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Jane Fonda

QVC Axed Me

Over Possible Protests

7/16/2011 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Fonda's controversy in Vietnam is almost 40 years old ... yet she claims QVC canceled her appearance at the last minute because of fears of protests from disgruntled viewers. 

Jane was supposed to appear this morning to promote her new book, "Prime Time." But Fonda posted a blog on her site this morning claiming QVC gave her the boot because "they got a lot of calls yesterday criticizing me for my opposition to the Vietnam War and threatening to boycott the show if I was allowed to appear."

For all you youngins ... Fonda was photographed sitting on an anti-aircraft gun during a visit to Vietnam in 1972. The incident has dogged her for years, earning her the nickname "Hanoi Jane."

In her blog, Fonda went on to say, "Bottom line, this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT! I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us."

Emails to QVC were not immediately returned.


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You don't get it. Yes war is murder. No soldier who has had
to actually fight,and I mean really lock horns with someone who
trying to kill you wants any part of the hoo-raw, chest beating BS
as seen on TV. I was there. Three tours. And this person actually
did harm to me, and to my troops. We are not discussing philosophy
here. Go to showbiz and see how contrite she is.

1202 days ago


elle 1 day ago
This is absurd! And anyone who thinks they actually -remember- what happened is too old to have a reliable memory. Anyone who believes everything they -hear/read- is lacking in the intellect department.

I'm boycotting QVC for booting Jane!

Really? I was a child and yet I remember it vividly!! There is a difference between protesting war to your government and causing harm to the soldiers defending a country she claims to love! I remember the things that were said by her and other activists that caused those lucky enough to come home from Nam to be classed as baby killers and murderers, their uniform was spat on by her ilk and far worse! Even when the war was over there were many soldiers still kept captive in Nam, tortured, hidden beneath ground with bamboo lids to their cages - they were never handed over, unlike in any previous war! In Nam women and children, young children, were used to bait the soldiers into letting down their guard and then the women and children blew them to hell and back! Oh yeah, Nam brought suicide bombers to the front, their soldiers were happy to use their women and children as weapons to destroy as many soldiers as possible in the area! For once women and children could not be trusted to be innocent and those that approached them often found the bombs that blew off their limbs or took their lives to be a fearsome,horrific shock! So, if you arm women and children then use that p.r of women and children being killed by US soldiers to defame them who d'you think is worse?!
The memory of Hanoi Jane and her treachery will never be forgiven by anyone who served in Nam, not their families! Take a visit to DC, then walk along the wall of the names of the dead and missing, before making ridiculous comments that no one knows what they are talking about perhaps you should go back to school or check up on your history! Records don't lie, photographs don't lie, neither does filmed footage and the widely publicised footage of Hanoi Jane and her ilk!
The names listed on the memorial would have had a circle put around them if they were ever found or returned home alive - now as far as I'm aware there are NO CIRCLES!!

Hanoi Jane took her stand, she betrayed the soldiers who were sent there by the same country that was her birthplace, they did not ASK to go and her ignorant desire to protest war by visiting Nam, posing on an enemy AAG full of smiles showed where her support lay! It wasn't with the US or them, her refusal to accept the truth of what was going on in NAM and her vitriolic hatred and actions caused an invisible, searing white hot scar to be burned across the hearts and bodies of every soldier and their families, a scar caused by the scorching heat as the hounds of hell broke free, letting Hanoi Jane burn her mark into as many lives as possible!

I remember reading a story a few years ago now I think, where she had a book signing session somewhere and an ex serviceman walked up to her and spat on her saying it was for all the rest of the servicemen she betrayed then and was doing now!

Walk down the Nam memorial in DC, I remember my first visit where the servicemen were selling T-Shirts with the US flag and logo "The War Is Not Over Until The Last Soldier Comes Home"! I still have mine - it's a bit worn but I still have it! Until you have walked one mile in a soldier's boots you don't get to stand there pissing on their name or uniform!

The people to protest are the government, you never take it out on the servicemen doing their job for their country and Hanoi Jane had started to speak out about the soldiers in Iraq too! They are now also feeling the negative impact of the protesters who once more are calling them baby killers - yeah Jane F. needs to be sooooo proud of her legacy - NOT!!

