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Barron Hilton Ordered to Pay $4.9 MIL In DUI Crash

7/15/2011 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron has been ordered to shell out $4.9 million to a gas station attendant he struck  back in 2008 ... the same day he was arrested for DUI.

Barron Hilton 4.9 million

Hilton was sued by Fernando Tellez -- who was working at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway when Barron -- who was 18-years-old at the time -- rolled up in a Mercedes Benz ... and struck the guy with his ride.

Tellez's attorney claims he suffered "permanent disability" and has been forced to "undergo multiple surgeries and medical procedures" ever since.

Hilton was arrested on suspicion of DUI that day after blowing a .14. He later pleaded no contest to the charge.

Now, an L.A. County Superior Court jury has ordered Hilton to fork over $4.9 million in damages.

A source connected with Barron tells TMZ, "We disagree with the jury.  Barron did not strike the attendant.  Barron knows he did wrong. It happened 3 years ago and he's been incredibly responsible ever since."


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Surveillance video?

1195 days ago


A bunch of winners in the Hilton family for sure!!

1195 days ago


Basically, said he's been good since then. Take it out of his trust fund.

1195 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Why does he look greasy????

1195 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Those sure were some expensive drinks... deadbeats today, the more money people have the less civilized they seem to become. You can't even clean the ghetto out of some people with 100's of millions of dollars. That's pretty freaking sad.

1195 days ago


THIS is the reason why PAPA and MAMA Hilton took out that LOAN a few weeks ago. Gotta pay for being a lousy driver.

1195 days ago

some guy    

Dunno... 4.9 mil seems excessive.

Think it'd take a lifetime from working in a gas station to make that kind of cash.

Kinda suspicious about how bad the gas station guy's injuries really are.

Think I'd get a 2nd opinion, or at least follow the guy around to make sure he's really disabled.

1195 days ago


What an idiot! I hope the jerk spends the rest of his life feeling guilty for driving drunk and hitting an innocent person. Stay off the sauce you dumb twit! Your family has enough money to hire a cab if you do decide to tip a few too many! Try to keep that in mind next time! As we all know with these rich spoiled brats, there WILL be a next time!

1195 days ago


Barron may have 'changed' in three years but the poor attendant will never be the same. HIS injuries won't magically disappear just because some spoiled, rich kid 'saw the error of his ways'.

1195 days ago


That's 2 cents to Hilton s.

Pay-up and be done with it.

1195 days ago

Abraham lincoln     

I think 4.9 is excessive,i think the employ is lying about the injuries.4.9 million can support you for over a 100 years if used smartly.,so i guess gas station guy won the lottery

1195 days ago

some guy    

I think more celebs should try and take Barron's side.

This kind of frivolous lawsuit could happen to anyone that's got more than a couple dollars in the bank.

1195 days ago


Does he have a wonky eye like Paris?

1195 days ago


His insurance co. will have to pay. But you can bet they will appeal...and appeal....and appeal...

He is just a young single guy in college.
He could even file for bankruptcy to get out from under whatever his portion of the payment will be, if any.

1195 days ago


at .14 he could have mowed down a bus bench full of people and not remembered any of it.

He was under 21, drinking and driving. Plus that's pocket change for the family. Whatever their insurance doesn't pay the family will pick up and somehow write it off on their taxes.

The damages amount is too high. A petition will be filed, money will change hands, and the amount will be reduced.

This is America, this is how we roll.

1195 days ago
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