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Ricky Romance: Man-Slapping Bouncer Broke My Foot!

7/14/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ricky Romance claims he SHATTERED a bone in his foot after a giant Hollywood bouncer violently he-slapped Ricky to the ground last month -- and TMZ has obtained an X-ray of the fracture.


Ricky tells us ... his foot had been killing him non-stop since the fight outside Playhouse on June 26th -- but he didn't get it checked out until last week ... when the swelling got severe.


Ricky says doctors informed him he had broken one of the bones in the middle of his foot -- known as metatarsal bones -- and gave him crutches to hobble around on.

0713-ricky-romance-LaunchRicky says he's thinking about suing the bouncer.

TMZ placed calls to the club in an effort to get a comment from the bouncer -- so far, no response.


No Avatar


this girl needs to get slapped again, boo hoo I broke my foot go cry to mommy you fool

1162 days ago


I didn't think even douchebags wore Ed Hardy anymore.

1162 days ago


I bet the bouncer gave it to him real good in that alley. His butt is probably just as broke as his foot. Ricky get used to it your but will never be the same!

1162 days ago


Hey Ricky, you go slapped the f*%k out!

1162 days ago

captain chillymost    

Dontay 3 hours ago

What a *****. I broke more three metatarsals in my left foot while I was surfing last week, but you don't see me suing the Pacific Ocean. I'm not hobbling around on crutches, either. As long as its not the big toe, you can still walk with a little bit of a limp with broken bones in your foot. Ankles are a different story.

Boy are you stupid. Maybe you should sue your dads penis for letting out faulty goop.

1162 days ago

John Stone    

What an idiot. Loser.

1162 days ago


If he did that here he's have more than a broken toe.

1162 days ago

Ya Mon    

Fake A#$ Bro get treated like a HO !@#$ (RAP IZ CRAP!)

1162 days ago


TMZ PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE Stop doing article on this guy. No one cares! (Although i'll admit the video was funny, but we don't need an update on him and his health)

1162 days ago


He can cash in big time.

1162 days ago


Is he joking? If he broke it he wouldn't be able to put any weight on it AT ALL within 30 minutes of it being broken! It swells and bruises immediately! I broke a metatarsal (same one as him, actually, but my right foot) when I was 13 years old. The doctor wrapped it in an ace bandage, gave me crutches and told me to get on with it. Sounds like he did this all on his own after the bouncer encounter and wants someone to blame.

1162 days ago


This the same dude threatening to end Chris Brown, then seen on his knees in Dekalb County, begging not to get his azz whupped? Bytch please.

1162 days ago


Here's Ricky Romance. I'm gonna sue a guy that I smacked the crap out of that in turn smacked the hell out of me. With that I broke my foot and I have no self responsebility! Because I'm a loser!

1162 days ago

The Neko Nation    

What a silly punk. He slaps the guy then runs and gets what he deserves and now he cries about it. He had all of his boys with him but they didn't even help since they weren't outnumbering the security. That is how pathetic self entitled losers like these fools will only fight.

1162 days ago


he was the one that started the fight by slapping him in the face, i guess the bouncer was just defending himself...

1162 days ago
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