As for QVC, you think they'll care if you boycott them? There are many more thousands of viewers they would lose by putting her on, old wounds don't heal and she continues to rub salt into the wound with her denials!!

Now she's saying it's everybody else's fault, that she loves the US, that she always has and she loves the servicemen too, and everything said is just a lie! Oh I'm sure there's not a serviceman out there current or past who wouldn't puke at her comment, it is outrageous! It was her who defined herself as Hanoi Jane, THAT is her legacy, she was a mediocre actress at best and at her age she should have the balls to admit to herself and publicly that she either stands by her comments and stance then or apologises for the harm her actions caused - not that many would believe her mind you, it would be more than likely self-serving if it ever (unlikely) happened! Of course she is the face of L'Oreal anti-ageing cream too lololol, yeah, um how many plastic surgeries has it been now?!


1202 days ago


The most interesting thing about this is seeing the thousands of negative responses from around the country, MANY from people who were in Viet Nam or from their families who were very affected by Jane Fonda's traitorous actions.

And yet: TMZ presents a very biased account of her actions and practically creams themselves to suck up to her because she has the same political beliefs as they do.

(You don't see them running interference for America lovers do you?)

1202 days ago


Shasmith about an hour ago
She's the one dragging this out. She's the one that won't let it go. She blamed the soldiers for the war and now wants to blame us for not buying her stuff. She can't have both. She's the liar. Here's a good website with HER words:
If we are spreading lies what is this all about? We made it up too?

Shasmith Thanks for the link,the North Vietnam comment stating that all of the US war protesters of the ilk of Jane Fonda were equally as guilty as them for the 20,000 + deaths of US servicemen is interesting, since it admits they used her and the protesters to avoid peace talks and to fight on regardless! She freely admits to wanting the US to be a communist state, there are some things I didn't know in there so thanks for sharing!

1202 days ago


I'm glad QVC canceled the bitch. She could have easily protested the Vietnam war in this country but she had to go to there and pose for pictures with the enemy. Can you imagine an actress today flying to Iraq and posing for pictures with the Taliban to protest? She should wear that scarlet letter ("T" for traitor) for the rest of her life.

1202 days ago

Tom Anderson    

Being a Vietnam Era Vet through Desert storm, I as I'm sure my brothers will never forgive this women. So if those of us who defended this great nation are the extremists she speaks of then God Bless each one of us. There are reactions to your individual actions and now you have to pay the price.

1202 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Her Photo looks like a cross of Melanie Griffith(s) & Carol Burnett.

1202 days ago


It's hilarious to see Ms Fonda still pay the price for her "holier-than-thou" attitude of the 70's. It was profitable for her to cater to the peaceniks crowd at the time. By denying what she did at the time, she's a double-traitor. A traitor to her country AND a traitor to her cause.

I'll always boycott Hanoi Jane, whatever she says.

1202 days ago


Well it took 40 yrs. for Jane Fonda to see what she did to the troops fighting for her freedom in the Vietnam War. My husband served (2) tours in Vietnam. And yes, she was there protesting, no doubt about it it. AMEN .....

1201 days ago


I've talked to Vietnam Vets and they told me that Hanoi Jane caused the deaths of thousands of U.S. troops (5,000 +) in the field with her stunt (Visiting Northern Vietnam). And now she claims she is innocent??? What a lie!!!

1201 days ago


My dad is a Vietnam vet, and just the mere mention of Jane Fonda is enough to send him on a verbal tirade. Sorry Hanoi Jane, but this goes beyond a mere picture. You are a liar and a traitor to this country.

1201 days ago


What Just a Grunt said is true. This is NOT about a picture. Our men were killed because she betrayed them and us. I understand we need to forgive her for her past however she needs to own up to what she did in Vietnam.

1201 days ago

kim howard    

I remember when she did that. good for QVC

1201 days ago


Americans seem to forgive and forget too easily. I'm proud of us on this one. Hanoi Jane did enormous and continuing damage to the USA. We are still seen as second rate since that time.

1201 days ago


It's all fine that the media practices censorship.
What gets me is that the American media brags of it's freedom of speech and search for truth.

1201 days ago
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