still useless after all these years? What a surprise. Well, at least he apparently learned to be arrested a little more gracefully than in the past.

1201 days ago


Aw, Rodney. I was so rooting for you! Still am, so pick it up and move on, dude.

1201 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

You mean "Moreno Valley" you Journalist wannabes? That's the only Moreno I can think of in Riverside County. Come on people, you guys live not that far away from Riverside County (L.A. Area) and you never heard of the city??? Give me a job, I bet I would be better at writing this stuff..mother f'ers.

1201 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This is the outcome for about 99% of these hoodies famous or otherwise, we've got em caged once, then they go out and kill someone, maim someone like happened to a co worked of mine, Marciea Atkins, from the 911 dispatching department here in Chicago over the weekend I work pt overnight weekend in addition to running my Graphics business.

A Hoodie teen football brutha jacks a 50 thousand dollar ride, almost runs over 2 cops getting stopped, then bolts, runs a red light and kills my co worker broadsiding her on her way home from our graveyard shift....... at 5 am you're not even safe from these freaking people.

He's Whacked on meth and drunk just like this ahole, and they called him a 'honor student'!!! Can you believe that ******e?

Now you people know why I come on these boards to pillory these ghetto-triber's, it's their useless and endless violence, rampant crime, idiocy, you name it they do it to America day in and day out.

How about the hoodie daddy who was sprung from Rikers up in Brooklyn 2,3 weeks ago, and was out with his 'little Michael Vick" after being caged most of his life, they both accuse a parking attendant of jacking a $200 bottle of clubbin cologne, start a fight as jail tatted up pops throws the first punch, abandons his kid, who gets shivved by the attendant who's being attacked by AWOL MIA 'daddy' with a shovel he carries around in the purple Fleetwood's trunk for a weapon. It never ends.

1201 days ago


It's Moreno Valley, CA

1201 days ago


Sad, I thought he was a sweet guy on Celebrity Rehab. Get some help, brother!

1201 days ago

Blue Lake    

What a disappointment. Doesn't he have children? How sad for them that daddy can't get it the f#ck together.

1201 days ago


Looks like it's time for this dude to get another beat down.

1201 days ago
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