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Rodney King DUI

Marijuana Suspected

7/13/2011 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rodney King was suspected of driving while under the influence of marijuana at the time of his arrest yesterday ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


We're told ... the Riverside County Sheriff's Department deputies who initially stopped King in Moreno Valley, CA yesterday noticed Rodney exhibited physical signs of marijuana use.

King was detained and transported to a nearby station. After King submitted to a sobriety test, he was arrested for DUI.

We're told King also submitted to a blood test -- but the results are not in yet.  King posted bail and was released soon after his arrest.

Sheriffs are expected to submit the case to the Riverside County District Attorney's Office -- which will decide whether to prosecute King.


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"physical signs of marijuana use"- what, did King hug him, giggle, and ask if he had any Doritos? You would think that this man would do everything in the known universe to stay the eff away from cops like John Bobbitt stays away from steak knives.

1144 days ago


He's hopeless. Ever since he got away with fighing cops in a drug-induced frenzy and getting away with it because the cameraman only showed the cops fighting back, he keeps getting busted for the exact same reasons because he knows he'll always get away with it.

1144 days ago


I don't know if anyone has gotten the memo yet, but you really can't drive under the influence of anything. Alcohol can stay in your system for about 24 hours and weed for about 30 days. Get with the program and get wise.

1144 days ago


OMGoodness! I don't know how you'd ever get a conviction! Did they get blood? Other than that, I do not see how they can tell for sure, and who's to know when, as in yesterday, he "inhaled." Without finding it ON HIM WITH A PIPE or PAPERS and a roach, how would they know that he used RECENTLY. AND does he have a prescription?

1144 days ago


Wow. Shocker.....

1144 days ago

artie help    

can't we all just get a -BONG

1144 days ago


Please don't blame others ;p

1144 days ago

Bean Reel    

For the love of mike, could California PLEASE convict this guy of something?????? He's a detriment to society and shouldn't be out on his own ---- like OJ, or Casey Anthony.

Oh, well, just like OJ, I guess.

1144 days ago


"mousetrap less than a minute ago

I don't know if anyone has gotten the memo yet, but you really can't drive under the influence of anything. Alcohol can stay in your system for about 24 hours and weed for about 30 days. Get with the program and get wise."

Presence in the body is not the same as psychoactive duration. Generally the psychoactive duration of cannabis is 30 minutes up to 8 hours, depending on tolerance, strength and method of taking it. Eating it is different from smoking it. If pot remained psychoactive for 30 days there'd be a whole lot less sold. I would have thought the best thing would be to not drive for a day or until sober. Just like booze. But to imply someone shouldn't drive for 30 days is wrong and bad science.

1144 days ago


Stoners in the mist.

1144 days ago


oh no not marijuana (rolling eyes)

1144 days ago


They'll prosecute him and he'll get the harshest sentence. He deserves it for all the crap we had to go through as a state. Oh and don't forget "can't we all get along." Lock him up

1144 days ago


What a tragedy. Most of these people look like hell. Those that don't will look that way in the near future. There is absolutely nothing of value in inhaling any chemicals into your lungs and bloodstream. A cheap high...for what? I now think less of each one of these "celebs" and wanna-be's.

1144 days ago


Sumbitch looks good after all these years!

1144 days ago


He's an effing joke! Booo hoooo cry for him cuz he always was and always will be a disgrace to himself and society. Did he get his **** together after he got his ass beat?? Well lets see how many times AFTER that beating did Mr.Innocent get arrested?? PU-------LEAZE..He got years ago what all REPEAT druggies n drinking criminals deserve, a WHOOPING!!

1144 days ago
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