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TMZ Live: Michelle's Junk Food Binge - Bad Example?

7/12/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Obama wants a healthier America -- then chows down on a greasy, 1,700 calorie meal for all to see. Bad example ... or is she allowed to slip every now and then?

And, the guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit gave the ball back ... and now his unselfishness may come back to bite him in the ass. Did he do the right thing?


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(6:00) Health advocate Michelle Obama chows down on a greasy, 1,700 calorie meal ... bad example or is she allowed to indulge?
(9:50) Should Michelle have stuffed her face in private?
(13:40) Harvey -- a devout vegetarian -- takes a trip down meat memory lane ... naming all his former favorite places to eat.
(21:00) Floyd Mayweather burns a $100 bill in the middle of a club ... is anyone going to defend him on this one?
(23:00) What's the difference between burning money and wasting it on a $1000 bottle of wine?
(37:30) Time for ginger talk.
(32:50) VERY INTERESTING ... the same number of people who voted FOR gay marriage on our site voted AGAINST polygamy. Hypocritical?
(36:00)  Is there a difference between rights for polygamists and gays?
(41:10) A caller hilariously sums up the whole argument.
(44:00) The guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit gives the ball back ... but it may come back to bite him in the ass.
(47:40) A Red Sox fan calls in ... and let's just say ... you gotta hear it!


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you cant deny the long term health implications of bad food and if the white lady herself can't get off the fast food wagon what is the hope for the rest?

1170 days ago


Hey, Harvey: Rashomon was the FILM. KUROSAWA was the director.

1170 days ago


Mrs. Obama touts eating "healthier". Give it a rest. She's allowed..and she looks Amazing! Excerise/eat healthier and get out of The First Lady's plate!

1170 days ago


if this was bush wife doing this.they would be laying into her..but since obamas wife did it its ok

1170 days ago


if you are gonna shove healthy eating down our throats then you should eat healthy.dont tell me to eat healthy then you go out and eat unhealthy then have some lame im addicted to fries excuse when you get called out

1170 days ago


distance from white house to shake shack - 3.4 miles (10 min drive):

Driving directions to 1500 South Capitol St SE, Washington D.C., DC 20003
This route has restricted usage or private roads.

160...0 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington D.C., DC 20500

1. Head south on E Executive Ave NW toward Alexander Hamilton Pl NW
Restricted usage road

0.2 mi
2. Turn left onto E St NW
Partial restricted usage road

404 ft
3. Continue onto Pennsylvania Ave NW

0.3 mi
4. Turn right onto 12th St NW

0.2 mi
5. Turn left onto Constitution Ave NW

0.2 mi
6. Turn right onto 9th St NW

0.6 mi
7. Take the ramp on the left onto I-395 N

0.3 mi
8. Continue onto Southwest Fwy

0.3 mi
9. Take the exit toward So. Capitol St/Nationals Park

0.3 mi
10. Merge onto S Capitol St SW

0.1 mi
11. Slight left to stay on S Capitol St SW

0.4 mi
12. Take the 2nd right onto O St SW

423 ft
13. Turn left onto Half St SW

344 ft
14. Take the 1st left onto P St SW

492 ft
15. Turn left onto S Capitol St SE/Frederick Douglass Bridge/Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge
Destination will be on the right

377 ft

1500 South Capitol St SE
Washington D.C., DC 20003

1170 days ago


Given your high profile in culture - how would you feel if you were ostricised for your eating habits in public?

1170 days ago


No....she is not a hypocrite!! Seriously! Even on a diet you have to do things in moderation and you can have the the stuff you love as long as you do it in moderation. This is just silly!

1170 days ago


I think Michelle should eat it once in a while.

1170 days ago


Unless Michelle Obama eats junk food all the time, eating junk food once in a great while should not be considered news.

1170 days ago


no she is aloud to endugle....she is thin, she is not out of shape...come on...if she was an over weight moribity obese person then yeah hypocrite....

1170 days ago


The Shake Shack burgers are AMAZING!!! Give me a break, she can eat what she wants!! Are you tell me you have NEVER eaten something that you shouldn't eat!

1170 days ago


Speaking of Kelly Ripa, which you just did, she over-exercises and recently hurt herself because of that. In addition, she's what? 40? and today she wore spangly hot pants on Regis and Kelly.

1170 days ago


1170 days ago


After all the poverty I've seen in third world countries, there is nothing that can redeem mayweather in my eyes.

1170 days ago
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